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chase was in a school play tonight, for their last cottage fair of 4th grade. He played two parts. He was soot and “the cool guy” it was a play about the environment. He doesn’t look happy because he didn’t want me taking pictures of him with fake dirt on him (makeup) 😂 X X X X X X X X watchthemgrow mytinytribe toddlerhood theheartcaptured writeyouonmyheart littlefierceones nestingly childhoodunplugged pixel_kids instakid littleandbrave childrenofig babiesofig stunningbabies candidchildhood letthembelittle kidsforreal darlingmovement minime childhoodeveryday runwildmychild wildandfreechildren the_sugar_jar alldaykids petitejoys

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Wooden teether with cuddly soft blanket.💫

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Sensory lap pad magic 💫

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All available now via the website! Worldwide shipping available!

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Little story time life after birth I remember leaving the hospital with my brand new tiny baby and it kind of felt like leaving a movie theatre during the day. It just felt different. The big world seems frightening suddenly. No one knows that you just gave birth. Those few days in the hospital my entire world changed and stopped at the same time. I was floating around in this pink bubble. But the outside world kept going. People rushing in and out of the hospital, cars rushing by, no one paying attention hang on a minute, isn't there anyone noticing I've just had a baby? I remember going into my local grocery store while Muiru watched our girl at home. Some people knew I was about to pop the last time I went in there, yet here I am, baby-less, belly-less, a little left over fluffy belly underneath my clothes and still extremely sore. I felt so weird, as if I wasn't complete without my belly or my baby. My whole identity felt off, I was known as this pregnant girl and now no-one seems to notice I used to be this pregnant girl and have given birth. Every single night for these last 4 months, I have looked at this perfect human, wondering how, how did we make something so perfect. I focus on all her facial features, every inch, every piece of that sweet face that resembles me, every piece that resembles Muiru. Yet however is her own unique person. I fall in love with her every night like it was the day they popped her little body on to mine for the very first time. I've never known a love like it 🖤 ig_motherhood ohheymamas joyfulmamas unitedinmotherhood motherhoodrising liveauthentic naturalparenting veganfamily bedeeplyrooted mymamahood veganmama veganbaby raisevegan veganpregnancy dutch mixedbabies livekindly nestingly prettymixedkids letthembelittle 4monthold 4monthspostpartum pregnancystories dutchvegan breastfeedingmum breastfeeding adelaidemums

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Does anyone else agree that May is about as busy as December Maycember? School projects due, recitals, class parties, graduations I’m ready for school to be out! (But then I realize I have to entertain the 24/7 and I rethink that thought). Wouldn’t it be nice if life were as simple as these beautiful white Hyacinth? allthingsbotanical blooooms floweraddict flowerphotos flowersmakemehappy flowersoftheday simply_flowers splendid_flowers thefamilynarrative lovemyfam familyiseverything familyfirst familyforever habitandhome mytinytribe nestingly pocket_sweetness thepursuitofjoyproject

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Really lapping up this pregnancy and am already starting to be sad that it's almost over 😭 I cannot get over how fast it has gone ⏩ I love being pregnant, it definitely has it's downsides (don't get me wrong) but as a whole it is just such an amazing experience & such a blessing that you're creating this life inside you - so unreal how amazing the female body is 😮 😍❤️ how did you find being pregnant? Did you love it or hate it or somewhere in the middle? 🤰

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We took Addy and Pippa to the mall on the weekend for some new gumboots (do their feet ever stop growing? I feel like we buy them new shoes every other month these days 😑). We realised when we got there that it would be the first time shopping without their double pram to keep them contained They loved every second of it, running around looking for the "shoe shop" and forcing everyone in their path to stop and say hello to them 😂 On another note, the girls turn THREE in less than a month 😱😱😱 Where, oh where did that time go?! I'm sure they were only 18 months old like last week.

