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23 hours ago

So technically a clump of cells is not a life till it is capable of reproduction, respiration, metabolism, and responding to stimuli. So 🤷‍♂️. America seems to be moonwalking and like it’s straight up making me not have a good time. prochoice proabortion nothavingagoodtime yellatmeifyouwant

5 days ago

The Fluffy boi you know and love has Marek’s disease which is highly contagious sickness in chickens which results in the paralysis of the leg,neck, and wings and will stay for the rest of its life, and Action May have to be taken. Best of wishes and luck( drop an F in the chat) sad nothavingagoodtime sick sickness cute

1 week ago

Today two of my most favorite people graduated and imstraightup nothavingagoodtime ••• You both made Clemson into my home, and I can’t thank you enough for the many travel adventures, study dates, and meme laughs ♡ Love you both so much & congrads on being alumni & thank God for Norris Hall amen

1 week ago

So I’m just laying on my bed, doing some editing and out of the corner of my eye I see a mouse 🐭 He just casually walked across my bedroom floor, very chill, as if he owned the place. He waddled under the baseboard heater and disappeared also I should probably add that this round little thing was most definitely pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️ • • Snapchat: shawnanallama16 Click the link 🔗 in my bio 📲 • • mouse mice yay sarcasm badday nothavingagoodtime me girl smile aspiringmodel starwars blondegirl twinklelights walmart onfleek youtube youtuber instagram instagramer loveyourself beyou instalike like4likes likeforlikes

2 weeks ago

im nothavingagoodtime rn 😔😔👊 damn i really got hit with a depression smack and broke apart in class so now I’m gonna go home and die

3 weeks ago

I would like to take this time to thank Spring Jam for my concussion and bruised spine nothavingagoodtime

3 weeks ago

TRUTHLiving in an old house isn’t always easy or fun. I’m calling this spring/summer the year of the water damage repairs. First our fence blew down with the storms, next we have to repair window rot, then patio door rot and now part of our basement flooded for the second time in less than a week. After we spent thousands of $ on trying to fix this issue last year. Sooo you can see our hack in the pouring rain to try and divert all the water from running down the basement wall. I feel like our foundation is crumbling before our eyes. April showers may bring May flowers but right now they are bringing me a budget breakdown!And the forecast is 4 more inches in the next few days 😐 oldhouseproblems lovemyhouse nothavingagoodtime dontmakemegotothebasement nomorerainplease

1 month ago

It’s only Monday. Phew made it! Sometimes 5:00 can’t get here soon enough. Time for a cool drink or 2!

1 month ago

Boredom And sickness nothavingagoodtime sick😷 I'll do my best to play Avakin life but if I left that means I fell asleep :/ done it before but I took my vitamins and now I'm sleepy asf 😂😂😂

1 month ago

“Yo Mom, I’m just straight up not having a good time.”

1 month ago

Aslo got accused of cheating. Not the case. But this shows me why there's bullshit stories running around town meanwhile my (best friend) is having the time of his life if you didn't know you do now. I no longer care how embarrassing this is to me as i no longer care about the opinions of others. You are not woth the effort and you are an kak person for doing what you did and still do. She would believe any lie and never could see the honest truth but that's no longer my problem fuckyou divorce nothavingagoodtime fucktoxicpeople issues baggage cheatingwife myeyesareopen

1 month ago

Lol! Pretty sure it’s smileatastranger but hey smile anyway. Had many nightmares last night. Woke up with my emotions flooding my body. Straight up nothavingagoodtime But these are the days that matter. The days when I just feel like quitting and I’m wondering why I’m even doing all this positivity shit for. I feel like a scientist trying to figure out the source of the problem in my body and experimenting with new things. Taking shit out, replacing it with new shit. See if that works. But I have my why and that’s the reason I HAVE TO push through. I have to journal I have to take that cold shower I have to go to the gym I have to meditate I have to wake up earlier I have to eat clean I have to have my impacttheory I have to smile! I think too much and I hate it but I have a family to fight for. I have goals to fight for. I win, they are small wins but I have them! Progress is progress no matter how small and I celebrate them. The time I spend panicking is less. It’s slowly getting easier to stop myself from overthinking. I have more nights without the nightmares. I’m catching and changing more negative thought patterns. My mind is evolving, It’s working but I still have my moments where I’m so weak. If you’re hurting, I feel you. I’m there with you but we got this. We don’t train to quit. rantingsofabeautifulmind depressionsucks anxietysucks depressionandanxietysuck yougotthis wearewarriors ilovemyself stopcomparingyourself wedontquit positiveshit smiletoastranger smileanyway

2 months ago

Today I am working with sheer fabric, making curtains for a friend. I have come to the conclusion- I hate sheer fabric

2 months ago

The last couple of weeks have been the hardest, the most emotional, eye opening time of my life. Due to things I will not discuss publicly, me and my girls left our house a couple weeks ago with nothing but the clothes on our backs and our dog. While my ex hasn't talked badly about me that I know of, I have been getting texts and calls from people he's close with and his extended family who have some extremely rude things to say about me. It hurts me more than anything to hear their words, especially because I live and breathe for my daughters. I work hard to provide for them and for these people to say such harsh words to me has been nothing but devastating to me. I have begun to question myself as a person and a mother. But I refuse to let them win. I know I'm a good mom. I do not need to listen to their harsh words. This is already a hard situation, I don't need their unwanted opinions. I will not ever say anything bad about either of my 's father's publicly or privately out of respect for them and for my girls. So, please. If you are one of the couple of family members that don't agree with me moving away due to issues that happened, phase understand that it took everything in me to leave and I did what was necessary to protect my daughters from what was going on.