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morning sun on an updated entry 🙃

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I used to be a runner. But I jacked up my knees after years of running and transitioned into yoga instead. Jogged a couple miles with renerfranco13 this morning after his swim and boy, am I already sore 😫😫but I know it’s good for me, so maybe I’ll try to incorporate it back into my routine. Hope everyone had a great weekend! - - - iheartthishaven makehomematter mywholehome welltraveledhome ispyraddesign hunkerhome homemagic peepmypad roveconcepts worldmarket kitchenisland atomicranch eichler eichlerhomes mymidcenturymix mycuratedvibe kismetcheckoutmyhouse greathomestaketime midcenturymodern midcentury midcenturyarchitecture howwedwell howihome homesohard californiamodern mymodernlook myinspiredhouse trimtreasures howihaven 77oak

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I’m about to overshare the heck out of this dining room! I love this space so much- it’s clean, its crisp, it’s simple but interesting. A room doesn’t always need a lot of stuff. Just the right stuff! 👌🏻 And stay tuned for the prettiest entry situation that is right across the way. We will share that as well as a blog post with all the details before the week is over! 📷: laurasumrak SudburyDiningRoom

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Oooh, you guys that Sunday Springtime evening light is just 😍😍✨ Also, I’ve been reading Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (amazon used books - holla 🙌), and it’s basically about how the emotions you neglect dealing with will manifest themselves somehow in your body (through illness, dis-ease, or pain). Pretty interesting stuff. I was reading through it like, “well, I don’t have any issues 😂🙄, but let me see what I can figure out for my friends and loved ones,” when I came across a passage that made me have a mini epiphany, which I’ll probably end up sharing more on later, but anyway, I would definitely recommend it whether you’re full of issues or you think you have none. 🌼 mywholehome

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If you ever wondered what hygge means, we're pretty sure marzena.marideko 's home is the definition.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ myinspiredhouse mykindredabode currenthomeview doingneutralright howwedwell interiorinspo ispyraddesign mybohoabode mymodernlook designsponge apartmenttherapy hunkerhome homesohard myeclectichome thedelightofdecor heyhomehey standoutstyling makehomematter thisbohohome howimonochrome mybohotribe mymodernlook mymidcenturymix ourlayeredhome mywholehome plantinteriordesign peepmypad flashesofdelight hygge

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Sometimes the mundane is beautiful mywholehome

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Sunday vibes= sleepy pup + spring updates. Switched my bedroom and living room chair around, picked up some pretty hydrangea from trader joes, added a new rug. I purchased the rug for another area and it didn't work out. But guess what?!?! It works here! Feeling happy with rug layers after reading undecorated_home blog post

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2 days later than promised, but here's Part 2 of my rug manifesto! There's so much to say on this topic that I think I'll do a deep dive in a blog post soon, but here's the abridged summary of the natural fiber options: •SEAGRASS• PROS: This is the easiest to care for and most kid/pet-friendly of the three! Because seagrass is from the water, it resists stains & water marks and unlike sisal and jute, it won't turn brown when you spot clean it with water. You also really can't see dirt at all, and it looks superb after a quick vacuuming. The texture is smooth and hard, so while some may see this as a con, I see it as a pro because it's perfect for laying under a smaller rug and it's hard flatness means it's easier to clean. This is my favorite of the natural rug options, hands down. CONS: It can have a strong smell when you first get it home, but this fades to a subtle hay smell. It's color also changes over time, from a greenish tint to more of a tan, so it may not be the ideal color when you first get it. •SISAL• PROS: Great visual texture and no smell or color-change issues. CONS: Sisal CAN stain when it comes in contact with water, but that's not always the case (depends on the rug). It's also scratchy- not smooth like seagrass or soft like jute, so it can be unpopular with kiddos who like to play on the floor. •JUTE• PROS: The chunky look of jute can't be beat! Definitely the most attractive natural fiber in my book. CONS: Like sisal, jute CAN stain when it comes in contact with water, but not always and there's really no sure way to know ahead of time. There are a lot of jute blends out there like jute/chenille that are pretty soft, but 100% jute is very rough. Then there's the shedding- The fibers in a jute rug break down and shed creating a layer of fiber "dirt" underneath the rug that can damage the finish on your floor if you don't have a rug pad. It can also stick to clothing if you lay on it. For people with allergies, jute can cause sinus irritation and even hives when it comes in contact with skin. • I’m out of space, so tomorrow I’ll share my own rug debacle and which of the 3 options I recommend most! -AB

