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8 yrs ago May 23rd I love my bestfriend majority of my heart when you left me dad I can say a lot but fuck I swear I miss yo ass everyday I am living it’s days I feel like I really need you and want you hear with me like you were since I was born you left me at 18 yrs old you were suppose to be here with me longer than that but the man above wanted you more than I needed you 😢🥺😒 now here we are 8 yrs later your little baby sister my auntie leaves us 8 yrs after you a month and 5 days apart June 28th was another worse day of my life I felt my heart left my body again omg oh auntie I can’t stomach this shit I love you and I miss you I may not have saw you all the time or called but when we seen each other or you FaceTime me for Alijah I answered and I showed my love I still can’t believe it and I won’t question the man above but just know you and my dad never forgotten now he can look out for you again like he did when he was being your big brother I love y’all miss y’all down here this shit ain’t right 🧡💞💔💛👨‍👧👫 neverforgotten daddy auntie

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I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you are gone, I couldn’t wait to tell you that RJ was back and on the wait list to go back to daycare. You were an angel in human form and the love you gave to my babies while they were in your care I will forever be grateful for. Telling them that you were gone was one of the hardest things I have done as a mother. RIP Destani • • • • • Tomorrow is never promised. Love on your family and friends today, leave nothing unsaid. Too many times we take people for granted until it’s too late and then we are stuck with what should have been and what could have beens. Never leave for tomorrow what you can say & do today. • • • angelonearth calledhome RIP gonetoosoon saywhatyouneedtosay neverforgotten angelinhumanform oneofthegreats tillwemeetagain sweetangel cherisheverymoment

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truth hardlessons I learned to be ok with being alone after I lost the man I loved right next to me and tho he died he lives on in my heart 💜 and my tattoo with his ashes. I eventually realized I had to be able to help myself and now I can handle anything forevermine alwaysnforever missingyou lostlove foreverchanged I will always love you jake I kno I’ll see you again someday gonetoosoon neverforgotten 💜💚 grateful I knew you and got to be in love with you while I could. lovealways

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1 year today. We took his favorite flowers to the grave and little people were as solemn as they could possibly be. I was just so happy that the picture I chose for his headstone is one of him laughing at his granddaughter. All the other headstones had sombre pictures of people who look dead anyway. deathanniversary firstyear remembering love loss lettinggo neverforgotten infinity

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We gone always remember you baby a real one ☝🏾 gone but never forgotten always will forever ♾ love ❤️ you r.i.p🕊😢 jayreal arealone neverforgotten

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So here's another post cause I wanted all of my pictures / videos of him on here Ugh its so devastating like is it not? Looking at all these pictures and videos on our explore pages noticing all his great accomplishments and friendships and he shouldn't have been taken so soon and its so heart breaking knowing we won't get to see him on TV ever again or in another movie and I just hope (like they all say) the he really is in a better place now doing better things and watching over all his family and friends😢😢 cameronboyce rip ripcameronboyce neverforgotten

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AWARD OF HONOUR presented to JAKE OTANKA OBETSEBI LAMPTEY of blessed memory 🌟For his assiduous efforts to ensure that the Ghanaian Diaspora always had a sense of belonging during his time as Minister for Tourism and Diaspora Affairs 🌟For his initiation of the Joseph Project which was effectively a voice for the Diaspora which testified to the passion he had for giving the Diaspora an opportunity to serve our dear country Ghana For all these we say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH & AYEKOO. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏾👏🏾 Presentation was done by H.E. Dr Mahamudu Bawumia - Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Hon. Ken Ofori Atta - Minister for Finance, Hon. Mohammed Awal - Minister for Business Development & Mr Akwasi Awua Ababio - Director for Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President ghanahomecoming ghana neverforgotten grateful blessedmemory award honour thankyou diaspora nationbuilding support gdhs 2019 gonebutneverforgotten

