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18 hours ago

I'm angry at my old phone that decided to die yesterday. 😠 So now I have a temporary phone untill I go to town tomorrow. Had a nice sweaty pic of myself after yesterdays high intensity cardio 🙆 But no go when phone gave up Today, stepping on the scale and strength in the evening 💪 getfitstayfit juststrongambassador juststrongteam getfitordietrying minresaräknas krigarekrigar tatueradmamma tattooedmom tatuoituäiti progressnotperfection tränandemamma treenavaäiti workoutmom nothingbutresultz 7punkt0 wannabemodel workingonme weightloss phoneproblems telefonproblem puhelinongelmat betterversionofme bestversionofyou loveyourself haastaitsesi challengeyourself utmanadigsjälv

1 day ago

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. ebonyfitness fitnessmotivation fitnesslife selfmotivation blackfitness blackfitnessmotivation MovtivationMonday EverydayMovtivation selfmotivation selfmotivated positivevibes fitnessmotivation dreamchasers ebonyfit ebonyfitness gymmotivation gymrat gymmotivation BlackFitKing Gymrat absonpoint growth justfitkvng fitlife fitnessisalifestyle GoRico selfmotivation nothingbutresultz dedication hardwork nodaysoff fitnessaddict gymshark royaltygainztraining

2 days ago

Must say I'm satisfied right now with the amount of workouts in March so far 💪 But my body is telling me it needs a restday today, and I'll listen! 😴 And then full speed ahead tomorrow, Monday, again. 😀 Also have a new course from school to start working on. First I need to find the litterature.🤔 Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, working out or resting! ☀️🌹 . (Template by: ) workingonme workoutmom tränandemamma treenavaäiti getfitstayfit getfitordietrying progressnotperfection juststrongteam juststrongambassador notjuststrongforagirl 7punkt0 nothingbutresultz trackingprogress momwholifts momswholift restday vilodag lepopäivä fitnessgirl girlswholift bestversionofyou betterversionofme challengeyourself utmanadigsjälv haastaitsesi terveempiminä sundarejag healthierme template

2 days ago

Progress shots. 41 days to the competition. Still putting in those two a days, waking up every morning, grinding, focused, and my eyes on the goal to win this competition on May 5th. More pics to come, but just wanted to give a little sneak peek on the results. Began this at 158 lbs on the left, cut all the way down to 136 lbs in the middle and now putting that muscle on at 145 lbs today on the far right. Wish me luck and will keep you all posted! alwayscuttingseason workingout amateurbodybuilding gymrat mensphysique mensphysiquepic men’s fitness mensphysic nothingbutresultz mensphysique bodybuilding bodybuilder ameteurbodybuilding mensfitness gym gymlife mensphysiquepic shredded gymkillerofficial muscleworksorpington bodybuilder.lover gymmotivation yrgains physique_athletes

4 days ago

- Looking back at my growth journey I have defiantly come a long way. The picture labelled 4 years ago I was so lost and didn't know who I was and hid away and held myself back from being the best version of me. I call those the dark years. I remember waking up one day and realizing I could be so much more than the life I was leading. So one day I took one small step to change my life. That one little step then snow balled into more little steps and I went from being hungry and homeless to waking up in my own apartment warm and full. I made new friend's and was introduced to come amazing people are giving me lessons on learning to fly metaphorically speaking lol Moral of the story don't be afraid to change! It's the best gift you can give yourself. positive storytime mylife change healthyhabits healing butterfly stonergirl fitmom nothingbutresultz growth healthymi dset growthmindset leadership

5 days ago

Home from a bootyworkout And realized I haven't answered captain_strength question yet: The hardest thing with getting in training when big family. TIME AND ENERGY! I mean, time to go and workout (but I am lucky to be studying from home so can go daytime when they are in daycare/school). But if I have anything else scheduled my workout will have to wait untill another day Energy, meaning it IS tiring to have 7 you try to give same amount of attention. And be extra present to care for my son with his needs (disability/autism). Luckily I have THE best fiance that really encourages me to workout (even sends me to the gym if he sees I need it on restdays). So that is my answer 😁 tatuoituäiti tatueradmamma tattooedmom tränandemamma treenavaäiti workingonme workoutmom getfitstayfit getfitordietrying krigarekrigar 7punkt0 minresaräknas momwholifts momswholift fitnessgirl girlswholift faq bigfamily storfamilj isoperhe nothingbutresultz juststrongteam juststrongambassador

