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44 minutes ago

This shit ain’t funny.

1 hour ago

Would you date me 😘

3 hours ago

She thinks she's so funny 😐

4 hours ago

How did she not flinch💀

5 hours ago

My music in the background tho💀 And here we have another peaches video secret.peaches3.0

5 hours ago

I have 2 sons with autism and my worst fear is them being teased or feeling different. Another reason why i need to stay close and always be there for them as well as the rest of my Repost slayyxgunnarsen • • • • • I never thought I will post stuff like that and I'm not getting bullied but I think we should change something in this world. People kill themselves because they're getting bullied . Doesn't matter if It's on the internet or not. It is just horrible that people are going through this EVERYDAY. DO SOMETHING! Don't just stare and think about how horrible it is because that doesn't help anyone. Talk to them , talk to parents, talk to teachers, talk to friends and ask for help if you don't know what to do or how to handle with it. But you can change something NOW. Just ask some people how they are doing and how they feel at the moment or just give them some compliments :) Only this can change so much ! Be kind to others and don't insult them. Thanks for reading this and I hope you will make some ppl happy ♡ And repost this with the hashtag stopbullying ❤❤❤ Always remember: You are perfect with all your mistakes♡ Tag your friends so they can see this <3 stop bullying boy crying cry sad hurt violence stopit hurt depression suicide depressed bully stupid crying cut bad unhappy depressed notfunny nothappy happy rude worldrecordegg instagram

11 hours ago

My dad always wants to be in something OMG😒☹️ dancer notfunny