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Im so in love with my logo , she pose just like me 🥰, I’ve worked so hard building my brand and myself up as a woman first of dignity and compassion, I do things that inspired myself and others , stay tuned for apparel thanks each and every man boy and girl that supports my movement also s/0 bmgraphixx you nailed it SKE QueenFee ✊🏾 femalerappers disabilityawareness nevergiveup

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“If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.” lesbrown

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Always believe in your dreams. Never give up on your goals. Believe in the process and trust the journey. This is a crazy transformation. 3 years ago I never, in my wildest dreams, would ever though I would look like this. Thank you to everyone that has been there for me, that’s has called me out on my s*** and for always pushing me to do better. GRACIAS

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Life is full of unknowns, opportunities and risk. I believe that to embrace the unknown, we must welcome opportunity; the risk that comes with it should always be a learning experience armyfreshfitness militaryfreshnetwork happiness pushyourself nevergiveup neverquit progress adventure handstand bodyweight calisthenics yoga workout armyfresh armyfreshfitness militaryfreshnetwork minnesota bodyweightstrength calisthenics calisthenicsworkout training functionalfitness functionaltraining mobility barstarzz fitfam fit fitness ripped instafit gains lifting

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After the first time I performed I rewarded myself with a photoshoot & for the first time since my accident I didn't feel like I had to hide my wheelchair. stephaniebowersphotography suggested I unzip the dress a little because 'I have a good back' & that made me feel really good about myself. My poor back has been through a lot, being broken and put back together like a puzzle. I love this photo because it's a reminder that I was once broken but you can always be put back together 💕 broken nevergiveup wheels fitspo wheelchairlife forevernew yoga fitness portraits forevernew_official womancrushwednesday wheelchairfashion

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Cali whey High Quality Supplements 💊 Made in the USA /no fillers 🇺🇸 Formulated to deliver the best results 🏋🏻‍♂️ CALI WHEY • •CHOCOLATE 🍫 •VANILLA •CINNAFUN TOAST •STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE 🍓🍰 •DOUBLE STUFFED COOKIES & CREAM •PEANUT BUTTER CUPS •CHOCOLATE PEBBLES •MILK CHOCOLATE •CRAZY LOOPS • notetoself onelife getinspire getmotivated gymspiration gymflow fitnessplan fitlife onerepatatime weights nevergiveup dreams californiagym fitspiration muscles goodlife healthylife prepcoach fitness traininsane training competition supplements

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Pleasure is an easy question and pretty much all of us have a similar answer. The more interesting question is the pain ! What is the pain that you want to sustain? This answer will actually get you somewhere! 💯 facts . Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications. 🛎 . killer_entrepreneurs 💡 killer_entrepreneurs 💵 killer_entrepreneurs 🧠 6ixfiguresfashion 👀 - - - - hardwork buisness power inspiration success millionairemimdset workhard qoute mood inspirationalquotes lifelessons nevergiveup dreambig lifestyle motivationalquotes getrich entrepreneur millionaire achievemen

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When you take one step, momentum happens It’s just the way it is And magic then can step in, and all you need to do is ride the wave baby! 🌊🔥 . It’s all happening for you Let’s get it! ✨💥 . Excited to be inviting in people to work privately with me Ready to up level your life and make massive leaps that actually stick, let’s chat There’s no better time than right now! 😘🥳

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Tonight at the meeting I saw a number (-0,4) on the scale what I’ve already been expecting because in the morning I weighted myself (naked) on my own scale. The question I get from more then one person is: “are you disappointed?” A few months ago I would say that I am disappointed. But this time not. I try to learn from my mistakes. Because of my impatient I usually gave up after a few weeks. My inner voice said: “Where am I doing this for, it is not working anyway.” But now I realise that the long term results counts. I only can wish I lose 0,4kg a week. If I knew this lesson sooner, I would be a skinny bitch right now. 🙄🙄 So no, I’m not disappointed but I’m happy! Happy with my new mindset. bringsexyback hardlopen theroyalten goals doelen weightwatchers afvallen droomwaarmaken ikmoethetzelfdoen vijfkmhardlopen diditbefore candoitagain fitpoints running justdoit running runninggirl losingweight believeinyourself nevergiveup followmyjourney wwmeetings smartpoints partygirl wwfilosofy wwworks weightwatchersfreestyle weightwatchersnl weightwatchersjourney

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This kid so amazing and so inspiring us! When you failed, try again Failed, try again Failed, try again Failed, try again! Never give up, reach your goal, and make your dream come true 👍😎 Happy Wednesday LokerLink's Buddy! • • • Visit & Join Us Now : lokerlink wednesday happywednesday dream success dontgiveup nevergiveup inspirationalvideos indonesia papua nusatenggara maluku bali sulawesi kalimantan sumatra jawa jakarta socialmedia mediasocial digitalmarketing marketingdigital quotes quotesoftheday quotesdaily quotesaboutlife positive positivevibes positivethinking positivelife

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Focus and always stay positive. Learn how to make money with crypto. It's easy and stress free and it's profitable. No lost, no cheat, 100% legit and safety. Just message me on how to make this cool cash. DM me for updates on how to trade wisely,am a binary trade expert and I help individual trade for a fixed amount. Trade with me and make huge profits after trading. dream  ambition  trading  stocktrading stocks  success  motivational  talent motivation  business  life  quoteoftheday dedication  perseverance  grind  hustle wordsofwisdom  entrepreneurlife  perseverance goals  action  hardwork  inspiration  committed focus  dedicated  nevergiveup  liveinthemoment takeaction  decision

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These were all taken with my Canon 80D plus 18-135mm lens as seen below. On Flickr. On memory card. I know people are sick and tired of seeing them again and again but I’ll just do September for the die-hards but I have pretty much all of last year on memory card as you’ve seen these past two months. Again it’s indisputable. ———————————————————————— Sheep Mayo Connemara September Galway lovenature Discoverireland DiscoverMayo Latinquartergalway visitgalway Nature_brilliance Nature_captures Tourismireland Ireland_passion ig_shotz ig_myshots Loves_ireland icu_ireland Canon EOS80D Canon_official Canonphotography stayclosetonature nevergiveup

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Not all workouts go well. Some will leave you bent over on the side of the road completely frustrated that it's going so badly. Exhausted and wanting to quit. That's when you just suck it up, pull yourself together, and finish what you started. Never give into the negative voices. run running runner workout struggle success brooksrunning runhappy life recovery comeback edrecovery fitness fitnessmotivation strong stronger strength fight nevergiveup dream believe dreambig goals motivation determination perseverance inspiration inspire noexcuses hardwork