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One of my favorite ways to add art into our home is by changing out prints in this black floating frame. Sometimes I use free printables and I’ve even cut up a cute gift bag! I recently found kbeltdesigns on Etsy and I just love her style. Her prints are high quality are very reasonably priced. Be sure to check out her work

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My “fancy mid-century modern planter” was once an orange glass candle holder. With an eye for potential and a coat of white spray paint, I turned this $3 orange eyesore into a trendy and modern accessory. When you go thrifting, don’t just look at “what’s there”. Try to look for what “could be”, and I bet you’ll be surprised at all of the treasures you would otherwise overlook.

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Semi cleared off my desk yesterday. I’m definitely the kind of person who works in creative mess during a deadline but once I have a moment to regroup, I 💯 have to clean up my work area. Does that happen to you? Also I’m about “this close” to paining my goodwillnewmexico Rattan chair. Thinking maybe a deep green color. 💚 kismetcheckoutmyhouse pocketofmyhome simplestyleyourspace beautifullyboho rshome scandiboho inmydomaine styleithappy finditstyleit mycovetedhome ispyraddesign hunkerhome heyhomehey showEMyourDIY livingspaces currenthomeview stellarspaces lonnyliving elledecor mywholehome myhousebeautiful foundforaged simplehomestyle makingmyhaven colorismyjam anthropologiehome howwedwell abmathome mycuratedaesthetic stellarspaces

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Brought some life to our front porch with a $12 Boston fern 🌿 love how a simple (and affordable) thing can completely change the look and feel of a drab space 🌿

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Lets hear it for spring 👏🌱 what’s your favorite part about this new season? On an unrelated note, lately I’ve been giving myself the grace to post less frequently, spend less time on IG, and just unplug more on the weekends. It’s been really, really nice. I hope you get to take some ‘me time’ today, too ❤️ ——— Want to learn more about styling, photography, and social media? I’m co-teaching a workshop, Styling Your Life: Floral, Food & Interiors in Tuscany! Find out more + register your spot today via the link in my profile. Plus enjoy up to $400 off through 3/31! 📷 by meghanklein + sources are tagged.

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We’ve had such a slow, relaxing weekend 💕 Just enjoying having a clean house and no responsibilities 😂 Was your weekend full or errands & activities? Or relaxing like ours?

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brittanylettering headquarters is up + running! it’s a small sliver of our guest room, but I love that it’s downstairs right off the family room. quick + easy access for the naptimehustle and bright + airy for inspiration. is it perfect? no. is it my happy little workinprogress ? absolutely. that desk has been mine since HIGH SCHOOL and she has wobbly legs but those legs have supported my dreams coming true over the last few years as I started up this little lettering biz. where are you most inspired to be creative in your home? 🌿

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A little over two years ago, Dylan got down on one knee and proposed to me while we were on a cruise ship, off the coast of Haiti. It was every bit magical as I had dreamed of. The ring he proposed to me with was a ring I had admired since my freshmen year of college when I used to sit behind a jewelry case, selling jewelry when I wasn’t in class or studying. Reeds jewelers was a place that not only strived to make their customers feel like family, but also the people that worked there. They are celebrating their one year anniversary of their Ellaura bridal collection and I was beyond excited to partner with reedsjewelers and not only add another piece to my reeds collection, but to also support a company that I admire. I love that this band can be worn so many ways - as your wedding band or a classic + elegant accessory to your outfit. sponsored yestoreeds reedsjewelers

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One of my favorite finds from this weekend in round top 😊 Turkish rust colored fabric 🥰 Wanting to add some joy to your home, I’m your gal🙋🏻‍♀️ I have a couple of open slots for home design consulting and personal shopping! DM for details 🙌🏻

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We are celebrating my little cutie grandson’s birthday today! We will have 4 generations of Bradford men in the house! *WARNING*There maybe some non decor pictures happening today friends 😉😍 cottagestyle farmhousechic bhghome cottagehome cozyhome mycountryhome myhousebeautiful ighome instahomes mywholehome thedelightofdecor myglobalvibe lightandbright doingneutralright farmhousefeels decordailydose decorideas targetfinds hobbylobby ind32419c ind32419s insta_neighborly theoriginaldecortribe opendoortodecor drcorandfriends the_gatheringplace