3 hours ago

We’ve been keeping a secret 🤫 Baby girl Bloss arriving this November ♡

3 hours ago

Both spunky. Both headstrong. Both big sisters. Both with SO much thick hair. 🤣🤣 honestly, why couldn’t I win that genetic lottery? Jubilee is entering into bid sisterhood, or honestly “little motherhood” as I would like to call it. We even did a “mini shoot” with her babydoll today, and she was so tender to her baby. Tristan was always like a little mother to me, and now she will teach Jubilee to be the best big sister to Rejoice. It’s crazy how families have these timeless bonds. This forever complex connected and deeply rooted relationship we will never fully understand, but 100% are living it. Cycles that repeat, and cycles that are made new. I love all of it and I love that every family has that. It’s a beautiful mystery to me. ❤️ ⠀⠀ Photo of my beautiful sister and niece from today’s session. They will probably dominate part of my feed for most of this summer because I love them, but also because I am super proud of the moments we collected today. I hope you enjoy. 🌿✨ ⠀⠀ bedeeplyrooted eternalmotherhood habitandhome holdthemoments slowmotherhood thepursuitofjoyproject thefamilynarrative pocket_sweetness nestingly mytinytribe livethelittlethings dearphotographer littleandbrave aquietstyle aslowmoment capturequiet beautyyouseek darlingmovement inspiremyinstagram nothingisordinary meetthemoment thehappynow verilymoment katieweeksphoto atlantaphotographer portraitphotographer maternity shootandshare visualscollective antique

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T-Minus two days ✈️✈️⠀ .⠀ So excited to head to Florida on Wednesday. Bella is super excited to see crabs 🦀. Two year olds 🤷🏽‍♀️ haha 😆 Will is excited to go paddle boarding 🏄🏻‍♂️ and I can’t wait to find some seashells 🐚. Gah! I just love the beach. 🏖 It’s my happy place! 30A is hands down one of my faves 🌊 What’s your favorite part about going to the beach? And what’s your favorite beach to go to? 🏝 findingbeautyineverydaylife⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ buildyourbrand businessbuilder byfolk caliblogger capturequiet chaseyourdream chattycaptioncommunity chictopia chooselovely cornersofmyworld countingmyblessings createcultivate createyourhappy createyourlife mysidekick mysweetmotherhood nestingly ourwhimsicaldays parenthood_unveiled parentlife pblogger pixelkids pocket_sweetness purelyauthenticchildhood raisingarrows raw_cuteness reallifemom realmomlife realmotherhood

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Maplebar went to church for the first time yesterday! She started off by screaming through the sacrament prayers so we ended up on the hall E for effort right? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ But once she had a full belly an zonked out she did well the rest of the meeting Best baby tips for keeping them chill during church? familyforever habitandhome ldsmom ldsdad ldsfamily ldsliving sundaybest familyfirst familyiseverything mytinytribe lovemyfam nestingly thefamilynarrative pocket_sweetness thepursuitofjoyproject bedeeplyrooted bestofmom eternalmotherhood honestmotherhood holdthemoments inbeautyandchaos ig_motherhood justmomlife joyfulmamas mom_hub aquietstyle alliseeispretty beautyyouseek aslowmoment

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Sweet as can bee. 🍯🐝 mygirls

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Happy one-year birthday to my darling Harling. This spin around the sun has been my favourite ever. 💛

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Monochrome leopard gets us *every* time 😍😍⠀ ⠀ Our ever popular KYREE button dress is now in available in a new pattern and we're swooning⠀ ⠀ Pre-order yours now, don't be sad you missed out when it sells out!⠀ ⠀ 👉🏻 Sizes 8 - 16⠀ 👉🏻 Breastfeeding friendly⠀ 👉🏻 Relaxed fit⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ graylabelstore graylabelstyle animalprint minidress breastfeeding brestfeedingfashion onlinefashion fourthtrimester pregnancy motherhood mamastyle perth melbourne sydney adelaide mumlife momlife uniteinmotherhood toddlerlife childrenofinstagram parentsofinstagram magicofchildhood infinitychildren nestingly baby momoftwo mumoftwo pregnant leopard monochrome

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My little Morning Star ⭐️ May you daily walk closely in friendship with the gracious God of reality ♥️

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 🎉🥳 📚 📖 • You guys. I am SO over the moon excited to share this week’s free printable with you. I spent every summer when I was little wandering the isles of the library and getting lost in the pages of books. I lived for their summer reading challenges so when I met everydayreading at altsummit and she asked me to collaborate to bring her dream to life I said ABSOLUTELY! 🙌🏼🎉 • Bring the magic back to your ’s summer with our amazing summer reading list! Let them lay on the floor and color the illustrations to make it their own and them curl up in a good book on your lap. I see so many summer reading marathons coming and I can’t wait • Tag a friend, teacher or parent who needs this in their life! And feel free to share your current favorite read in the comments! I’m always on the hunt for a good book 📚 📖

