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Cês já assistiram Hanna, a nova série da primevideobr, o streaming da Amazon? 🤓 . Acabei de chegar no Brasil e comecei a maratonar enquanto aproveito meus últimos dias antes de voltar à vida de adulta de quem se preocupa em pagar boletos na segunda 😬 . Buenas O suspense mostra a história da Hanna, uma adolescente criada isolada da civilização e treinada para lutar contra os inimigos de seu pai (um mercenário). Ela acaba conhecendo um ex-agente da CIA que planeja matar todos os agentes que desejam capturá-los. Nisso a Hanna passa por um treinamento pesado bagarai para enfrentar a perseguição e todo o amadurecimento da personagem vai sendo mostrado a partir dai. 🙅🏻‍♀️ . A série, que estreou em 29/03 é bem GirlPower sem clichezão e naaada mamão-com-açúcar! 🤘 Novos episódios são liberados a cada semana até maio. 😎 . O plus é que a Amazon Prime te dá 7 dias grátis para assistir Hanna e todas as outras séries maras que estão lá! 🤩🤓 HannaPrimeVideo Publicidade AmazonPrime

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I had the most amazing week but I’m very ready for my STREAMAPALOOZA where I’ll be going live everyday up until iemsydney ✌️ —— 𝑭𝒊𝒏𝒅 𝒎𝒆 —— Twitter: luuna.exe Twitch: luunacorn alternativegirl nerdygirl inkedgirl punkgirl alternative grunge aesthetic tumblr 90sbaby grungestyle otakugirl weebtrash pierced livestream girlswithtattoo inkedgirls followme girlswhostream twitchaffiliate twitchgirls nerdlife girlswithink twitchstreamer girlsthatgame iemsydney2019 intelextrememasters

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This morning I was anxious that I wouldn't look good (maybe Kendra was too idk she killed it) and body paint is always a hassle but WE LOOKED SO CUTE I LOVE US seeing all our friends was fun af and we can't wait to see you again tomorrow 😍❤ but also yall didnt know it was me so either yall suck or im just too good lmao adventuretimecosplay adventuretime marcelinexbubblegum marceline princessbubblegum bubbleline princessbubblegumcosplay marcelinecosplay cosplay goodvibes girlswithtattoos girlsofcosplay workhardplayhard cosplaygirl cosplayers cosplays cosplaying cosplayer cosplaygirls cosplaylife cosplayphotography cosplaymodel cosplaybabe nerdygirl geekquinox2019

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I always roll high 🤷🏻‍♀️ 📸 justalil.hi

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Things are starting to happen! Did a makeup test and threw on the leggings and boots for funsies. Also repainted the tiara to be more of a mashup between the film version and classic version. In general that’s kinda what I’m going for. I’ll have the film boots and tiara, both repainted to some extent, but the David Finch outfit. 💪🏻😎👌🏻 ~ cosplay cosplayersofinstagram cosplaygirl cosplayinprogress wip workinprogress wonderwoman wonderwomancosplay davidfinchwonderwoman dc dcu dcuniverse dccomics nerd nerdygirl hottopic rockstarwigs

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Ok but for real I’m in love with every set I get from kritterklips 😻🥰💕 Featuring the ‘White Opal’ and ‘Blonde Magic mini’ ears. • ‘Flowkitty15’ saves you money on your own ears! 😉😻 • kritterklips kritterklipskrew cliponears kittyears kittenears brenaflowkitty festivalgear findyourinnerkritter dreadhead vampirebangs spntattoo nerdygirl tattooedgirls momscanbecutetoo smolgirl selfie loveyourselfie queergirls girlswithshavedheads 30yrsyoung feelingheckincute

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Lol to when I used to think programmers were like robots 😅🤖🤦🏻‍♀️ Our world would be really boring if that were true. Luckily we’re creative, driven, innovative, and caring people who get to bring awesome tech to the world as a career 💻🌎✨

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what a crazy stream. I had so much fun 😂😂😂 Thank you everyone for hanging out. ❤️ 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 My partners in crime 💖 hannahnicole.x amber_fleetham . 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 Go checkout my girls and fellow bunnies: isa_tv goldshiregloss gotownedbyagirl gemini_gurl28 fullmetalkittee jennie_beeee josieeeveee notoriouslady makeupwithsummer_ 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 If you’re looking for a positive and encouraging female community, join gamergirls_club 🐰🦋👠🎀💋💄👗 twitchstreamer twitchgirls twitchgirl twitcher twitchgamer gamergirl gamergirls girlgamer girlgamers girlgamersofinstagram streamer streamergirl girlstreamer girlswhogame gamerbunny gamerchick gamerchicks gamerbabe girlsoftwitch beautygamers gamer pc gamergirl beauty geekgirl nerdygirl mirrorselfie mirrorselfies outout💃