5 days ago

Morning! Today I had planned a bootyworkout. But my nose is full of crap. When do you keep extra restdays cause of sickness/illness? I keep extra restdays if I have a soar throat, but otherwise? Not sure how to think around the rest of "starting to feel ill". Advices appreciated! 🌹 tränandemamma treenavaäiti workingonme workoutmom tatuoituäiti tatueradmamma tattooedmom getfitstayfit getfitordietrying momwholifts momswholift fitnessgirl girlswholift progressnotperfection 7punkt0 nothingbutresultz minresaräknas krigarekrigar discipline juststrongteam juststrongambassador sundarejag healthierme terveempiminä utmanadigsjälv challengeyourself haastaitsesi loveyourself

6 days ago

Oh dear, didn't mean to look that spooky 🤣 Well, I'm in a "up-mood-period" now. My head is full of ideas and energy! Too much honestly. I'm afraid that if I pursue all of the ideas, I will burn myself and get stuck in the mud again. But I have never been handed tools to slow myself down, only how to pick myself up. You know? So I'm working out 3-5 days a week (or even more), sent a mail to school to get some help with setting up a schedule for studies, will start a "job" soon and still have everything at home to keep floating with my fiance. And all the volunteerwork in FDUV etc. Can it end in something else than a big crash in a shitty mudhole (aka deeper depression/anxiety)? Or will I be able to keep all these pieces together this time? I would like to keep it together this time psykiskohälsa mentalhälsa mentalhealth mielenterveys tatuoituäiti tatueradmamma tattooedmom anxiety ahdistus ångest depression masennus tränandemamma treenavaäiti workoutmom workingonme getfitstayfit getfitordietrying getyourshittogether juststrongteam juststrongambassador 7punkt0 nothingbutresultz progressnotperfection bestversionofyou betterversionofme moodswings humörsvängningar

1 week ago

If you’re reading, this you probably agree that the deadlifts is one of the BEST exercises out there. It makes you strong and lean, athletic and confident. It inspires motivation and builds mental toughness. Deadlifts simply make everything about your life better. The truth is everyone should be doing some form of deadlift because they work the whole body and can produce all the following benefits: • They strengthen everything from your handgrip to your calves. • They favorably train your posterior chain for a healthier back and hips. • They build bone and muscle for health and longevity. • They strengthen the core and give you six-pack abs. • They can improve speed, power, and athleticism. In simple terms, what all this boils down to is that deadlifting gives you a better-looking behind, killer abs, and an all-around bangin’ body. Besides aesthetics, deadlifting teaches you to move properly, a skill that is increasingly lacking in modern life. You have more flexibility to push your limits with the deadlift than with most other lower body lifts such as the squat because the deadlift doesn’t require spotters. DO IT TILL MUSCLE FAILURE 🥵🤜🏾🤛🏾🥵 keepworking noprocrastinating noexcuses justwork focusonyourself nothingbutresultz naturalgainz cleandiet livefit staymotivated staypositive stayhumble neverquit bethebestversionofyou alwaysgive💯 cravegainzdaily 📲FOR MY FULL MEAL PLAN 🥘/WORKOUT ROUTINES💪🏾 OR ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT ironaddictjovan 👻👈🏾

1 week ago

Hi there. You know what I did in gym? I ran! 🏃 10 min warm up 5*2 min high speed (11 on treadmill) with 2 min walk between and in the end 10 min cool down 😁 Had some time left so did some moves, leglift on side, crunch, pushups, biceps, toestands, shoulderlifts and hipraise on bench. 💪 Hopefully I remembered everything in the weekly challenge ☺️ Felt great and got really, really sweaty! 👍 And my face was waay more red, but forgot my phone at home so had 30 min rest before the picture 😉 running juoksu löpning tatuoituäiti tatueradmamma tattooedmom momwholifts momswholift fitnessgirl girlswholift getfitstayfit getfitordietrying krigarekrigar minresaräknas progressnotperfection redface rödiansiktet punainennaama juststrongteam juststrongambassador beastmodeon bestversionofyou betterversionofme harderbetterfasterstronger discipline nothingbutresultz 7punkt0 vagarnasveckoutmaning challengeyourself utmanadigsjälv