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Saturday's shenaniganswell folks, we finally got those areas painted that me nor Sy were EVER going to finish, in real life. We would have rode that, "industrial, unfinished vibe" then moved on to unfinished boho chic😳but, we had an example to set for the little humans that dwell with us, soooooo, we got our paint lives together 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 and it looks like I had an affair on benjaminmoore cause our painter was reppin Sherwin Williams, but I kept Ben faithful with Simply White🎨Joyful Sunday peeps thehappynow theeverygirlathome mywholehome mydomaine inmydomaine glitterguide abmathome interiorstyling bohostyle bohemianstyle flashesofdelight liveauthentically apartmenttherapy mycuratedaesthetic ggathome hometohave howwelive lonnyliving anthrohome currentdesignsituation cornerofmyhome curateyourcasa sodomino stellarspaces finditstyleit benjaminmoore

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I woke up to find I had lost quite a few followers overnight But do you know what? It made me so happy! They weren’t real followers anyway - just the follow/unfollow crowd and some stalker types with fake accounts But yesterday evening I gained and chatted to several new followers which means so much more to me than the number at the top of my page As this picture might suggest, I like things clean and simple and real. I love a big clear out and keeping only what I love (Marie Kondo eat your heart out) And that includes my follower list. 😊 . Have a gorgeous, peaceful and true-friend filled Sunday my lovely lot! 💛💛💛

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“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends.” -Unknown . There is no place like home, especially when all of the above are taking place. ❤️ Decorating your home with pieces that make you happy are also a contributing piece, don’t you agree? . Clickable link in livelaughrowe profile: mywholehome vintage stylemepretty decor designstyle midwestblogger hgtv farmhouse spring modernfarmhouse betterhomesandgardens sgf countrylivingmag neutraldecorgoodhousekeeping livelaughrowe mybhg fixerupper myhousebeautiful inspire_me_home_decor charminghomes abmathome finditstyleit rusticchic onetofollow fixerupperstyle bhghome interiorforinspo

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fourweekstogo handrail, the front house, garden path taking shape ⏳

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Setting the table for a little SF Dungeness crab feast tonight. Can you see that little bit of Alcatraz Island? We took the tour out there today! Have you been? It’s a U.S. national park and they do a fine job. It’s fun to have our daughter alpickett and her friends here to show them a good old sanfrancisco time

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I don’t think I’m unlike other women in that at a certain age you stop looking forward to birthdaysbut I was reminded that I can change the way I think about things with a new mindset. Instead of focusing on the new age that comes every year on this day, I really love thinking about all the things that I’ve learned about myself and others, the tools and awareness I have now that I didn’t have last year and the people that are in my life and stay by my side through it. I woke up feeling so blessed, loved and thought of by my family and chosen family. Why this pic you might askit’s an analogy, if you knew me you’d know I love analogies😄 I’ve walked up these stairs so many times over the last few weeks but I’ve never noticed this view because I couldn’t see it because I was looking down, I looked up today and saw this view and it made me feel joy. newpointofview blessed mydomaine nesttoimpress whiteandbright howwedwell mycovetedhome lovewhereyoudwell currenthomeview targetstyle myhyggehome whitedoneright neutraldoneright michellejaneensfridayfaves simplystyleyourspace housebeautiful mymodernlook designsponge sodomino cultiverlinen ispyraddesign makehomematter breinspired mywholehome iheartmakinghouseahome ehdweekendmakeover aabhome habitatandhome apartmentherapy theeverygirl mydomaine

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This morning I said ‘who is ready for some family fun in the bushes?!’and everyone kinda sighed😉 But I think we all had a fun day. I told the girls the way that I continue to work when I don’t want to do more trimming, cleaning up, etc. is to just remind myself how blessed I am to be taking care of His beautiful creation. Usually works every time for me, and I think it worked for them too, because we all lasted several hours🙌🏼 Well, all but Magpieshe was helping by sitting in the car pretending to drive if you swipe to see😉 The third pic is the wood floor our big girls built so many years ago when they played house in the bushes. And the last two pictures are from last weekend, we have come quite far from where we started. You can finally see boxwoods and ivy, I feel like we have our own little Cheekwood in the corner of our property😊🌳 So today’s gratefuls include my Jeffrey and my girlsso grateful they all pitched in to make my vision for the front corner happen❤️❤️❤️

