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Wonderful breather this weekend, but it’s time we get back to finishing the next song. ☀️ - Speaking of, what did you think of Love’s First Choice? 🖤

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( SWIPE ) Stop us if you’ve heard this beforeWE’RE PLAYING TWO DAY PARTIES THIS YEAR! On Friday we’re playing one of the best lineups we’ve ever seen for a day party and it’s gonna be at our second home, schoolkidsrecords! And you knew we couldn’t let hopscotchfest weekend go by without gettin rowdy at legendsraleigh. This Day Party is queer af and that’s how we like it. Shoutout to wknc881 for putting this together. queermo getsadyall emo ncmusic 📷: ayojigglejiggle

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what’s good everyone. sladethesupreme and i r raising money to put together visuals for his latest project AQuestCalledLife. his music is powerful, and we want to make a music video that will do the songs justice. plz donate if u can, and if u aren’t in a position to help financially, a simple share will go a long way. the link to the campaign is in both of our bios! thanks for ur time!

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted a Chili Peppers riff, which is crazy seeing as how they were the reason I play music. I rip off Frusciante more than anybody. I’ve seen the Slane Castle concert more times than I can count. And the second song, Snow, I’ve known for years but still can’t play it like he can. ncmusic ncmusician redhotchilipeppers cantstop snowheyoh

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Spent most of my day getting ready to launch this. Lots of anxiety, uncertainty, etc. But lots of excitement, too. Get ready for amateurish videography and earnest scribblings. And prizes! Expect it mid-week. Love y’all. ncmusic singersongwriter collaboration community unsignedartist

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This serenade is definitely dedicated to my future husband 💯😁😍😘🥰 Ya girl VocalistAndreaCherry aka ACinNC singing original song titled "Winner For Me" 🎶👑🍒💖🌟 ForMyFutureHubby LoveMeSomeMe singer singersongwriter ncsinger ncsongwriter ncproducer ncperformer ncartist ncmusic ncmusician ncmusicartist neosoul neosoulsinger neosoulartist neosoulmusic rnb rnbsinger rnbartist rnbmusic jazz jazzsinger jazzartist jazzmusic soulfuljazz soulmusic soulfulmusic musicartist

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Charlotte come check out DJ Chuck and tons of local talent Wednesday night! It’s going to be lit! Beautiful women, hella drinks, good vibes 💯 Check out the NEXT artist out of Charlotte Me onyxcharlotte charlottenc cltartist charlotte dj performance liveshow newmusic upcomingartist arnoldtaylor ncmusic carolinapanthers carolinamusic rapper music 🔥 wednesdaynight getlit stripping strippers liquor assandtittiesassassandtitties bigbutts bootybootyrockineverywhere comeseeme sosebee queencityking

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MUSIC | Nina Simone is a global music legend. One of the most gifted artists of her generation - with a repertoire that included jazz, soul, blues, and classical - she was also a powerful voice of the Civil Rights Movement. Did you know that the “High Priestess of Soul” was also a native of NC? She was born in Polk County, in the mountains, in 1933 In 2017, a group of New York-based artists bought her childhood home in Tryon in order to save it from demolition, and now the National Trust is working to restore and preserve it Last night we had the great privilege to hear Nina Simone’s daughter lisasimoneofficial perform her music at the ncartmuseum, accompanied by The Tribe Jazz Orchestra - led by lenorahelm . The event was part of comehearnc , which is a year long celebration of NC music - its rich legacy as well as present and future. You could certainly say we were all “Feelin’ Good!” . Last night’s concert also served as a fundraiser for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s campaign (, which is also supported by stars such as johnlegend and issarae Local artist darecoulter created the art and Nina Simone-inspired items for this campaign. You might have seen her murals around Raleigh and throughout NC ninasimone ncartscouncil ninasimoneweekend comehearnc ncmusic savingplaces johnlegend ncmountains ncartmuseum visitraleigh experienceraleigh

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After much dismay, finally was able to figure out a way to salvage recordings of the instrumental jams from Awen Family Band in Boone this past June! We will have these live instrumental mixtapes for sale at up coming AFB shows. Stay easy and keep fighting the good fight! 🙌 newmusic durham ncmusic awenfamilyband catfish inspiredbylunch

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🎬 NOVA / _narleyg OUT NOW link in his bio 🍿🎥 Another one in the books with bluebank_music coming straight out of Tarboro NC 🎹🤯 If you haven’t already, subscribe to NOAH THE DIRECTOR on YouTube now! I have tons of BTS stores up waiting to be dropped on youtube exclusively 👨🏻‍💻 musicvideo musiclabel recordlabel musicmanager musicmanagement director dp directorofphotography filmmaker filmmaking northcarolina ncartist ncmusic scmusic vamusic dmvmusic dmvrapper scrapper ncrapper varapper fucioustv shotbynjc