1 week ago

Testosterone is the male hormone mainly responsible for maintaining muscular size and strength. It also plays a significant role in sexual and reproductive development and body-fat levels. Testosterone is produced in the testes in men, and in the ovaries and adrenal glands in women. Women generally have significantly lower levels. Engaging Sufficient Muscle Mass Squats work some of the largest muscles in your body, such as your hips, glutes, and quadriceps. Other muscles engaged include your hamstrings and calves. The erector spinae of your lower back, together with your abs and obliques, work hard as stabilizers when you perform squats. resistance exercises that work a large muscle mass with sufficient intensity, may increase testosterone levels. Squats certainly fall within this category. Do it till muscle failure 💪🏾🥵 keepworking staymotivated hardworkpaysoffs noexcuses noprocrastination justwork ifnotnowwhen onlyliveonce neverquit alwaysgive💯 perfectyourcraft shredlife nothingbutresultz fatfree bethebestversionofyou eatclean focusonyourself stayfit staystrong staywoke staypositive atleasttry cravegainzdaily 📲FOR MY MEAL PLAN 🥘/WORKOUT ROUTINES 💪🏾DM OR ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT IRONADDICTJOVAN 👻👈🏾

1 week ago

Critical for your growth, and for the overall health and balance of your torso. That exercise is the barbell row, and it’s a move you absolutely need to have in your training repertoire. The barbell row is a fundamental exercise that will pack serious meat onto your back — and it does more than that, too. It also helps bulletproof your shoulders, building the back muscle needed to prevent your shoulders from rolling forward when you stand up, a common issue for lifters who bench press often. And it helps reinforce good principles of scapular retraction, which occurs when you squeeze your shoulder blades and is both critical for shoulder health and for your ability to execute pullups both safely and properly. Do It Till muscle failure 💪🏾🥵 keepworking nothingbutresultz noexcuses justwork nevergiveup staystrong staywoke livefit staymotivated eatclean focusonyourself bethebestversionofyou alwaysgive💯 atleasttry cravegainzdaily 📲FOR MY FULL MEAL PLAN🥘/WORKOUT ROUTINES 💪🏾 DM OR ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT IRONADDICTJOVAN 👻👈🏾

1 week ago

Got some strange light in H&M:s dressingroom when taking a pic of me trying on a denimblazer. Which got to follow me home btw 😁 But when trying on clothes I realized something: Most of the clothes I tried fited better than ever! 😀 (Except for one dress, but that was cause of my boobs) So something has happend with my body, although yesterday the scale said: 11.3.19➡️18.3.19 66,8➡️67,1 kg 43,5➡️43,6% fat 24,8➡️25,2% muscle And I know, the musclegrowth is great! But, it is almost every second week 24,8 or 25,2. I would like it to stay on 25,2 and go beyond it now🤔 And get down that bodyfat. So propably it is cause of not eating "correctly" (I eat same as rest of family) but still 😓 Oh well, just got to keep working. Watch my eating more around unhealthy stuff. Continue working out.🏋️ I will get progress again eventually 💪 badassmom strongmom starkmamma momwholifts momswholift tatuoituäiti tatueradmamma tattooedmom fitnessgirl girlswholift inkedgirls getfitstayfit getfitordietrying juststrongteam juststrong progressnotperfection wannabemodel krigarekrigar minresaräknas workoutmom nothingbutresultz 7punkt0 loveyourself bodymeasurements bestversionofyou betterversionofme discipline treenavaäiti healthierme tränandemamma

2 years ago

Magetrening i sola 🌞 i år skal sommerformen på plass nothingbutresultz

4 years ago

Anger management 3 x 220 Markløft, ikke bra teknikk, men se å det bryr meg nothingbutresultz