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Hey guys happy Monday😍 so here is one of my favorite thing lately that my coach kimbooddo has me on is a shake! Are use icon iconmuscle is my choice of protein with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and water. This is so perfect when you are just rushing out of the house and you need to let it take me up in your way to whatever you’re doing on your busy schedule💕 fitness fitnessmotivation sdfitness ghiseladesigns bodbyo npc npcbikinicompetitor sdfitness sandiegolife habesha eritrean iam winter instagood instagram instapic girlswithmuscle bodybuildingcom npcnewsonlineofficialpage ifbbproleague semrfit eritrea fitfam fitness health love beautiful npcbikini ifbbbikinipro beyourownkindofbeautiful

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Put me in coach 😈 . 13 days

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High-incline dum press 140s x8 Progressive overload! I see so many people going in the gym day after day, year after year doing the same thing every week, same weight, same reps, no plan, and you know what? They STAY THE SAME! Make a plan, write out what your going to do weight,sets,reps, exercise order. Anyone out there looking for guidance on how to build a program based on your goals and needs text or DM for info. weight sets reps overload progress program goals exercise train personaltrainer coach nutrition bodybuilding npc ifbb contestprep shredded diet macros iifym fitnessmotivation fitness fitfam fitspo

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POUCA MÍDIA E MUITO TREINO . MAIS MUITO FELIZ POR REPRESENTAR O BRASIL COM MUITO AMOR AO QUE FAÇO. TREINANDO DURO PARA MOSTRAR SHEIPE 100% NO PALCO DO arnoldsouthamerica ENTÃO 100 MI MI MI VAMOS QUE VAMOS 🇧🇷🏆😎 zemarombacoach general_pharmapy farmanogueira biotech_team biotech_macau arnoldclassicbrasil arnoldsouthamerica arnoldschwarzenegger arnoldsports arnoldclassiceurope gpp bodybuilder npc dorsal 100mimimi ifbbpro ifbb monstro bodybui bodybuilderlifestyle geogefarah foco monstro npcpro dorsalmonstro ifbbpro ifbbprofessionalleague

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OVERHEAD PRESS - The squat of the shoulders. This is just a simple bread and butter shoulder excerise i see literally no one doing. If you want big shoulders put down the flies and get down to the compounds. Not to say they don’t have their place but compounds need priority. - A few tips on setting up this excerise and executing correctly. pick up the bar and hold it on your collar bone. Then lock your glutes, big breath, tight abs and push upwards while driving your head through the movement. - COACHING. I am doing coaching at the moment! Dm me and we can get you sorted. I cover everything from diet to excerise to supplementation. Currently my coaching is only 10$ a month! Compare that to any other coach out there. HMU ——————————————————————— kentuckymuscle Kentucky Louisville bodybuilding shredded contestprep viens back ripped classic classicbodybuilding bodybuilding mensphysique npc ifbb physique muscle Motivation hardwork diet gymshark vqfit redcon1 alphalete goldenaesthetics oldschool arnold arnoldschwarzenegger fitness gym workout

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Me and the best poser in the IFBB today. Right after the first pic was taken someone yelled "don't let him out angle you like that" so I had to throw up the bicep. 😂 How do you guys think I did? ruff_diesel mpasupps

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Love this guy. :)) Anyone know where he's from? Hint: he ushers dead people to their final resting place. If you know you get a virtual high five from me. * Speaking of ushering. Trainers are hired to usher clients towards their health and fitness goals. If the training is too easy then the client's results are most likely to be super slow or perhaps stay the same. So a healthy dose of out of comfort and even out of the box type of training is often necessary. A hard trainer (within reason) is a good trainer. So even when your bubble thoughts are full of expletives towards your trainer, embrace the challenge he or she throws at you. He or she is doing their job well. Now keep up the hard work and keep showing up. Because indeed "Without the challenge there's no change." Jtrain motivationalmonday showup betteryourself bestyourself foryourowngood youagainstyou awayfromsicknessanddeath discipline npc physique marathon muaytai kickboxing selfdefense hardwork prayandgrind allglorytoGod determination kickboxing healthylife heartstrong stayhumble goals whittier lamirada lahabra privategym californiasportsnutrition personaltraining personaltrainer jtrainfitness "Without the challenge there is no change" ~Jtrain For infos & rates special DM jtrain_fitness_gym Jtrain Fitness gym Personal Training/Private studio 15022 Mulberry Drive Suite Q Whittier Ca 90604