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All I see is him on all three of my explore pagesSTILL and I literally cried at this video like its so sad that he was taken so soon🤧🤧 he's apart of anyone's childhoodif you were born in like 2000 - 2011 But anyway its kinda still unbelievable that he's gone, no one saw it coming really😢 he seemed so kind and down to earth and it really is sad that he's gone😟 I feel bad for all the people who knew him personally but I also feel bad for all his fans that looked up to him I feel especially bad for his parents and sister who must be going through so much and its just so sad god took away an amazing Angel so soon before he could really show the world what he had to offer. This song is even sooOf like aH honestLy they better not make another descendants movie cause its not the same without Carlos😭 aka Cameron. All those amazing things he did growing up and even before his death was truly inspiring to a lot of people and I know I speak for so many when I saw we wish he was here to do so much more😕😢 rip Cameron Boyce you'll always be remembered. cameronboyce rip ripcameronboyce neverforgotten alwaysremembered

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**NOT EUPHORIA RELATED sorry** • Guys, i’m still hurt. still saddened by this. I know i’ll never know the pain his family and friends feel but as a fan I can say I definitely feel a loss of something special in my life. I grew up watching this amazing boy on tv. I remember him in Grown Ups with adamsandler and instantly thought he was a cutie. then when Jessie started to air I instantly recognized him. my little sister even had a crush on him. which still lasted. she told me that his death felt so outta place. it’s so true. he had so much more to offer this world. so much more to show us. just by being a fan of his I realized the importance of family and friends and showing my love for them daily. as well was living my life to the fullest. I’ve always wanted to change the world myself. that’s been my biggest dream and if this is the way I can help I will. The Cameron Boyce Foundation is up. i’m donating a dollar a month (for now) until I can do more. I want to change the world like Cameron was doing. • Dear friends and family of Cameron, i’m beyond heartbroken for each and everyone of you. y’all knew him best. i’m so glad that y’all had the time y’all had with him. i’m so glad he spent time with maya.elan thevictorboyce & libboyce before his passing. i’m glad he isn’t hurting anymore. thoughts and prayers to you all. karanbrar sophie1reynolds debbyryan skaijackson dovecameron sofiacarson & more , y’all have held a special place in my heart as did Cameron from Disney and i’ve watched and supported each and everyone one to this day and always will. I want to change the world. make it better for everyone. • “We all go What you leave should be bigger than you” ~ Cameron Boyce • please please please donate if you can . link in bio TheCameronBoyceFoundation RIPCameronBoyce NeverForgotten ForeverBoy

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You were my role model my idol and most of all the man who took his time to keep me on the straight and narrow roads of this fucced up world. The saddest thing i feel is like I am the only one who honors your lifetime and knowledge RIPUNCLEJOE RespectAndLove NoExcuses NeverForgotten

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The one thing that he did that he didn’t second-guess was picking you.

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The lighthouse at 5 Fingers ⚓️🌊 Cape Fanshaw is the area where the Coastguard presumes my brother Michael Francis Dunne’s boat went down on his journey from Juneau to Ketchikan in 2008. Only the door of the boat was recovered on the back of Kupreanof Island. PC: Josh & Kylie on the F/V Jaci Grace June & July 2019 surreal lostatsea neverforgotten brother fvtransition 💙

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You inspired me so much when I was growing up. Your music helped me get through a lot of stuff and I just can't believe that you're gone. Your legacy will live on through us always. We miss you Chester.😭 alwaysinourhearts neverforgotten makechesterproud

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I love these tiny humans and their tiny antics more than life itself but when I see this picture all I can look at is the smile on my husbands face. A smile that has been very few and far between the last 2 weeks. A smile that changes my whole mood. A smile that makes me fall more in love every time I see it. One of the most difficult things the last two weeks and that will continue for however long need be to let my my hubsand grieve the loss of his baby girl is the tears that fill his eyes. The look of hollowness that has mostly replaced his smile. The short tempor that has taken over the sense of humor in our household. All the things that I usual can fix with some inappropriate remark or silly attempt at a joke. To see your best friend and love of your life in the same unexplainable pain as you and to be unable to fix it is awful. To see such an amazing and involved father who was so excited for his newest little bundle to arrive suffer the worst loss is unimaginable. I am blessed beyond words to have this man by my side through the greatest loss any parents will face. I just wish that I could do more to witness this smile in the coming days, weeks, and months. But for now I will just hold on to the times I do get to witness the pure joy on my loves face. loss mylove grief gonetoosoon angelbaby grievingparents shareyourstory beopen neverforgotten 10secondsatatime neverthesame