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Just finished up a nice late afternoon walk with the fam! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 🌿

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This image isn’t perfectly styled—the napkins are still on the table—that needs refinishing. The chair in the corner need to be repaired but there’s no room to store it in the garage thanks to my business supplies. There’s nofilter and the mid morning light isn’t ideal. But this image is so much more than the fast snapshot sent to a friend to show her the placement of the painting. It represents the gift of having a home where we can pick the paint color. The courage to be a little atypical in that color choice. Our wedding present of an imperfect dinning set—that was a deal with it’s partial set of 5 chairs. The time Brian has spent refinishing those chairs, plus some added hand-me-downs. The table that mingles the wear of our 17yrs of marriage + 2 boys and the marks of a century of other families’ stories. The painting was an accidental discovery that I obsessed over for 6wks before finding a way and reason to buy it. It speaks to my inner romantic. And, tells of friends who encourage my creative craziness in the best way, and cheerfully consult on placement. There’s memories. Intention. Choosing imperfect but quality. And making do with the best possible options for each season and need. But perhaps most significant this vignette reminds me that I most love the results when I design our spaces based on our needs and tastes. When I let the style of our home represent who we are more than worrying about making it—and us—fit in. mywholehome pursuewhatislovely vintagehome perfectlyimperfect beingme

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Ellery’s room is DONE! 🥳 (welllllstill gotta wipe the paint off her desk window panes 😋) I love it so much and so does she! 👧🏻👛🌸💫 - I wanted a room that felt a bit more put together then the last few attempts to refresh this room. We had stayed with her nursery color palette for so long and it didn’t feel like her anymore. I wanted to try and incorporate brighter, bolder colors and more fun with some extra sparkle! Ellery is a busy & creative gal so some bohostyle vibes felt right! The girl is also a little squirrely and has the start of a hoarding issue so I included lots of bins and buckets for her storage-loving heart. 🐿😜 - This roomrefresh took a lot longer then I prefer but I was trying to hard honor a budget and not go buy all the things I wanted, just disregarding cost. I shopped sales, waited til items went on clearance and I DIY-ed several projects. Obviously, it would be nice and convenient to spend whatever to get the look I want but I actually really do love the opportunity to be creative and use my brain & hands to plan & make various things instead. - Do you enjoy DIY-ing or love when you score an awesome clearance deal orrrrr, just me?! 🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻🙃 (I tried to tag sources but pretty much everything was from target, homegoods, hobbylobby, michaelsstores, hmhome or thrifted!) - brittbrowndecorates makehomeyours makehomematter simplehomestyle mydomaine mywholehome itsadecorthing kidsspaces prettylittleinteriors styleathome decortherapy howyouhome howwedwell maketimefordesign makehomematter thrifteddecor makeitwithmichaels hobbylobbyfinds homegoods girlsbedroomdecor

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Well the CATS won. We have trees starting to bud for spring. Got lots of spring calves on the ground at 33farms And still just in awe about my little guest bath and this rug from kyrosedesigns 🖤 I mean every time I look in there I think of her and how sweet she was to work with and how gorgeous her rugs are. farmhouse13396

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This is supposed to be one of the best years for bluebonnets because of all the rain we had this fall! • So, expect to see more of these pics!

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So far I have thoroughly been enjoying my spring break! I’ve been working on a few projects, and have been just enjoying time off from the day job. This week I explored Chinatown with a friend to hit up a source for blueandwhite chinoiserie pottery! The selection was underwhelming but I came home with an umbrella stand and this cute lidded dish!

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T-5 days until spring break and I’m excited to get home and share some updates from Dove Hill Project (lots of lighting got installed today!). In the meantime I’ll just enjoy this relaxing view from our old living room featuring the fab teal sofa. See the summer room refresh by tapping the link in my bio!

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This has been our home away from home for the past few days, it’s kind of dreamy so I might be stealing a few ideas for our master (after exposing that brick in the dining room of course 😉).