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Drooling over this light in our dinning room 🌿

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Find the perfect blanket that can be used all year long, taken anywhere, & makes everyone around you ask, "where can I get one?!" at 🤗🙌⛱

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It’s obvious, they’re way cooler than me

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A rare occasion when I do my makeup because I know I’m going to be around other women 😆 Started a new study of the Theology of the Body with an amazing group of women last night and I am so excited and eager to grow with my sisters. It’s hard as a mom sometimes to do something for yourself, but I’ve been fortunate to have some great mom friends in my life (mostly my sisters!) who always tell me the better I take care of myself the better off my family is. thepursuitofjoyproject theologyofthebody thefamilynarrative pocket_sweetness nestingly mytinytribe lovemyfam habitandhome familyiseverything familyforever familyfirst

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ugh, going back to “reality” today was hard 😭 but I felt so relaxed and refreshed I didn’t even realize Memorial Day weekend is coming up Do y’all already have plans? I really would love to go back to the beach 😁🌴☀️

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Life deserves your full commitment. Don't do one thing while desiring another. No one likes a cheater. itsbluish 📸 sundaykindoflove megan.quinonez 💄 sumikolui the.kats.lashes For the past few years, I've repeated a narrative to myself that went something like this I had intended to dive into my new business after having our daughter. But due to a turn of unforeseen events, I was led to decisions that were not my favourite, which then brought the reality we're in, which has caused all of my unhappiness. Well 🙅🏻🙅🏻. I'm taking back this narrative. Because I'm not a victim of circumstance. And because life deserves my full commitment momootd theeverymomathome letthembelittle dailyparenting momlifestyle mothermag joyfulmamas bestofmom momlifestyle nestingly liveauthentic modernmama unitedinmotherhood ohheymama ohmyheart motherhoodinspired momtogs teammotherhood insearchforjoy darlingdaily thehappynow choosehappy motherhoodunplugged

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“We long for each phase to be over, only to cry for it once it’s gone.” I do this far too often. I didn’t enjoy either one of my pregnancies and constantly wished for them to be over, and now I wish I could feel just one more kick. I would say “I love the newborn phase but I can’t wait for them to start interacting more” and now I would go back to hold my tiny newborns in my arms in a heartbeat. “If only they could roll over, if only they could crawl, if only they could walk, if only they could talk” I said them all. And now I wish I could go back to all those moments before they learned these things. We always say “take me back!” But when we’re in it we just can’t wait to be onto the next phase. I’m slowly but surely learning contentment. To live in every moment without wishing for the next. Not to say I can’t look forward to things changing but to enjoy them while they’re here- even in the midst of hardship. We always complain about those newborn days of being so so utterly tired and now we’d do anything to go back and be utterly tired again just to have another moment to hold our tiny babies. So here’s a little reminder that you’re going to miss this. You may not think you will. You may be completely and utterly exhausted and ready for the next phase but trust me, you’re going to miss it. So slow down. Take you’re time. Enjoy your babies where they’re at. And remind yourself to be content for when these moments are gone you’re going to wish them back❤️ Ever so thankful for this stunning necklace from madebymarywithlove that I get to carry around my neck everyday reminding me of my sweet babes. These circles hold my babies birth flowers that I get to hold close to my heart, and I will treasure it always❤️

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I love this picture! She loves her daddy so much 🧡

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Besties fo life 💕

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This week we have to decide on an exterior paint color. First we were thinking white, then sage, and now dusty blue and a cream/straw color. Because I needed some sort of visual, I made this! Do you all like the blue? Or is it too bold? My biggest hesitation with it is it seems kind of cottagey and our house is really big We're going to pick out a bunch of quarts first and come home and paint some sections to compare. But narrowing it down even that much is hard!

