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Beautiful sunrise this morning. It’s totally worth getting up early on a Sunday. Also I want to be this man when I grow up. He don’t give a flipping noodle doodle about your sunrise photos, we looking for treasures ✌🏻 sunrise ormondbeach nofilter

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This morning I took a drive and went to church in Yankalila, followed by some usual nature church time on Normanville beach. In church we were singing the most beautiful and appropriate song"care for the earth and sea, we need to keep them free". I have always been so acutely aware of the natural beauty around me, and it's inflicted fragility. Sometimes it feels there's so much beauty I just can't cope. Today I was also reminded of the beauty that is possible in people😝 especially older people (me being the only church-goer under the age of 60). yankalillaunitingchurch yankalilla normanvillebeach nofilter careforourearth🌎 ❤🎶⛪🌊🌱

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SKY IS THE LIMIT . Lendemain de meetingparis (merci may.solen encore pour l'invitation) Programme de ce matin: 20km, dont 40min de footing, 20min allure 3min55/km, puis jogging Finalement, pour travailler mon mental, j'ai poussé jusqu'au semien mode Forrest Gump, on arrive plus à réfléchir mais le corps suit Bon dimanche happyrunner justdoit halfmarathon semimarathon nycmarathon2019 nycmarathon marathongoals training runnerscommunity run correr running runnersofinstagram runningmotivation runningman runtoinspire instarunners igrunners instarun followme nopainnogain runhappy runnersworld endurance strava garmin mrjobllackchallenge nofilter

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Palms on palms on palms 🌴

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วัดห้วยมงคล, หัวหิน Wat Huay Mongkol, Hua Hin, Thailand. ——————————————— 📷 Canon EF + Canon FD 50mm f1.8 🎞 My Heart 200 Dev & Scan by Film no ie

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Last hours of green 💚 nofilter

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✨ 📍: Great Pyramids Of Giza. 🌍: Cairo, Egypt. 📸: August 2019. This trip has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve experienced & seen things beyond my wildest dreams. For tourists, Egypt has such a bad reputation but the whole time I felt safe & I was surrounded by the most genuine & kindest people. It’s the first holiday I’ve had where I didn’t want to check my phone AT ALL. Completely immersed by the culture, people & natural beauty of the country. moesherif thank you from the bottom of my heart & to all of your wonderful family & friends for looking after me. I will be back very soon! 😭❤️

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Piątek, piąteczek, piątunio. fridayvibes