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Exploud enjoying some surrounding speakers.

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Good Morning Trainers! Here are some helpful tips for the upcoming Giratina raids! Giratina in its ‘Altered’ form (the centipede one) will be back for raids from March 28-April 2. However on April 2-April 29, Giratina will transform to its new ‘Origin’ form (no legs one) I love Giratina and I think it’s a great Pokémon to have to any kind of battling, however this new ‘Origin’ form from what I heard, will have a higher attack stat rather than its ‘Altered’. This makes it a must have to me and I’ll definitely need multiples! Also tbh I like this new design better, centipedes creep me out! -Alex Infographic 1 - Infographic 2 - Image 3 - Game Freak Image 4 - Designed by MapleRose, found on (it’s some really amazing art!) pokemongo pokemongofriends pokemongo🎮 pokemonart niantic pokemontrainers pokemon pokestagram pokemonraids

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Clamperl grows while being protected by its rock-hard shell. When its body becomes too large to fit inside the shell, it is sure evidence that this Pokémon is getting close to evolution pokemon pokemongo pokemonar pokemongoar pokemongoarplus pogo arphotography pokemonphotography ar arplus nintendo niantic gamefreak Android shotwithLG ポケモン写真 ギラティナ ポケモンgo ポケットモンスター ポケモンgo写真 ポケモントレーナー gosnapshot beach london shinypokemon shiny