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Catch you in a New York minute ⏰ . Wearing express and forever feeling classy! Use the ring code 9446 for 15% off of your next purchase (exclusions apply). ExpressPartner ExpressU ExpressJeans

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Hair isn’t done so cover it up and make it fashion 😎 😛⠀ ⠀ Scarf | gifted for a co-worker at my former gov’t job⠀ Top | THRIFTED! salvationarmyus ⠀ Glasses | mvmt ⠀ Lips | beccacosmetics glow gloss (Dahlia)⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ blackgirlmagic blackgirlmagicbblogger nycbloggers nycblogger myblackisbeautiful blackgirlsrock makeupforblackwomen bgki darkskinmakeup haitienne haitianblogger crueltyfreemakeup crueltyfreebeautyproducts crueltyfreebeautyblogger makeupformelaningirls crueltyfree crueltyfreebeauty cocoaswatches beautyblogger JasmineRose🌹

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Kurze Zusammenfassung des Tages: Ausgeschlafen, 20 Minuten Münzmalle, und anschließend 60 min Cardio. Ein meckernder Mann, aber dafür nun ein sauberes Auto. Eine erfolglose Shopping Tour mit minütlichen Schneeschauern. Und jetzt? Jetzt gibt’s Pizza 🥳❤️ Ein guter Tag! Wie war euer Samstag?

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You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge. Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone - profusely. But don't apologize for being who you are. 🖤 you can choose for yourself what you like more - color or black and white ❤️ Nyc nycfoodblogger nycbloggers explorenyc русскиевамерике русскиевньюйорке ньюйорк fashionnyc nycfashionblogger nycmodel rochester rochesternyphotographer nycphotographer

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Time Clock at Fao Swartz - Fifth Avenue, New York - 2019 Such a wonderful toy store. The place is filled with toys that allow to use their imaginations, instead of a computer. On the second floor, this wonderful wall clock winks every few seconds. I had to be quick, trying to time its wink, so I could photograph the "wink". timeclocks wallclocks toyblogger kidstoys toystores bloggers womenbloggers mommyblogger personalbloggers blackbloggers preschoolteacher nyclandmarks daddyblogger germanbloggers swissblogger frenchbloggers operasingersofinstagram nycbloggers nyctourism toylovers gayblogger winkwink personalblogger

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SAVE THE DATE 💕 Hi babes I couldn’t be more excited about this announcement, please come join me August 28th at Loft in Times Square loveloft_nyc for my very first event that I will host! Is going to be a night full of style, fun, networking where I will help you find great outfits and enjoy the night with delicious drinks and snacks. Would love to see you there! *Screenshot this invite for a special discount when you purchase that day* • • • savethedate loftstyle loveloft lofttimessquare loftnyc nycevents bloggersvent bloggerstyle bloggerlife nycbloggers latinabloggers nyclife newyorker pinkparty fashionblogger pinkladyinnewyork

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Action is the step many forget when they wonder what happened to their dreams. naoumie trendy_pal

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Life in plastic, it’s fantastic 🎶

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I think my husband is getting better at taking photos. He’s been recruited as my new hubtographer 🤣 sunday

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My favorite photo lately. Mad love for this city 💛 Kako vam se sviđaju novi storiji u kojima baljezgam gluposti ? Odlučio sam snimati više jer eto došlo mi tako, bez nekog posebnog razloga. Bit će još toga, tek sam počeo 😬👋🏻 wanderfolks nyc newyorkcity lifestyle lifestyleblogger nycbloggers manhattan ig_nyc usa prettycitiesnyc nycgo menstyle lifestyle fashion potd whatiwore streetwear ootn fashionstyle fashionpost blogger fashionblogger style picoftheday follow fatherofdjordje menwithclass model collaboration

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“Wings to show you what you can become, roots to remind you where you are from”. I rarely wear sneakers or canvas shoes, but I need to more often!

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When Yeva realizes it’s Monday tomorrow 😂 Когда Ева поняла, что завтра понедельник!

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Tô curtindo o Domingo no clube da franjinha. E vocês, como estão aproveitando o Domingão?