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Remembering the last birthday we celebrated together. He turned 23 and we celebrated with Oreo ice cream cake. Some things you just don’t forget. Happy 32nd birthday. this corona’s for you 💗 happybirthday neverforgotten thisonesforyou

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You know a dog left paw prints in your heart when you look at her picture on your home screen that you’ve had for 5 years since she passed and you still tear up 💕🐶 mysweetprincesslulu neverforgotten

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Rest in Peace Coach. You taught me more than just basketball and those lessons still live with me today. neverforgotten

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20 rep challenge for military suicide prevention awareness. 👉 Tag a friend to join the challenge 👊👊 imissyoudad 🙏🙏 Please spread the word that Veteran suicide is not the answer. the Veterans Crisis Line number is 1-800-273-8255 Option 1 and Text is 838255 . The website even allows for confidential online chat. The organizations at the links below are raising the bar in creating a culture that OUR Veterans know their sacrifice was not in vain. fammily  calisthenics militarymuscle 22kill supportmilitarymuscle  military_muscle_1sg bigpanda323  supportmilitarymuscle militarymusclefoundation 20repschallenge - regrann 22rep 22repchallenge militarysuicideawareness militarysuicideprevention thankyouforservice thankyouforyoursacrifice nooneleftbehind neverforgotten pushup pushupchallenge 22pushupchallenge 20repschallenge lifttherapy liftherapy

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We will never forget. 🇺🇸Honor. Remember. Memorialize. This is our mission 🇺🇸Dylan James Elchin 🇺🇸Matthew Quinn McClintock 🇺🇸Christopher Adam Nelms These 3 Warriors are honorees at this year’s comp. The following are all the names of the 2019 Memorial 3-Gun Competition Honorees. 🇺🇸 Alex Viola 🇺🇸 Andrew Ross 🇺🇸 Chris Nelms 🇺🇸 Dylan Elchin 🇺🇸 Eric Emond 🇺🇸 John Dunbar 🇺🇸 Kyle Osborn 🇺🇸 Mark Forester 🇺🇸 Matt Lewellen 🇺🇸 Matthew McClintock In the coming weeks we are sharing each Hero’s story and pictures so you can remember and honor these great Warriors with us. rememberhonormemorialize neverforgotten america rememberthefallen neverforget honor hero sacrifice warriors heroes memorial3gun courage brave 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Next Event: September 13-15, 2019 Official Sponsors of the Memorial 3Gun Comp: coastxcoast gryphongroupsecuritysolutions greyghostprecision Memorial 3Gun Ambassadors: et_3Gun professional_fun_haver daniel_p0sey tinmen3gun coach_whiskers jo_bob183 kalisch3gun Aaron Fortin Special thanks to 3gunheather Eric Eckhardt

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So about almost 2 weeks ago this man who changed many lives passed. Cameron was an idol and an inspiration to thousands of people. He was funny, talented, kind and always had a smile on his face that made people smile. He was so and such an amazing person. He was just so down to earth and just seeing him happy made so many other people happy. It is sad to hear this news and He will be missed. He made a great mark on this earth. He will forever be a legend and will always be remembered. I know He is in a better place not suffering and not in pain anymore. And if He is in that place maybe one day I would get to see him along with all the other people who believe in heaven. We would see him in his spirit. I think that would be really cool. But until then, Rest Easy Cameron. We all love you and you will be forever missed. Thanks for all the laughs and memories. ❤️ ripcameronboyce funimate funimate edits edit cameronboyce gonetoosoon💔 gonebutnotforgotton rip restinparadise neverforgotten alwaysremembered wemissyou