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One of the most beautiful buildings in Zurich, Switzerland. The opera house. The photo was taken the morning after the Pride Festival. The building is illuminated in rainbow colors during blue hour in the early morning. gitzo reallyrightstuff haida fujifilm fujifilm_ch fujifilmeu natgeo nature_lovers nature_beauty freiraumfotografie reisefotografie polfilter traveltheworld wanderlust naturelover freiraumfotografie switzerland ig_switzerland cityscape myswitzerland beleuchtung sunrise pride operahouse zurich fotoreisen visitswitzerland inlovewithswitzerland my_swiss_views

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Food Hack: Have you ever heard of the egg float test You can check if your eggs are still good to eat by trying this. 1. Gently drop your uncooked egg in a cool cup or bowl of water 2. If the eggs sinks to the bottom and lays flat, it is very fresh 3. If it floats slightly upward, it is about a week old, but still fresh enough to eat 4. If the egg floats to the surface, it has gone bad and should not be eaten Try this out and let me know what you think foodhack foodtips cleanliving naturelover naturallifestyle livehealthy beauty smoothskin freshskin exfoliate exfoliation cleanliving healthyliving naturalbeauty mayemerald mayemeraldnature loveyourself

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Letzte Nacht gabs ein tolles Naturschauspiel. Klarer Himmel und sichtbarer Mond auf der einen Seite und ein Gewitter von Stuttgart kommend auf der anderen Seite. Ich hatte ca. 10min Zeit, bis das Unwetter über mir war. Ich war immer kurz vorm los rennen :) thunderstorm view tree nature_shooters prilaga landscapes natureonly landscapelovers landscape_lovers treestagram naturephotography naturediversity amazing trees naturegram landscape mountains trip naturelover naturelovers landscape_lover treescape nature_prefection naturelove nature_seekers naturewalk landscapehunter sky landscapestyles nature

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Blue in blue 💙

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Plant-based breakfast, walk around a park and chilled morning we all needed and deserved 🌳 slowmorning breathe

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Otworzyłam rano oczy i pomyślałam już prawie lato 🌻🌻🌻 Jak dobrze 🌸🌸🌸 Zawsze gdy robi sie ciepło zaczynam funkcjonować zupelnie inaczej, wydajniejdzień jest dłuższy, ja wstaję wczesniej, jest pięknie, wszystko w koło kwitnie i uwodzi zapachem 🌺 robie plany mam czas na wszystko, na co przez cały rok go brakuje ☺ aż chce mi się rano wstać 😄 więc- dzień dobry 🌞🌻🌸 goodmorning summer summertime prawielato dziendobry break relax healthylifestyle instafit instalike zdrowystylzycia coloursofthesummer staysimple nature naturelover upal slonce zdrowystylzycia bodybychoda chodagang fitfreak fitness fitnesslover healthybody healthymind beactive bediet fitgirl fitnesslove

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🌼 La vera bellezza, dopotutto, consiste nella purezza del cuore. (Mahatma Gandhi) ☀️ Buongiorno La gardenia è tra i miei fiori preferiti, insieme alle rose, i tulipani ed i gelsomini. Mi riporta all'infanzia. Al ricordo di mia nonna materna, che ne teneva spesso delle piante in casa. Nel periodo estivo. Quando finita la scuola andavamo a far visita ai nonni, a Messina. Sì perché dai 2 agli 11 anni ho vissuto in provincia di Catania. Poi sono tornata nella mia città natìa. : : : : : : : : : : estate2019 summer2019 estatesiciliana sicilia buongiorno gardenia ricordi infanzia nonni natura naturelover buonprofumo ilprofumodeifiori purezzadelcuore gandhi citazioni quotes scattofotografico fotodelgiorno igdaily myshot fotografoitaliano huaweimobileit huawei huaweimatep20pro

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"So many times I have been walking by your house. Been standing outside, looking up and hoped that maybe I could see you through your window. So many letters, so many words dipped in sadness and love. I do remember all the words I have been writing, every little detail and meaning in them. I remember our memories we had together, every little touch, every smile we shared. My feelings for you are the same, still longing to have you on my chest and to hear that peaceful breathing. I remember how we first met, that glittering laugh you gave me and how my heart fell straight into your burnig soul. I know everything is over now and I wipe away those tears that are rolling down my face. Nothing stays the same, everything is different now but I just wanted you to know that you are still in my heart." Amazing photo 📸 taken by: jenny.fuji ☀️🌿🌹🥀🌴✨🌺 fitfam gymgirl love brunette travelling girls workout naturelover sunrise fitnessgirl inkedgirls naturephotography fitgirl swedish travelgram photography quote blonde me austria poems goodmorning norway newyork california losangeles gothenburg stockholm australia sunset9

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. 📸 Meigetsu-in temple / 明月院 📍 Kanagawa, JAPAN 明月院は、山ノ内経俊が永暦元年(1160)に 戦死した父の菩提供養として創建したのが 始まりとされる。 紫陽花の名所として、通称「紫陽花寺」 とも呼ばれているが、この寺でアジサイを 植えたのはさほど古い事ではなく、 第二次世界大戦後に物資や人手が不足して 参道を整備する杭が足らず、杭の代わりに 「手入れが比較的楽だから」という理由で、 紫陽花を植えたものが次第に有名になった といわれている。 1984年、「明月院境内」として国指定史跡 に指定された。 . 💠🌕💠🌕💠🌕💠🌕💠🌕💠 鎌倉 明月院 お写んぽ 街角スナップ 散歩好き 寺社仏閣 はなまっぷ 悟りの窓 明月院ブルー スマホ写真部 写真初心者 写真撮るのが好き 誰かに見せたい風景 kamakura temple naturelover photography histrip_japan otonatabi_japan tripgramjp deaf_b_j_ japan_daytime_view art_of_japan world_beautifulshots lovers_nippon bestphoto_japan lovers_nippon_artistic look_japan loves_united_japan japan_photo_share