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It wasn’t until I changed my mindset about this rental home, that I was able to start making it feel more like “home” instead of just someone else’s house It’s hard to get excited about a house that isn’t finished the way I would have chosen or built in the area that we would have like to be It wasn’t until my husband gently helped me see that I was making it seem like we were living in a hotel (a lot of “don’t touch/don’t wreck it”), but this rental was our HOME for one or two years, that I was able to unpack more boxes, hang up that picture that I loved and rearrange the furniture to make sense for our family’s needs All this to say, if you are in a rental, learn from me and settle in where you are. Make it feel like your family. Hang up that picture, change up the curtains, paint a wall if you are allowed. Make it a place where you and your family feel comfortable and relaxed pocketofmyhome makehomeyours simpleliving hyggehome cornerofmyhome intentionalliving shorttermrental rentalliving simplehome simplehomestyle mywholehome

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Forever chasing the light around this house✨ Also, I thrifted that hat today(and THE prettiest bonjourmoon vintage style dress- in my stories ) and I'm pretty excited about it 👩🏼‍🌾🌻 happyweekend

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Who else can’t wait to take on a little spring cleaning? Ok, maybe it’s just me.

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➕Doing a little spring cleaning today getting ready for Shepherd’s birthday party tomorrow and we are opening up the windows before the rain rolls in. Spring is HERE y’all! ➕One of the things I like to do in the spring is freshen up our sheets! These are actually the wrinkle resistant ones from Better Homes at walmart and I’m a big fan! ➕Next week on the blog I’m going to share my FAVORITE laundry hack to make our clothes and linens smell amazing in the spring. Like amazing you guys. 😍🌈 Anything to make doing laundry better right ?! ➕What are some things you’re doing to freshen up your home lately? I am always so inspired by this community! 👇🏼 homeonzinnialane mycountryliving bhghome mywholehome idhtbptbb

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I take such horrible care of my vintage leather. 🤦🏼‍♀️Today I showed a old favorite some love and she’s still just as pretty as the day I got her 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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Happy Saturday sweet friends! Opened up some mail from my friend Jenny jennysteffenshobick and it is motivating me today to clean the bathroom!😉 Her set of clear shower bottles is just what I love to see instead of mismatched bottles in every bathroom! And don’t forget my code BLESSED20 for 20% OFF your entire order ends today! Hope you all are soaking up sunshine where you are too!❤️❤️❤️

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It’s one of those days where the sun is shining and the plants are starting to bud out but it’s windy and there’s a nip to the air that reminds you that we’re still in the early days of spring. ⠀⠀ That in between space can be such a trying one, where we can taste the sweetness of what’s ahead, but we’re still in the midst of something we’d rather move on frombut then I spot of sea of crocus in someone’s yard and all I know is the now⠀ ⠀ Photographer: kylesmithborn Design: vestigehome interiordesign designerlife styleathome simplystyleyourspace loveyourhabitat myhouseidea officedesign societyofdesign mysweetdomicile elledecor mydomaine philadelphiadesign mysweetdomicile designphilly alittlebeautyeveryday bhgstyle vogueliving remodelista smmakelifebeautiful ambularinteriorsaintgotnothingonme cljsquad archidaily philadelphiainteriordesign interiorlove hbmystyle ckstyleaccordingly interiorinspo designerlife centeredbydesign mywholehome

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So the new bedding is on Blue is a new departure for me actually and I must confess I’m not entirely sure how long it will last, but we’ll see. It might grow on me, and I’m kind of loving the new bedspread (despite being forever and for-always in love with my striped black and white one) because, well, look! Pom-poms AND tassels Can’t not love that 🤗 . Also, on a side note , the light in here at the moment is utterly gorgeous! Our bedroom faces west and the sun is soo beautiful, which helps with the whole photography thing, because it seems that no matter how I try, capturing that elusive image I might be vaguely happy with remains a challenging (and, I’ve got to say, sometimes fruitless) endeavour. I think I’m getting better though my failures each time are almost down to single figures, which is great, because I swear that what with all the rubbish and rejects that are now on my phone, it’s definitely feeling heavier these days. 😂 . Ok, so that’s quite enough waffling from me. We’re having homemade pizza here tonight and I’m supposed to be downstairs proving the dough so I’d best be off hope you all have a lovely evening! ✨✨

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Happy Saturday! I’ve been spending the last few days fighting off this cold + drinking so many green smoothies + sleeping a lot. Today’s agenda is to rest a lot (aka watch movies + doze in and out on the couch) + doing a little spring cleaning. It’s finally starting to warm up and all I can think about is sipping daiquiris + cruising to the Caribbean because we finally booked our vacay a few weeks back 🚢 Hope you all are having a beautiful day 🌸✨(p.s. edited using chalkfulloflove warm + bright preset)