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Last night was truly a dream, I won Best Rock Female at the 2019 Carolina Music Awards ✨ Thank you to everyone who voted for me and to all my friends and family for their love and support. This was my first time being nominated for an award and I honestly wasn’t expecting to win. This means the world to me. New music is coming very very soon ❤️ much love raleighnc nc ncmusic carolinamusicawards 2019carolinamusicawards cma carolinamusic northcarolinamusic northcarolina indierock indiepop songwriter singersongwriter musicawards supportlocalmusic

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Shout-out to abbystephensmusic. She's a talented sharp artist with drive ambition and compassion for music. This lady is on her way to living her dreams as a musician. We meet her support team along with congratulating her on her award for best youth country/rock singer. Go Abby💥🙌🏽🏆👌🏽🙏🏽🎯 ncmusic carolinamusic country/rocknominee awardshow cma artist musician band supportnc greatness martyajohnsonshow interview carolinamusicawards ncmusic downtownraleigh raleighnc

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Shout out to the man with the master plan therealsupero for making it all happen. We appreciate you and your team. This is our home and we support each other with royalty💥🙌🏽✊🏽💪🏽👌🏽🙏🏽 Next year is gonna be a movie carolinamusicawards omarmccallop musicawards nominees northcarolinaartist music rnb rap hiphop dopeness ncgotnow awardsshow downtownraleigh capitalcity upnow northcarolina nc interviews martyajohnsonshow officialraleighboi pistolposh radio team work culture hometeam ncmusic everybodydope

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“New Balance” by dannymaze252 GENRE: R&B/Soul PLATFORM: SoundCloud RATE: 9/10 REVIEW: Who knew the 252 had so much talent? Danny Maze’s EP “New Balance” is a beautiful romance between lo-fi and melodic R&B. With amazing vocals, he covers stories of his love life such as dealing with a gold digger in “She Wants.” In my favorite tune off the album, “Pressure,” Danny is open and honest about a problematic relationship in which he says he’d rather end than solve. “New Balance” is another reason why Carolina reigns supreme. Thank you Danny Maze NewBalance rnb ncrnb ncmusic soulmusic 252 dannymaze

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Who’s ready to rock and roll?! 🎸 theraconteurs, Presented by 1065theend, will be in CLT tonight at fillmorenc! You gotta act fact because tickets are running low!⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ axcmusicfactory musicfactory fillmore fillmorenc underground undergorundnc comedyzone comedyzoneclt cltevents exploreclt instabeerup cltmusic charlotteevents ncmusic music cltshows charlotteshows charlottenightlife cltnightlife cltconcerts charlotteconcerts charlotteagenda cltfive eatdrinkclt eatworkplayclt

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I🎼📸CCM Event Coverage📸🎼I "Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all."-Deborah Day . I would like to THANK dreoftheeast & thecheyennekfranks for inviting Creative Content Media as Press for last Thursday event at rafters252 . From beginning to end the venue was filled with good vibes and great music. rafters252 has a great stage where it's easy to feel up close and personal with each artist. The night was hosted by cfwm and DJ dj_igknight kept the music bumping, even after the performances were over! dreoftheeast really know how to keep the audience vibing and I have to shot out thecheyennekfranks she works hard behind the scenes making sure everyone is having a great time and making everyone feel welcome! dreoftheeast really knows how to pull a crowd out on a Thursday, this group of people know how to WORK HARD AND PARTY HARDER! rafterssocialclub greenvillenc 252media 252graphicdesign 252rappers greenvillencphotographer 252photography ncevents greenvillencevents ecuevents dreoftheeast kellybangaz xbrodie ccmedianc ncmodels greenvillencblogger eastcoastartist nc252 eventphotography supportyourhomies myphotography canoncommunity ncmusic musicphotography smallbusinessnc ncmusician photographyjourney

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People will doubt you, talk shit and count you out but when they see you prospering, they want you to put them on. I really don’t speak on it anymore. I’ve made hella progress and I’m still not where I would like to be but I’m gonna put this out there. I’m not walking 100 miles to get to a car then once I get to it, drive back to pick you up because you didn’t “think” we could make it. I’d rather drive fwd with the ones who made the trip with me newartist ncmusic dreoftheeast northcarolina hiphop freestyle bet rap drake newmusic music

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Life Lesson 101: PRESERVE YOUR ENERGY AT ALL COST 🎯‼️ Time IN the meantime between time vibe out to the FluidEP by Cassie available on all music platforms ‼️🔥 LINK IN BIO 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

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Life is dope as hell when you ride ya own wave 🌊 🎯 Attraction Cassie in the meantime between time vibe out to the FluidEP LINK IN BIO 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

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It takes a lot to break a bad habit however a simple thought turned desire turned action will change it all 💜💜💜‼️‼️ Wishin Cassie FluidEP