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8 years married, today. 🥰 To my love, my husband, my forever, the father of my babies, my own personal chef, the one who keeps me grounded and puts up with my crazy. The level-minded one. My calm, my rock, my everything. Look at all we’ve done in 8 years! It’s incredible. I’m so blessed to have you. Thank you for choosing me, over and over, every single day. I’ll keep choosing you, too. Today, tomorrow, and every day after. I’m yours. 💗 liketkit || We’re going out on our first post-baby date night tonight 💃🏻 With Baby, of course. 😜 Pretty excited about it!

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It’s like trying to win the olympics when it comes to taking a photo with my little loves. Ivy girl has decided she hates the camera, the second you point it at her she freaks out. But I want to document these days because I feel like these days are going by so fast.

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📛📛 Hello good mans and womans i believe you have tried this at some point in your life , or you’re welling to 😂😂😂🤣 • • • ⛔️PLEASE ANSWER: Why cats are so smart??! • • • catmemes catoverload firstport followforfollowback memes • • • • catscatscats catlife meowdel yourcatphoto catsareawesome cat_features ruffpost mytinytribe nestingly buzzfeedanimals cutepetclub bongocatmemes memecat warriorcatmemes sobermemes memeexo funnycatmemes catmeme memesengraçados infographics catlaughs catjokes drunkcat catfacts funnycatsofinstagram

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6 sleeps until this babe turns 5! She is beyond excited 😆 How does time go so quick? It feels like yesterday we first laid eyes on my little wildfire ♡

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nothin like loading us all up in our rainy day gear to run to the store and jump in some puddles along the way 🌨🌱 in other news our sleeping routine has been ROUGH this past week with Jude now being able to get out of his crib and I’m at a loss 🤦🏼‍♀️ any ideas / suggestions are welcome! this mama & these babies NEED their sleep 😩 • • • motherhood motherhoodsimplified kidportrait motherhoodunplugged motherhoodrising motherhoodmoments nestingly momlife letthembelittle ig_motherhood documentyourdays momswithcameras feelthefeelings

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"Is she a good baby" the well-meaning acquaintance asks me. I pause to think about the right way to answer. I'm not sure so I shrug and say, "yeah, she's sweet." But the question stays with me. Is she a good baby? Aren't all babies "good?" What does that question really mean? If she is asking whether my baby is "easy" then the answer is a resounding "no." If she's asking me if she's happy, the answer is also, "usually no." If she's asking if my baby seems to like me, the answer - I'm afraid to admit - is also, "no." If she's asking me if she's a good baby compared to other babies then the answer is, "how the heck would I know? I have no idea and I ask myself that question every time she cries and I can't figure out why." When it's 3am or 10am or 4pm and she's crying for some unknown reason and it feels like she's saying, "mom, I'm unhappy. Why can't you make me happy? And I feel panic and confusion and doubt and rage all at once. And I ask myself, "why can't I do this well? Why am I no good at this motherhood thing? Why does it feel like everyone else can do this just fine except me?" And the secret fear that I'm not good enough and that I'm doing everything wrong creeps closer and closer to the surface. And I do everything in my exhausted state to keep that fear at bay, to keep it from taking over. Because what I know, and what I feel is greater and bigger than all of this is the fact that this is my daughter. This tiny, helpless, utterly confusing and mysterious beautiful being, is mine. Forever. And although I feel ill equipped to handle this absurdly difficult tiny baby stage, I know in my head that this will be a blip on the radar of her magnificent, long, wonderful life. That even a year or two from now I will forget the screaming fits, the terrifying mystery of it all, and I will see the personality of my precious baby transforming into my precocious little girl full of wonder and curiosity. And because I went through the totally dependent, needy, tear-filled trenches with this , I feel an immeasurable love for her. This little girl that will be my daughter for the rest of our lives. So is my baby a "good baby?” It doesn't matter. Because she's mine.

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💛 mustard joggers and white linen top $15 each.

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Our harem set in rust is the perfect leaf throwing outfit! 🍁🍂

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Like the freedom to mix and match? Our linen line is perfect for this! Our joggers are available in forest green and mustard, with our jackets available in forest green, mustard and Marsala. Little Bunny Marco can be seen wearing our mustard jogger, Marsala tassel hoodie and white linen long sleeve. We are obsessed with these Autumn vibes. 🍁🍂🧡

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Fresh starts and new beginnings. I’m back with a new Instagram after a much needed break 🙋🏼‍♀️