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I’m 100% sure that people don’t understand what it’s like to be me. Each and every day I’m going through a living hell. Almost all of the time I feel what other people feel or think. It kills me from the inside, sometimes I can’t even breathe. The range of emotions which people kindly and unknowingly “share” with me is so various, that time to time I think I won’t be able to bear it. I know a lot. Really. You can’t even imagine, what I know about everyone. It’s not like I really want it to, but I don’t have a choice. It’s who I am. I’m fed up or better to say I’m overdosed with communications and that peculiar ability of premonition and senses. Empath. “Are you are you Coming to the tree. Wear the necklace of rope Side by side with me. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met up in midnight In the hanging tree” 04.24.2018 empath me thoughts boy girl nice best day night memory simferopol vsco instalike follow share story hair cute pretty good hanging tree mockingjay emotions feelings enough knowledge photographer like likeforfollow

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La donna giusta è la donna che riesci a paragonare alla luna perché come essa deve saperti avvolgere col suo candore, deve saperti fare incantare quando l'osservi e infine devi sapere che è presente nel tuo cielo e da un momento all'altro si illumina e ti lascia una scia di emozioni sulla tua pelle luna moon sky love dog ig nature photography night fullmoon moonlight space art photooftheday nightsky instagram lunar soyluna photo dogsofinstagram a sol cielo cat eclipse instagood like stars cute sainttropez

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Що ліпше: непостійні емоції чи уявна стабільність? Останні декілька тижнів були складними для мене. Відчуття безпомічності. Такої епічної й безглуздої, в тандемі зі страхом, знерухомили мої емоції. Мабуть, це знайомо тим , хто працює на фрілансі. Нічого не відбувалось в житті. Просто суцільний штиль. Цілковита стабільність. Я потроху віталася з дипресією. Аж раптом, декілька людей, за шкірку, почали витягати мене на верх. Вони створили події й думки. Стали генераторами ідей й цікавих діалогів. Нехай і не завжди, діалоги були правильними, а емоції дозволеними. Проте, це краще ніж пустота. Повірте, набагато краще. fridaymood thoughts night girl lifestyle instagram millennial

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architecture is a funny thing! The grace and excellence of the truly great buildings is in the details . I have photographed many great designs of architecture architecturephotography is what I do. rockrosedevelopment did a Beautiful renovation But I just wanted to visually claim the details at 22nd and parkavenue the light the barely seen moon Check out the difference between my last post and this one night and day but a photographer has to search for everything every angle with His/her camera photography lives in our eyes

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like a river.

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one of the best photos I ever took using my old cell phone samsung galaxy j3 ✨ who said that to take good pictures need a camera and a good cell phone? 🧡🧡 | uma das melhores fotos que já tirei usando o meu antigo celular samsung galaxy j3 ✨ quem disse que para tirar fotos boas precisa de uma câmara e um bom celular? 🧡🧡

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I veri supereroi, al giorno d'oggi, sono quelli che come super potere hanno il coraggio di amare.💛💙 ❤ carnevale2016 amore❤️

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