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2 minutes ago

Yep 😭😜

15 minutes ago

Dear shedding seasonI don’t likes you! 🙄 I‘m looking pretty ridiculous, with a big shedding mark on mine forehead and what’s more annoying have a look at mine headfluff, friends. On one side it’s still there and on the other side I‘m more or less bald. 😩 Hoomin finks it looks funny but it’s completely unfunny! 😏😩 dontlaugh bunnyproblems sheddingseason notfunny lookingridiculous rabbit rabbitstagram rabbitsofinstagram rabbitsworldwide instabunny instapet instarabbit instafluff fluffstagram fabbunnies pet bestpets petstagram petsofinstagram petsociety houserabbitproblems bunniestagram bunniesworldwide bunny bunstagram minilop lapin dailyfluff cutie

3 hours ago

How I Take Selfies (tutorial) (me trying to be funny but mehhh) notfunny

5 hours ago

Send this post to your friends so you can take them down with you

6 hours ago

May literally EVERYwhere in the U.S.: Pool! Tans! Grill outs May in Colorado: Sledding, anyone? 🙈

6 hours ago

Guess my mood 😡🚫🛁

6 hours ago

tbh im speechless

6 hours ago

Seen at my local Walmart today. Posted it on Facebook but keep thinking about it and getting more pissed off. What the hell, walmart ? What the actual hell. This isn't cute. This isn't clever or funny. This says that daughters, that WOMEN, are possessions and objects to be used. This is the *root* of rapeculture . Something that you are not only, apparently, OK with but have displayed at the front of your store, face out, along the entrances to the checkout lanes. A little push of Father's Day ideas, perhaps? Disgusting. walmart walmartfail womenarenotobjects notfunny

7 hours ago

All day.