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Classic Physique 2020 🎯

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The real contest is always between what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing. Comparing yourself to others is senseless and only creates long term doubt. The next 12-13 weeks will truly test me mentally & physically to the max. Hoping for drastic changes. In the end, I set a goal for myself and I’ll achieve it. Good pump today💪🏼 npc npcclassicphysique npcphysique igfitness igfit fitfam gains gainz leangains fattofit progressnotperfection weightlosstransformation fitnessmotivation fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict fitnessjourney

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My man and client mobilemechanixx helping me with an overload set! Really focused on progressing this movement, as I attribute it for a lot of my chest growth! Gotta keep working!

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First check ins of the peak week 🙌🏻 Love the way my body looks❤️ This is no joke very hard to do, the whole prep, the diet But what an outcome🙏🏻 I don't have even a drop of regret right now! Even looking back on the toughest days, I can tell it was worth it, the whole experience is priceless Thank you, my friends, for being with me the whole time! And supporting me with your messages and kind words 🙌🏻❤️ That was huge for me! In meanwhile I'll be just doing my thing. One more cardio tomorrow, and hoping that would be it for the week🙌🏻 Have a great rest of your day, guys, and stay tuned for more updates 😘

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Getting close to single digit weeks until show time! T-minus 9.5 weeks roughly For me this timeframe has always been when I gotta dig deep 😂🥵but it’s cool to start noticing changes even by the day. I haven’t competed in 5 years 🤯so I kinda threw estimating my stage weight out the window lol who knows what it will be honestly. But I feel/look on track so 🤷🏼‍♀️ . For now I don’t feel like complete trash so that’s exciting 😂 I’ll let ya know when we get to the 6 week mark though, that’s usually when death ☠️ comes knocking on my door. Gonna ride this wave for now! 🌊💪 . alyciasbarbell training fitness nutrition gains goals motivation fitlife onlinecoach npc npcbikini prep bodybuilding fitnessmotivation workout healthylifestyle

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What do you do when your told to start tanning👙, you live in Texas it's hot, and your 3yr 👧🏾old is down for a nap! ●●●●●●●●●●● You enjoy this private 1/2acre with a conservatory🏞 soooo no neighbors🏠 to bother you yesssssss make it worth your while! Posting a view in stories! Wonder why I'm a home body? This it Oops time to turn over theoriginalmrbr npcwomensphysique npcbikini bikinidreams2019 bodybuilding healthylifestyle weightloss fitlife fitmom driven armyveteran alphafemale domesticatedblackwoman disciplined determined lifestylechange tattedgirls fitnessmotivation fitness fitchic gymlife alphafemale fitstability npc godsproperty roadtostage blackwomanmagic transformation momof4

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Why wait for Friday to flex? MotivationMonday - Haha. Arm day today was awesome and I really am starting to notice, pretty much daily, that my veins are popping out more and moremeaning body fat loss is on target and muscle mass is staying put and growing, not shrinking 👊🏻 This is the result of endless dedication to my goal of bringing a next level physique to the npcmotherlode on April 13th 🎪! Come see the show, it will certainly not disappoint💪🏻 ThoseVeinsTho TeamGLN GLNAthlete MeasuredFitnessLab MensPhysiqueMasters Fitness Health Bodybuilding NPC Motivation Inspiration bodybuildingcom measuredfitnesslab npc_nv nobullproject anytimefitness barbellapparel centerpodium evlsports tahoeshow iamjaxontippet scotthermanfitness logan_fusionlean gifted_lifestyle_nutrition coach_anthony_a bangenergy dtmodelmgmt coachpowell42 body_by_santi mighty_heidi_ eric_the_norwegian_viking jimreadfitness hcarlosi bsu_mommy triciamartinez_fit leedavidwisdom chrisminnes

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This my friends is what you call the redcon1_frontline hookup. Ordering through them can get you free items and everyone loves free. You still have time for the buy one get one deal going on today. BUY 1 GET 1 code CHAMPBOGO redcon1 redcon1tieroperators redcon1_frontline instagrambodybuilding redcon1 pump gym bodybuilding bodybuilder motivation physique npc Muscle gymlife fit fitness fitfam instafit lifter higheststateofreadiness halo bignoise totalwar boomstick grunt mrelite fadeout supps supplements athlete workout shredded competition