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I just couldn’t wait till next week so I’m kicking off my new home inspiration blast today! So our entry doors opens right into the biggest room in the home with is an open living space and dining space that leads into our gallery eat in kitchen (sneak peak in last slide). The only original details of the 1941 home are the beautiful wood floors and a beam that was dry walled over when the porch was converted to part of the home. It’s a bit of a challenging space for the layout but we are skipping the TV again (will have one in our garage space) so it should make it a bit easier.⁣ ⁣ I love carlaypage style she mixes textures and styles so effortlessly! This exactly the kind of neutral layered warmth I want to endue in this part of our home. I’ll keep my beloved sofa and a natural rug (a bigger one tho) and eventually of course I will find the perfect vintage rug to layer. I also love the texture on her beam (swipe) and want to try something in this vain for our home so it’s less of an eye sore. Also she effortlessly blends the dining with her living space and while I will have to wait to add the dining area (cause $$$) I hope to achieve the same eventually. And somewhere in this home (maybe the garage) I will have a faux fireplace. Some how some way I will make it happen. So what do you think? Like my vision so far?⁣ ⁣ Also I’m selling some stuff check my stores if you want to grab it, local Los Angeles pick up only and scroll back to enter my giveaway it ends tonight!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ makehomeyourshandmademodernhomeplanteriordesignmybotanicalbungalowfixerupperdoingneutralrighthowimonochromehowwedwellscandinaviandesignbohoismyjamwhiteandbrightpeepmypadnordichomedesigninspocurrenthomeviewmyhomevibemodernfarmhousewalltowallstylehowyouhomecurrenthomeviewloveyourhabitatstellarspacesbreinspirediheartthishavenmypinterestscandistylemywholehomethatsdarling

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Well hello there beautiful Saturday. 😍 It’s so sunny, and I’ve finally completed this little spring space! DIY wreath and bunny to add some seasonal decor. Link in bio if you want to try these easy projects this weekend. 😍👏🏻🥰 . Details: Windows from calhoun_pickers Wreath DIY Seats were free “junk” find 😱 Pillows target Blanket from thrift store Bunny DIY I love how it all came together fleamarketfinds fleamarketstyle bhgflowers bhghome mybhghome mybhgstyle diyhomedecor bloomingwithdiy imsomartha mycountryhome countrylivingmagazine springcolors springsummer2019 spring2019 hobbylobbyfinds hobbylobbyfarmhouse diycraft diyideas wreathmaking wreathsofinstagram wreaths targetstyle targetdecor targetclearance springhomedecor

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Check out my stories for an awkward walkthrough of our countertops 😂 I don’t like talking on video but I thought I would show what they look like up close after a year of heavy use before we sand and reseal them. I added a countertops highlight that shows our EPIC DIY COUNTERTOP FAIL and how we managed to salvage them, so check it out! Also, exciting things happening this weekend Our BACKSPLASH TILE is in 😱💥 1979nightmarereno concretecountertops diycountertops diyconcrete

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Truth - The very first time I received rude feedback I cried. It’s been years now, but I’ve never forgotten. I’d been blogging about interiors, home decor and diy projects for maybe a year. I was still very green, still shooting with a point and click and basically clueless (not that I’m really any different today). This was before Instagram and before Pinterest. It was the colonial days of blogging y’all. ⠀ .⠀ I sat down to check emails. And there it was. An email with “after reading your blog today” in the subject line. It was pretty lengthy. And there were two sentences I’ll never forget - “How does a seemingly well-educated adult woman think writing about throw pillows is worthy of her time when there are actual real problems in the world?” And then came the “I’m not inspired; I’m disgusted.” ⠀ .⠀ It hurt. And it made me so angry. I typed a response, but I never sent it. I saved it to my drafts folder, and I went back to reread it a couple of times before finally deleting it. ⠀ .⠀ I learned a really valuable lesson through that experience. Though probably not what you think. I learned to dig deep into the WHY behind the hurt. Rather than sloughing it off as “haters gonna hate”. I leaned in to this woman’s email. And I realized the reason it hurt me so much was because she hit me where I was insecure. She may have been projecting, but what she wrote stung because of what was going on in my OWN head and heart.⠀ .⠀ That negative email helped me grow. As a blogger. But more importantly as a person. ⠀ .⠀ Two years ago we went to Italy as a family for spring break (and I had a few of my favorite photos printed on canvas). As I toured the ruins of Pompeii, seeing with my own eyes how ancient people created beauty in their surroundings I remembered that email and smiled. Blogging about creating a home is 1000% worthwhile. Because it goes so much deeper than throw pillows, paint colors and pretty accessories ~ it’s where you live your life. Creating beautiful thingsthat’s how the world began. 💕 oursixthhouse myeclecticmix mycuratedaesthetic howyouhome myeclectichome mywholehome aroundthetable vacationphotos