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🌈Osterspecial🌈 Nun habt ihr die Möglichkeit eine Tasse mit meinem Logo zu erstehen Habe selbst die 15oz große Tasse heute im Stream dabei gehabt! 💖 Bild Nr.2 ist die 11oz große Tasse, hier ist mein Logo einmal in der Mitte drauf, auf Bild Nr.3 ist die Tasse drauf, die auch ich jetzt besitze(15oz beidseitig bedruckt) . Da ich das bei einem Hersteller mache ohne Onlineshop läuft das ganze über mich, d.h. wenn du eine Tasse haben willst, dann schreib einfach mir & wir klären alles weitere! 💕 . Ich mache das bei diesem Hersteller, da ich nicht komplett mit der Qualität des bisherigen Merchs zufrieden war, deshalb werde ich diesen Merchshop auch wieder runternehmen. Dafür gibt es nun immer mal wieder Events bzw. Tage an denen ich euch gewisse Produkte anbiete! Ist zwar aufwändiger, aber ich will euch eine gute Qualität bieten können! 🌈 . Zur Tasse: Ich besitze die 15oz große beidseitig bedruckte Tasse, der Druck oder wie auch immer das gemacht ist 😅 ist wunderbar, man spürt keinen Übergang zwischen Logo und Weiß, es ist eben nicht nur ein Aufdruck. Sie ist schwerer als erwartet, was aber ein positiver Punkt ist in Sachen Material! 🌈💕 Also ich bin super zurfrieden & habe es mir nicht besser vorstellen können 💖💕 . tasse mug cup tea merch smallstreamer supportsmallstreamers gamergirlsunite gaming gamer gamergirl germanstreamers germangamer germangamergirl germanoverwatch germanstreamer streamerin zockergirl zocken rainbow unicorn shark girlpower streamer streamersgermany twitchstreamers twitchgermany twitchgamer geekgirl nerdygirl

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Norman, Emma, and Ray are 3 living in a foster home. This foster home is gated and behind the gate their is a giant wall witch no one has ever gone past. They live with other aging 0-12. They are cared for by a mother. One day when a girl is leaving the foster home she forgets her stuffed toy behind. Norman and Emma decide to go to the gate to return it to her. They see her dead and notice a monster/demon talking to the house mother. They’ve learned the secret of the house and decide to escape with the rest of the in the house. I truly recommend you watch the anime to find out what happens as the suspense and thrill full ride is something not many anime can make you experience. I also agree that this was one of the top airing anime of the winter 2019 season cosplayer photography cinema nintendo s follow devilmancrybaby like movie photooftheday vingadores meme starwars batman disney marvelcomics videogame instageek filmes pokemon cute instagram collection geeks geekgirl geeky comicbooks nostalgia xboxone nerdygirl

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Bad DeadpoolGood Deadpool. I laughed so hard when I saw these films. Then again I’m usually the person laughing when nobody else is! 😂BUT, Deadpool is from Regina so this is perfect! What’s your favourite movie of all time? ✔️ The Deadpool Fangirl • 100% cotton inside and out • vinyl bottom and straps • magnetic snap closure • 2 inner pockets (1 zippered) • purse feet elleinadaccessories yqr sask prairie emmalinepatterns madeincanada baglady bagineer deadpool nerdygirl fandom fanbags nerdybags

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Finding a comic stall at a street market with classic editions and prints of Tintin and Astrix and Obelix My day has been made yes, even though I don’t know French it is surreal to have books older than me I didn’t but this Tintin as it was a 1963 edition that costed €250, instead I got Astrix and Obelix from 1973 dayslikethese indianmommyblogger comicstrip comiclovers tintin swissmarket visitswitzerland geek nerd nerdygirl comics morges hergé instaswitzerland tintinfans travel instatravel travelforsoul instatintin switzerland comicbooks fleamarket morgesregion streetmarket morgesswitzerland

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Happy Easter 💖🥚🐰⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I hope you are all having a wonderful time with family and friends. ⁣ ⁣ We have been busy working on the yard, working out and gaming off stream. ⁣ ⁣ It is so wondeful to have long weekends every now and again to relax, recharge and fill my weekend with love 💖💖💖💖⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Thank you all for all that you are - see you tomorrow for a regular steam 🎮💖⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ healthygamer streamcommunity silveredvikings streamercommunity twitch girlswhogame selfmade explore goals educated phd alwayslearn alwaysgrow certifiedexercisephysiologist certifiedtrainer lovelife educatedfitness smart smartgirl intelligent nerd sciencenerd lovetoteach teacher educator nerdygirl nerdalert nerdpower selfportrait heretohelp

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Featuring: alovelyraven Go follow this amazing gamergirl <3 Want a shoutout? Follow and DM a gaming related picture. We post cosplay pictures too! Any rude comments will be deleted. Owners: mizuki_nayelaa markmk98 Follow the beautiful girls that helped me make this page <3 razorrazorred meipiexo chocoiattes polly_regelt ravy_nevermore girl gamergirl girlgamer gamer nerdygirl nerd geek playstation pcgamer xbox overwatch worldofwarcraft battlefield callofduty cod onlinegaming instagamer gamerchick gamerlife psn ps3 ps4 multiplayer leagueoflegends pcgaming xboxone pubg twitch gamers girlswhocosplay

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Some girls like diamonds Smother them with fancy things They hunger for the taste Of glamour and waste Rotten furs and murderous rings You see sweethearts need their princes Flattery and filthy pearls Barbie doll misses With their Marilyn kisses The original material girl But I'm not like those other dames, baby I'm your bloody creature poster girl So toxic Psychotic Chaotic Bloody creature poster girl Baby, you can keep your diamonds You can burn all your fancy things I hunger for the taste Of a painful ache That can survive my wicked sting Darling, I don't need no princes I'm no damsel in distress The only thing I'm needing Is for you to be bleeding From my homicidal kiss You see, I'm not like those other girls, baby I'm your bloody creature poster girl ° ° ° ° ° ° goth gothic gothicgirl gothgirl nugoth gothicmakeup scenegirl alternativegirl alternativemodel metal metalhead metalchic metalgirl numetal grungegirl witchy witchywomen instagoth killstarclothing killstar divaofthedamned gothgoth gothbabe gothstyle gothicmodel grunge altgirl nerdgirl nerdygirl scene