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13 hours ago

what’s your favourite school subject? mines probably dance and english 📖 — sum nickelodeon butter slime 💙 ,, this is acc really nice for a butter slime ngl 🤤. — im off of skl today because my throat is swollen, and i had so many tests last week it’s unreal 🤧😒 — i bought a new table so hopefully this is nicer than filming on my dining room table 😂🤷🏽‍♀️. the french fry background is only temporary.

23 hours ago

🚨🚨 KID FRIENDLY SILKPRESS❤ 📍TENDER SCALP ISSUES 📍UMANAGEABLE 📍EXTREMELY THICK 📍 EXTREMELY COARSE 📍SPLIT ENDS 📍BREAKAGE I can help with managing your princess👑 hair For more info Call Ebony 323 363-5699 euniquestrands kidshair silkpressla silkouts silkoutcertified silkoutpro kidsmodel hairjourney kidzone lafitnessexpo fitnesskids kidsclubs superstarkid celebritykid kidcasting commercialkid yogurtland nickelodeonslime slimelifestyle unicornparty happykidsmodels mediakids confidence futurelooksbright ilovekids kidsarethefuture kidspartyplanner kidsdecoration kidsnails kidscorner

1 day ago

“This is us” or me just head over heels with my two heart throbs chillin by the “Kissing Booth” jk 😋 • • Had an amazing expierence hanging out at the nickelodeon kidschoiceawards_2019 but man did it make me feel old! My joints and body hurt so bad and I need a weekend nap! 😂

2 days ago

PARENT TIP! I don't know if your are like my daughter, but she LOVES slime. For some of us parents, making slime can be really difficult to get the perfect consistency and of course after they play with it a few times it dries out and needs to be tossed. I bought this 3 lb. tub of NickelodeonSlime for just $10 at Walmart and she loves it! She has used this same tub over and over again since her birthday in January. She plays with it for hours without it drying out or the consistency changing. When she's done she puts it back in the container until next time! This is not an ad, just a great find.

2 days ago

ariana +++ annieleblanc would be an iconic duo👩🏼‍⚖️ ac idk ib no one dt tagged

2 days ago

actual dumbass

2 days ago

glory2pr 💚💚💚 Thank you!

2 days ago

It’s officially the last day of spring break and we are one tired house! With all the fun we’ve had we decided to take it easy with a slime and movie kinda day 😁 I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself, I stuck to my “no slime” rule for quite awhile! But when Emily was gifted this fun set I surely couldn’t turn her down. So we’ve open the doors and have let the slime begin! 💫Plus side, this is one of the few times these two are getting along without arguing 😆 Who else is over the fighting, arguing and sass 🙋🏼‍♀️♥️💁🏼‍♀️

2 days ago

Mint & Choco🍪 We have so many mint slimes but we'll just have to deal with it😂 This is the "Mint to be" slimeby nickelodeon/craZart. I recommend this slime. -vid by meagan😄 slime nickelodeonslime nickelodeon crazartslime

2 days ago

Valentine’s Cupcakes 🧁💗 ••••••••• This slime is SOOO GLOSSY AND THICC SEE FOR YOURSELF ••••••••• Riddle: What can be measured but not seen? FIRST CORRECT: _the.slime.party_ ••••••••• First like: kreativeslimekompany First comment: ••••••••• {Boring tags} slime cloudslime freeslime niceslime Awesomeslime StretchySlime ButterSlime SlimeForSale ILoveSlime ISellSlime Scentedslime 8ozslime hugeslime 4ozslime 2ozslime Clearslime funslime nickelodeonslime elmers elmersglue clayslime cuteslime crunchyslime