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Death from above 💀 Finally made it to the first stronghold and had a go at with some randos on hard 👌🏼 This game has been satisfying an itch I didn’t even know I had 😂 Partner(s): 👇🏼Amazing Gamers&Content 🌊 tidewbleach 🐎 jrandall_g P.T.: CosmicFalcon ❌Just ignore this part❌ Anthem Bioware EA Javelin Colossus screenshot weekendgaming gaminglife photomode scifi fantasy nerd geek gamersofinstagram gamerguy gamergirl gaming gamer gamersofig xb1 Xboxone playstation PS4 Microsoft Sony girlswhogame guyswhogame videogame

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My account has been so extremely slow I can’t hit 1k 😅😅

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I hated and loved this book. It kept me captivated and interested yet horrified and sickened 💜 Two men and thier daughter are kept captive by four people who claim the end is coming unless one of them sacrifices themselves books reading bookstagram booklover book bibliophile nerd bookworm instabooks ilovetoread ilovebooks bookart booksofig igreads bookalicious booklove readersofinstagram booknerd bookphotograph bookstagramfeatures paultremblay blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography reading readersofinstagram

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Youtube sudah menjadi salah satu platform favorit yang sering dipakai menonton. Layaknya TV Youtube sudah bisa memiliki basis massa sendiri. Termasuk buat milenial yang menyukai konten visual yang lebih atraktif. Sekadar info, YouTube sendiri adalah situs web berbagi video yang dibuat oleh tiga mantan karyawan PayPal Februari 2005. Situs ini mengakomodir kebutuhan pengguna untuk mengunggah, menonton, dan berbagi video. Salah satu fitur andalan untuk penggunanya adalah mode video offline. Kamu yang ingin menonton dengan mode ini bisa lebih hemat kuota internet dibandingkan sebelumnya. gadget technology tech gadgets iphone instatech electronics geek instagood techie smartphone photooftheday device apple techy samsung s electronic nerd android screen plus laptops computers xiaomi hack oneplus mobile phone bhfyp

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Hey, ihr wartet ja immer noch Ich hatte doch gesagt ich hab gerade keine Zeit. Erst nach meiner Mission Leute ☝🏻 Habt noch ein bisschen Geduld. Ist schließlich eine Tugend. Etwas, woran ihr schon einmal hart arbeiten solltet, wenn ihr Schüler der Black Forest High werden wollt. Wendet euch in der Zwischenzeit einfach an meine Mentorin nina.mackay Sie kann euch vorab schon behilflich sein. Seid wachsam und stay tuned 🤘🏻 Wir werden uns Wiedersehen! ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ photo photooftheday foto photography photography_lovers sexy portrait_vision dangerous blogger style portraitoftheday model portraitlove hunter promotion germanblogger blogger redfairy jointhehunt ninamackay piperverlag blackforesthigh cutbutpsycho bookstagrammer promotion sneekpeak nerd blueeyes darkphotography athame behindblueeyes bookdragon

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Morning all! I know today will be completely pointless to be at work, since it's a second full day stress training, but I might as well look nice for it. Sort of XD Might fall asleep through it too. This will be fun! Enjoy your day today everyone! daretobelieve dontgiveup nevergiveup believeinyourself believeinwishes believeinwishescomingtrue believeinmagic believeindreamscomingtrue believeinhope believeintheuniverse believeinmiracles nerd geek anenglishmaninbelgium belgianlifeforanenglishman belgium🇧🇪 fitbit fitterbytheday💃 fitnessmotivation positivethinking

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😜😜😜u guessed it I went tooo anime-expo😎🤓 nerd and dressed up as Emoji-Senpai 😏😜🤪 ùwú hueheu 😚😚rawr 🧜🏼‍♀️if you guys ever wanna know which surgeries I got 🕺🕺 and a makeup tutorial 🐒🙊 Like HMU for real yo 😏😔🤓🤠🔥 zucchini animeisntacartoon youunculteredswine 🙊😡🤬

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Wow its amazing guys 😍? Yes or No & tag your friends that he love it 🤔 Tag someone🤙 tech electronic   waterproof  gadget  gadgets  instatech instagood Tag someone🤙 Follow:  tech.viral2 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ tech.viral2   electronics  technology  tech electronic   unboxingvideo   gadget  gadgets  instatech instagood  geek  techie  nerd  techy photooftheday  computers  laptops  hack screen  electroluc  iphone  iphoneonly iphone8plus  iphonex  keylesskeyboard   iphonecase samsungs9

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I hate winter, but it's not so bad when I get to spend it with this dweeb ❣

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Some spend their hole life seeking power. Some seek it to become stronger to control the world or to impose their will upon others. Some seek it to help others who can’t help them selves and to be a symbol. But power can be used for many things depending on its wielder. But for me power is nothing without the will to use it to truly make a difference in this universe. The true mark of a hero is one who is strong enough to put everyone before his own happiness. Someone who will give everything including his own life to make sure everyone has one more day. No matter how much power you gain you will never beat my determination and the heart of The Protector. art artist art_spotlight artistsoninstagram artofinstagram artwork artistic artgallery artoftheday art_empire artlovers arts_help artcollective art_we_inspire illustration geek digitalart comicbookartist coverart coverartwork comics comic comicart comicbook comicbookartist nerd dc dccomics marvel dcuniverse

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If you're into paracord bracelets that have a little extra to it you should check out practicalparacordsfontaine. Bought the Deadpool one first and loved it so much that I had the second one custom made with the Mass Effect renegade star. They have bracelets for everything whether its games, sports, shows, and etc. If they dont have a style of bracelet you want that's ok you could have a custom one made with a picture and colors of your choice. paracord paracordbracelet custom awesome deadpool black red colors masseffect renegade star games shows sports nerd nerdlife loveit

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‼️Rumors‼️ Armie Hammer is rumored to be in talks to replace Ben Affleck in Matt Reeve’s Batman movie Hammer was cast to play Batman before in George Miller’s Justice League Mortal that never happened in 2007. Now take this news with a grain of salt. I’ll give an update when it’s official or not. I could imagine seeing Hammer as Batman. What do you think of this news, like it, hate it? - 👉Follow comicwars_mas 👉Follow comicwars_mas

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I think I might turn into a hamster.🦋

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Why was I clutching my fists? I think I’m ready to fight! Haha boise

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🤙😋😎😍for you🤙

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Goodnight world weekendvibes Heading out to boise tomorrow. It’s going to be a long drive. 🧔🏻

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Post workout selfie, it was a slow/low energy one but hey, I did it. dadbod workout (not meaning to look smug, sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️🧔🏻) gym

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Out doing a little shopping and I’m definitely feeling my new jacket. shopping

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I've been on this "staycation" for almost two weeks and I've had the place to myself for like 5 days now. I think it's time for me to go back to work. bored staycation

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Happy diwali

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G πG$t€®

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