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: Records That Change My Life. Which Ones Changed Yours? thecardigansofficial "First Band On The Moon" (1996)

3 weeks ago

This is where your sanity gives in and love begins. At least it did for me towards the Cardigans. Where the previous albums didn’t really tickle my fancy this one hit me right where it hurts (strange analog, I know)). And as for the cherry on top it takes a lot of self confidence to name your album as Gran Turismo. Give it a spin. cardigans granturismo myfavoritegame notforgamers ohtheswedes ninapersson popreinvented vinyl vinyljunkie vinylcollector vinylcollection vinylcommunity nowplaying nowspinning vinyligclub vinyladdict vinylporn vinylgram instavinyl albumoftheday vinyloftheday jukkapukkanen cratedigger dustyfingers themusicthatmatters vinyllove 33rpm

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천둥 번개를 물리쳐주새오 니나언니,,,🧚‍♀️ 난 귀도 안 들리는 주제에 오ㅔ케 작게 들었ㄴ ㅑ

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JIMMYS JUKEBOX Thursdays Selected Album THE CARDIGANS "Gran Turismo" Written by Peter Svensson and produced by Tore Johansson. Lyrically darker than the previous three albums but it gives the record a real cutting edge. Ambient Rock is the best way to describe this record. Nina Persson haunting vocals take this to a whole new level and so it proved havving massive chart success all over Europe and shifting 3 million copies worldwide, making it their biggest seller to date. A Nineties gem and well worth a revisit. Highlights: "My Favourite Game", "Erase/Rewind" and "Explode". jimmysjukebox selectedalbums mycollection thurday thecardigans granturismo ambient rock torejohansson petersvensson ninapersson tambourinestudios skurup sweden cdplant malmo nineties moody dark music hobby lifestyle myworld springtime june2019 home woottontowers

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That's not an invitation! That's all I get If this is communication I disconnect I've seen you, I know you, but I don't know How to connect So I disconnect / 'Communication' by thecardigans ninapersson idisconnect

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Gran Turismo. 20th Anniversary 🎉

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Galen i skålar. Inte så konstigt kanske. Finns så otroligt vackra i alla möjliga former. Denna föll jag pladask för när jag var på geijersgatan53 för att fika och köpa present till min son som fyller 2år nu den 31 maj. Mitt på disken stod det en liten samling av dessa vackra skålar gjorda av en duktig artist nämligen theninapersson . Tekniken känner jag till sedan innan och är rakubränning. Tänk att man kan bli varm i hjärtat av en skål. ninapersson theninapersson np raku geijersgatan53 skål craftmanship handmade

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Cuando hablamos de The Cardigans, tenemos que hablar de ‘Gran Turismo’, el disco que los consagró como una de las grandes bandas pop de los 90, pero que también los maldijo al encasillarlos en un sonido que la agrupación terminó por abandonar. ‘Gran Turismo’ es un bonito registro de su época, con sintetizadores y secuencias que traspasan cualquier impredecible y la voz de Nina tan sorprendente como siempre. ❤️ Por cierto, la dirección de arte de todo el disco está de lujo. Canciones fav: “Hanging Around”, “Erase and Rewind” y “Higher”.

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“Maybe if I had another drink I'd see the pattern in the blinking Of the traffic lights Do you think you're happy, Nicolai? I don't know the answer Nina Life is like a melody A pendulum that swings Between the major and the minor It's a lullaby” colonia acamp ninapersson goldenteethandsilvermedals