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Happy Saturday everyone I just love all the new artwork in my home office Who wouldn’t want to work in this space When you are surrounded by beautiful things, so much productivity can happen Artwork by joecoolart and athomewithquita budgethomelove mywholehome quitatatedesigns quitatateinteriors sodomino athomememphisandmidsouth memphisinfluencer memphisinteriordesign mydomaine makingahouseahome makingoldnewagain lovingmyhomeagain apartmenttherapy dominomag hgtvdreamhome diyhomedecor diyinfluencer diyinteriordesign blackartwork joecoolart monicalewisart

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[Fear] Today is the day or I should say: yesterday was the day! My son was always afraid of the sound of the vaccum. When he was an infant, he will cry and crawl away. As a toddler, he will just shout at us: nooo, stop and curl up on the couch like a cat😋 . So what I'd do is ask him for his help everytime I passed the vaccum or to pick up small bits on the floorIt never workedU N T I L yesterday. Gosh You should have seen his face when he saw me unplug the vaccum😋 To my surprise, he didn't run or shout at me to stop nor go curl up on the couch. Instead, he stood there, and allowed me to vaccum around him, without moving an inch😌 So I dared myself to ask him again if he wanted to help me and he said : Yes and he did💃🤗 . The book of ecclesiastes teaches us that there is time for everything in life. I am happy that my toddler came to understand that his time of fear (for the vaccum😅) needed to come to an end AND my duty as his parent is also to teach "them" [cause we have two😎] to be fearless in life, just as God instructs us Isaiah 41:10 (NIV): So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand So much can be said about fear. For example: 📍Do you not sin because you fear going to hell or because you love God? 📍Do you fear your parents or respect them?[Food for thought] . Anyways, the small victories that makes a parent pround, builds our memories and brings us joy👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💫 Enjoy your weekends guys and don't be intimidated by the snow on the ground: Spring is here 😂😂💋

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What’s up spring , I see you leaking in all that positive energy 👍🏼

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[Psalms 139]•CEB• . LORD , you have examined me. You know me. You know when I sit down and when I stand up. Even from far away, you comprehend my plans. You study my traveling and resting. You are thoroughly familiar with all my ways. There isn’t a word on my tongue, LORD , that you don’t already know completely. You surround me—front and back. You put your hand on me. That kind of knowledge is too much for me; it’s so high above me that I can’t fathom it. Where could I go to get away from your spirit? Where could I go to escape your presence?Go read the rest

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The sun has been out and I am watching that seasonal depression go POOF, out the door! Tennis ✅ Walk through the hood today ✅✅ Crush to-do INCLUDING laundry ✅✅✅. It’s amazing how just a little bit of sunshine will put some serious pep in your step. Does this mean I should move to a sunny climate? Will I just dominate the world? Someone from the land of the sun report back for me modernfarmhouse suburbanfarmhouse farmhousedining fixerupper momlife mywholehome

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Did you know that women only wear 20% of their owned wardrobe? 20%! Women also, on average, buy 65 new items per (which averages out to about 5.5 new things a month). What if we could use our purchases to make a difference, AND still look cute? Best of both worlds right?! Well I’ve got something super fun up my sleeve, and want you in on it. Something new is coming to Design Style Purpose, and my email insiders are going to be amongst the first to know, and be a part of this! So make sure you click the link in your profile RIGHT MEOW to get in on the list so that you don’t miss out. Trust me, it’s going to be good momlife momstyle mommyblogger morethanamom consciousfashion consciousconsumerism dspstyle ootd wiw boss discoverunder5k nanoinfluencer mywholehome