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Monday mood is all about back One of my favs from today’s workout! Overhead db pull overs engaging core glutes and back all in one motion! bodybygalati

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What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving those goals! Big congratulations to our wiggedoutwarriors alohananani rachel_angel Andrea Hall and Melinda Lewallen on their outstanding showing this week at the baltimoregladiator. We are so proud of you, your dedication and your hard work that brought you to this point! Thank you siegelmanrichard for putting on such an amazing show. npcgladiator npcbaltimoregladiator npc wigathletics liveyourbestlife chiseledlife competitionprepcoach bodybuilding npcbikini npcfigure npcfigurecompetitor npcbikiniposing npcbikiniprep bikiniprep figurecompetitor bikinicompetitor figureprep goals fitspo npcbodybuilding npcnewsonline

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Don’t tell me it can’t be done! You just don’t want it bad enough! Posted withreposthollidaybam Had to post this ~ 8 week transformation of adamunterseh He’s down about 26lbs and abs are really coming through! Super proud of you bro! - hollidaybam supplementnation physique fitness gains bodybuilding fitnessmodel MASSthetics abs phaseonenutrition delts prep competitor fitsporation bodytransformation diet eatclean vascular nutrition aesthetic goals strong npc fitnesslifestyle instafit fitnessmotivation classicphysique bodybuilder muscle alwaysleadneverfollow

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Repost from nutrishopnorthridge using RepostRegramApp - We just wanted to take a moment and send a huge thank you to teamrepscheme who we teamed up with for this year’s fridaynightlights. You welcomed us to the family with open arms and we are excited for what the future holds. _ Also, we wanted to wish the team of coaches that are going to Washington DC to compete for teamrephseme the best of luck. The whole nutrishop family is rooting for ya. - - - nutrishopusa nutrishopnorthridge fitness nutrition instalike workout gains fitfam fitnessmotivation npc csun losangeles nutrishop instadaily journey gym fitspo happy northridge weightloss healthyliving teamnutrishop crossfitopen2019

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For Sale! 😍This beauty is brand new! Purple hologram base enhanced with purple and iridescent crystals and 5 crystal connectors 💙 . Now $399 (Reg. $450) Visit RM83 on website or DM for purchase and sizing! 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Create your dreamsuit at or contact us to set up your appointment. 😍 suitlady customsuits figurecompetitor cbbf bodybuilding bikinicompetitor competitionbikinis  fitgirls fitnessmodel bikini fitness competitionsuit bcabba wbff aroundthenpc npc cpa abba sabba aroundthecpa idfa lbmc2019 kelownaclassic vanpro2019

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Jour de dos ! Quel entraînement pour toi aujourd’hui amigo ? . Ca a longtemps été un point faible, j’essai de le rattraper au mieux etre assidue est le meilleur moyen 📸 alexiialicious 💍 . ericfavresport -10% Code JAY10💊. Envoi moi ta commande pour avoir ton Programme 📩 . jaypaltan_ natural mens ifbb fitness bodybuilding motivation healthy f4f l4l follow followforfollow likeforlike biceps mensphysique classicphysique arms legs hardwork blogger npc fitfrenchies follow4follow like4like followme followback bestoftheday legday picoftheday

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The drip drip🐺 with the sunk in cheeks💀🤣 wolves

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Happy Motivation Monday Fam 🏋🏽‍♂️ How I motivate myself I was born an Athlete / Competitor 💪🏽🕺🏾 Have a Amazing week my friends and family 🙏🏽🙌🏽

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“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”

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I took some pictures of myself the other day because I have some new intentions and goals coming up that I’m beyond excited about, so my fitness exploration is about to expend immensely and in a direction I never thought about taking. This is my “before picture” what I look like as of March 18th with no filters or adjustments. But before I view this as a before shot I’m taking time to acknowledge that this is also an after shot. After I’ve came this far, after I’ve accomplished so much physically and mentally. I love my body right now because I have seen its capabilities and potential. I love my body enough to push it to try new things and get better at old things. Changing my physique has always been a “side effect” of what I truly enjoy getting from fitness and until now I hadn’t put an extensive emphasis on it. While I begin this challenge I’ll be sure to remind myself of all of the good and positive aspects so I don’t lose my mentality that I’ve worked the hardest on obtaining stay tuned y’all accomplishment is on the horizon. fitness health diet dedication discipline NPC Prepmode bikinicomp lifestylechanges pumped