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2 hours ago

Everyone is posting their Easter pics in their new dresses, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too. Except I don’t have a new dress, I have a heart with a new patch! Did you know you too can have a ‘heart patch’?!? My heart had a physical hole in it which required the doctor to physically insert a patch to close the hole. But if your heart has a Spiritual hole, if you are missing something, if you need that fulfillment that has seemed to be missing, let me tell you about a man named Jesus He and He alone can patch that hole and give you joy unspeakable ** Thank you each who have been praying for me. I’m homevery sore, but doing good. ** Easter NewDress NewHeart HeartPatch JoyUnspeakable Jesus Spiritual HeartProblems HeartSurgery Heart Home Prayer ThankYou ShesSeekingJesus Speaker Author JesusFollower Christian SpeakLord Faith WomenInTheWord Bible Blessed TeachMeLord GodIsGood Humbled AllGloryToGod AnointedWomen KingdomBuilder SharingJesus

2 hours ago

Happy Easter! I'm about to go to brunch with my amazing grandmother, parents, brother, and uncle! I'm still quite bloated from ed recovery, but my metabolism is up and signs are I am approaching full recovery, which is a huge relief particularly with some of the more difficult symptoms of recovery dissipating 😅. And I will not let that bloating get to me, today I have a new dress on and feel absolutely gorgeous in it ❤ easter brunch family transisbeautiful spring recovery ed newdress necklace nofilter makeup garden tgirl girlslikeus transgirl transwoman dress transpride lgbtq

2 hours ago

New dress from my fiance 😍 newdress

3 hours ago

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