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NCT127 Twitter/Instagram Update: Yuta Caption: 여러분 추석 어떻게 지냈어요?? 저는 더 제가 좋아하는 자연 그리고 사슴 보고 왔어요 여러분 내일부터 다시 화이팅 👍 NCT NCT127 YUTA nctdailyinfo

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ー 専修大学コピーダンスサークルのIcsy(イクシー)です!! インスタはじめました!!🥰 鳳祭に向けての練習の様子やIcsyについても、たくさん発信していきます!! フォローよろしくお願いします❤️ YouTubeも見てね😘 ー Icsy 専修大学 コピーダンス コピーダンスサークル JPOPKPOP も! 乃木坂46 欅坂46 egirls perfume TWICE BTS SEVENTEEN redvelved PRISTIN BLACKPINK NCT MOMOLAND ITZY など!! kpop好きな人と繋がりたい

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Atulah aa Atuy makin ganteng😭😭😭 • NL🦔 • Cr: nct127 • •~DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT AND FOLLOW~• 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Info tentang bias kalian ada disini👇 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 ¤ ¤ Repost / Remake? TAG / ©®📌 ¦ Own : ra🐑|| put🐣 Adm : caa🦄, ki🌸,ann🐯, Pan🐼, Da🥀, Ovc👾, NL🦔 Partner : tukangsapu_bighit kpop kpopers kpopworld kpopindonesia kpopmeme kpopmemes kpopdaily dailykpop nct nctdream nct127 nctu nctzen nctzenindo smtown nctmemes

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all of you guys that interact with my account and like or comment on my posts are so sweet. ILYSM💕💕

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NCT127 Twitter/Instagram Update: Johnny and Yuta Caption: Helloooo Johfammm I know some of you guys knew it was coming, but its here Yuta and I hiking and eating some really good food! Go check out the video haha -Johnny NCT NCT127 JCC JOHNNY YUTA - nctdailyinfo

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Sumpah ya aku males banget buat ngetik cerita di wattpad, males ngestalk, bahkan udah lama ga dengerin lagu kpop dari hp, buka sosmed palingan cuma whatsapp itupun karena kerjaan atau bales chat dari temen:') karena kerjaan numpuk😭 jadi- aku bakalan hiatus😭 makasih udah follow nominfaves, makasih udah baca fanfict nomin dari akun nominfaves 😚 maaf jika akun ini sering ngegas kemaren 🤣 See Youuu~ ga tau kapan 😅 Nomin NCT NCTDream Jaemin Jeno JaemJen JenJaem NoJaem 재민 노민 제노 젠잼 엔시티 엔시티드림

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TO THE WORLD WE ARE NCTZEN! Kami mengajak seluruh NCTzen Indonesia berdonasi untuk warga Riau. Tidak ada minimal donasi, seberapapun kalian berdonasi merupakan wujud kepedulian terhadap sodara-sodari kita yang sedang terkena kabut asap di Riau dan sekitarnya. CALL TO ACTION, ayo wujudkan Indonesia nyaman, aman dan damai. Terbuka bukan hanya untuk NCTzen! Dibuka mulai : 14 - 19 September 2019 Segera hubungi contact person di bawah : Line : mtiara1701 Wa : 085340972567 Twitter : .nuzuliamr_ara Instagram : rahmii228 Bekerja sama dengan FIM PEKANBARU NCTZENPEDULIKEMANUSIAAN RiauDibakarBukanTerbakar NCT NCT127 NCTDREAM NCTU WAYV nctzenindonesia nctzenproject

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⠀𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘺𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨 ⠀ I feel so embarrassed rn, just realized my feed is almost just about jaehyun lol, and he's not even my ult omo what is going on? Is he now my bias wrecker? wtf. Anyway, I've been off lately bc of stress and just couldn't figure out time and space to do a new spread. It's pretty late rn and I made 2 spreads. This one is actually pretty meaningless. Just wanted to use this picture and my new purple washi lol ⠀ artjournalpage art scketchbook kpopjournal journal artjournal kpop NCT NCT127 jaehyun johnnyseo johnny

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Gashina or lalalay ?! - Gashina

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💖wtt💖 have: yuta regulate want: johnny equivalent or anything from superhuman photocard wishlist 🇺🇸 only stamped shipping ❗️disclaimer❗️this is my first time selling kpop related stuff on somewhere that isnt ebay, so the only proofs i have are a handful of ebay reviews, only dm me if you’re comfortable with that🥺

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Y’all already know SuperM’s comeback finna be LIT🔥🔥🤘 ————————— (Credit owner) Follow neocitypeach_ for more

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귀여워 잰냥😸🐾

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🍉: マクちゃん不足 🤢💖