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17 minutes ago

Лес вкруг можно сделать необычно 😄 В нашем волшебном лесу Заяц курит кальян со вкусом клубники,банана и мяты, а Белочка наслаждается пино коладой, зависая на густом дыме 💫🙌🏻

21 minutes ago

I have tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday available to tattoo this week and I'm offering them for £150 each! DM me to enquire 💥 blackgatetattoos

33 minutes ago

*fully healed!* not a style i do often, but when people put their trust in me for meaningful tattoos like these, i’m more than happy to oblige! This one was tricky to pull off, as this was based on the only useable, blurry photo that was left available of her unfortunately deceased pet. Very happy we were able to pull it off, so he’ll live on on her skin! Thanks for the trust Mandy! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 tattoos tatted tats inkedup tattooed tattooedcommunity traditionaltattoo traditionaltattoos realtattoos besttattoos qualitytattoos brightandbold boldwillhold besttradtattoos neotrad neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo newtraditional newtraditionaltattoo neotradsub supportgoodtattooing instagood ink love tattoosofinstagram tattoostagram tattooistartmag tattooartistmagazine blackandgreytattoo neotradtattoo

36 minutes ago

Free available design! Sorry if I didn’t get back some of you regarding the ‘free tattoo’ post. I have got many requests and I give priority to those who is choosing from my flashes or request neotraditional/traditional ideas. My flashes are still free and up for grabs or send me your idea 😘

1 hour ago

Really loved making this little cat design for emmastonephoto 😍 was hard getting a good photo with it being a bit swollen and on the knee so I included one with just the lines where it was a bit less angry 😉 cat cattattoo cattoo occult wicca woodland illustration blackcat kneetattoo folklore neotrad neotraditional vegan naturetattoo ladytattooers tattoo tattoos tattooart tattoodesign tattooideas customtattoo customtattooliverpool neotradeu uktta thingsandink liverpooltattoo liverpoolink liverpool

1 hour ago

Guess who’s back. Back again Made a quick start on Adams leg.

1 hour ago

A few smaller ones I've enjoyed from recently. Sweet deals on my own designs, happy to take on custom stuff too! Call the studio on 0191 2211811 or email me timtomcarr1993 for tattoo enquires/info! Cheers!

1 hour ago

🔪this fancy opossum tattoo was made specially for ravestrifer at zoitattoosthlm🔥 I’d like to express a great gratitude to David for this cool idea and for his patience during the session✌️ And a special thanks to Zoi Tattoo Stockholm for a great hospitality and nice mood during all my stay at Stockholm🙏 blackmeatink тату татуировка tattooideas ideastattoo tattoo tattoos tattooart kievtattoo tattookiev татукиев polandtattoos swedentattoo sweden stockholm stockholmtattoo sketchtattoo worldfamous inked topclasstattooing tattoocommunity colortattoo colortattoos neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo neotraditionaltattoos neotrad неотрад oldlines

1 hour ago

Mais um pra Gangue da Rosa Preta. Valeu skrr_pedro pela confiança nessa homenagem 🙏.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Colorful as fuck is the new black 😎