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As with any business theres a lot that goes on behind the scenes. For a Tattoo Artist the organising appointment & replying to customers & the drawing & designing of the artwork is a very time consuming side of our work. Having worked professionally as a Tattoo Artist for nearly 20 years with breaks, I know the stress of full time tattooing & managing the admin side plus the artwork. In 2009 I entered a serious burn out that left me nearly a gonner. I was working long days into the night & drawing until the early hrs to keep up with the 4 months booked up calendar. Not to mention that we had only just began using pre made needles as apposed to soldering them ourselves from scratch. Today we have it a hell of a lot easier 😅 Managing stress levels & work load is essential because it can easily get out of hand & our health is Priority! tattootracytattoo deadcharmingart uktattoo germantattooers wiltshiretattoo lübecktattoo femaletattooist killerinktattoosuplies trowbridgetattoo magicmoonneedles killerbeetattoomachine neotradeu tattooartist uktattooist customtattoo tattoooftheday tattoolife tattoomagazine tatowiermagazin newtraditional neotraditional tattootracytattoobehindthescenes

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Последние пол года я рисовал эскизы только под конкретного клиента. Теперь же я хочу делать больше своих проектов. Я очень надеюсь что меня хватит на 💯 крутых артов за 100 дней. neotrad neotraditional neotradtattoo neotraditionaltattoo neotradicional neotradeu vkpost tattooberlin thebesttattooartist tattoosnob skinartmag neotradrus neotraditionalportrait neotradworld neotradsp tattooistartmagazine tattoopharma doctorpro eternalink worldfamousink татусамара татумосква эскизтату неотрад самаратату тольяттитату татутольятти татуказань татусочи

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🔥🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🔥 💥集団リンチ💥 powerpuffgirls

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Native Australian bird willie wagtail as part of Nicole’s Aus native sleeve we’ve been working on. Most lines are healed, all colour fresh. Love doing these kinds of pieces! Never hesitate to get in touch if you want something along these lines. Done with electrumstencilproducts brandynfeldman machines and starbritecolors

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Munchlax/snorlax and ditto coloured a few weeks ago 🐻🐻

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Full torso by our artist dan_razor He’s currently taking on more large scale work so send us an email or message and we can help you out. Inbox or email us for info & bookings ————————————————— Email: vipertowntattoo

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Today's design

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Valkyrie piece by our artist dan_razor 🧡 Inbox or email us for info & bookings ————————————————— Email: vipertowntattoo

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• slowly her soul recovered from poisoning but she would never forget • Danger noodle for w0lfsmaedchen — nagini from harry Potter with slytherin amulet. We finished it the other day looking forward to healed pictures using a lot of grey wash always looks so beaten up fresh • • • neotraditional ntgallery neotradsub feelfarbig tattooculturemagazine thenewtraditionalistseurope tattooworkers germantattooers naginitattoo tattooworkers missfreya femaletattoers tattoosandflash thebesttattooartists prophetsandpoets neotraditionaltattoo neotradeu ladytattooers newtraditional tattooculturemagazine tätowiermagazin missfreyatattoo tattooinspiration TattooistArtMagazine ipadprotattooteam germantattooers eternalink dankubin intenzetattooink rotaryworks germantattooers tattoo.workers neotraditionaltattooers feelfarbig

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Колючая пурпурная роза с зубами Фоткал на улице: видно как капля дождя упала на кисть:) Работаю в центре, добро пожаловать :) ⠀ August-dortmund / bielefeld 🇩🇪 September-Goteborg / Stockholm 🇸🇪

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🖖🏻 В течении года Андрей ходит ко мне на сеансы и продолжает доверять своё тело под мои идеи. Пошла 7 татуировка в моем исполнении и дело было как всегда — с меня идея, с него чистая кожа. Проект полностью составлен мною, продолжаю изучать античные личики и миксовать их с элементами граффити культуры и ещё чем нибудь:) ♟Фото сразу после сеанса 🕷5 часов работы ❓Что думаете по поводу данной татуировки? ❗️Ответы жду в комментариях neotraditional tattoomoscow tattoomsk zabitie inkd cheyenne_tattooequipment

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I have the honour to be a guest at wilczybilet_tattoo in Olsztyn. Still got some available spaces! Just drop me an email if you’re interested.😬🤘🏼

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•Planche de flash by eponymetattoo 💉 au shop badabingtattoo • • •Convention deauvilletattoofestival • • • •Résident Montpellier • •Pour vos projets contact mp eponymetattoo  ou par mail eponymetattoo • • • igers tattooflash tattoo tatouage tatuajes ink inked tattooist blxckink inkedgirl blackwork dotworktattoo dotwork blackandwhite girlswithtattoos flashtattoo neotraditionaltattoo tattooed montpellier paris ink inking btattooing instapic tattoooftheday inkdrawing neotraditional