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1 minute ago

Hey Junior! I’m so in love with this little girl niece

3 minutes ago

niece 😍😘😍😘

7 minutes ago

I showed up to the park to surprise Leila. I wasn’t disappointed 😅. niece love

13 minutes ago

Alia Baaran Azad. Welcome to the tribe, sweet nugget! Azad women are loud, strong, and know our place is anywhere we want to be. I love you and I haven’t met you yet. One more week inshaAllah saymashaallah niece pashtunbabies mixedbabies

13 minutes ago

Flying Aluna 🌙 niece

16 minutes ago

This little lady is 14 today 🎂She’s a strong, wild, passionate, and sweet one Keep that funny personality, don’t lose your innocence, and keep your positive outlook because it’s going to take you places you could never imagine I’ll always be your shoulder to cry on and your fist when someone needs their ass kicked 🤷🏻‍♀️ Love you bean 😘 mymini niece

16 minutes ago

I finally got to hold one of the smallest members of our family.she is small but mighty. I love her so much already 💖 niece

16 minutes ago

Pretty Girl 💖 niece Alexa

18 minutes ago

What a fun day 👫. son niece 💙💜

21 minutes ago

I’m melting 😩😍❤️ LilyJayne

22 minutes ago

A bebeza mais linda desse mundo estreou na TV hoje e agora tem Instagram 💖 Pra comemorar tá aqui uma foto dela comendo pão depois de acordar porque o café da manhã é a refeição mais importante do dia 💖

4 hours ago

Mila arnybulle and edvacohen ’s beautiful little sprout. I’ll always be there if you have urgent existential thoughts to discuss, if you want to escape school for a crazy midday adventure, or just need a loving auntie hug❤️ babyfever niece