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Felt cute or whateva ☆

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This picture was taken on his last day of kindergarten Just a little over a week until he starts first grade and he’s so excited to get back to school and this momma is also ready for him go back , as much as I love summer break I also love everything that comes with them being in schoolclubs , a consistent schedule and fall are you ready for back to school ? What grades are your little ones going to ? • • • • • • • • • backtoschool firstgrade nycbloggers blackmomsblog momswhoblog mommyblogger haitianswhoblog brooklynmoms momsofbrooklyn blackmomsdaily browngirlbloggers mommychronicles

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Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a lovely event at Woops in Brooklyn! bywoops ⁣ ⁣ Swipe left ➡️ for a sneak peek ✨⁣ ⁣ To see the full video, check it out on my YouTube Channel. Link in bio 🔗⁣ ⁣ kaishacreates woops bywoops macarons macaronloversnyccreative nyccreatives nycblog nycbloggers nycvlogger nycvloggersyoutubecreator youtubeblack youtubecommunity blackyoutubers girlswhoblog melaninblogger melaninbloggers blackgirlblogger brownblogger savvyblogging bloggingcommunity millennialblogger millennialbloggers millennialvloggers blackgirlbloggers blackswhoblog browngirlswhoblog blackgirlswhoblog nycinfluencer

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p. s. w h o w o r e i t b e t t e r ?

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✨ Cheers 🥂 to Summer 🌞 and the Weekend! Enjoying rum punch 🍹at negrilbeach 🏝 So elated that Jamaica is recognizing the importance of protecting and preserving their island 🌴 nation. Here’s to Jamaica 🥃 and please enjoy some eco-conscious facts about Jamaica below Natural Facts About Jamaica 🇯🇲 • 1️⃣ Jamaica 🇯🇲 has 479 sq feet of Coral Reef 🐠 • 2️⃣ In a effort to protect its oceans 🌊 in early 2029, Jamaica banned plastic straw, plastic bags and Styrofoam • • 3️⃣ It’s home to 100 different types of butterflies 🦋 • 4️⃣ Jamaica 🇯🇲 has beautiful clear blue warm water and is home to numerous exotic tropical 🐠 fish • • 5️⃣ More than 200 different types of birds 🐦 call Jamaica home I’m happy the people of Jamaica 🇯🇲 are working hard to safeguard their environment 🏝 for future generations travelinspo negriljamaica negril nycbloggers latintravelcouples wanderlust_tribe coralreef travelexploreprotect saveocean banplasticstraws ecofriendly travellingthroughtheworld beachday saveourplanet travelnoire rumpunch pinktrotters afrolatinafoodie palmtrees gltlove latinatraveler afrolatinatravelers caribbeans islandgirls latinaswhotravel femmetraveler nomadness dmvblogger mdblogger

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My relationship with pasta is like no other. 🍝 I’ve been such a good sport for the past three months of a strict no bad carb diet but I gave in to temptation yesterday. Safe to say I have no regrets🤷🏾‍♀️ 𝐒𝐖𝐈𝐏𝐄—>

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Had a great time yesterday celebrating the launch of bltops. These silk camis are the first to come with a built in bra and the quality is amazing! 🙌🏾 Thank you to happilyeverstyle theonceupon for hosting an awesome event. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this brand. This gorgeous bouquet is from branchesinbloom and is now sitting on my console at home. 🌸 Scroll to see me photobombing Tricia while she was trying to get a pic of her food. 😂

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Kirabarbie and I visited Snark Park yesterday, this cool immersive art installation at Hudson Yards we were set on enjoying the day after our failed yoga aventure Sometimes things don’t work out and you have to make the best of it and we definitely did. Maintaining that positivity mostly lol ☺️ Check out her stories for a recap! 💕 nycblogger nyclife hudsonyards hudsonyardsnyc snarkparknyc snarkpark nycbeautyblogger nycstyleblogger nycstyle explorenyc nycbeauty nycbloggers styleblogger travelnyc

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Sunday morning = protein pancakes 🥞💗 Anzeige| Mit dem Code: linchen10 bekommt ihr 10% auf alles .de

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Happy Sunday babes ✨ took a little break from posting the past few days to enjoy my mini getaway! I hope you guys all had an amazing weekend. But back to work 💋

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In the world where you can be anyone, why would you want to be a princess? Why no one says: Be like Malala? Or Mother Theresa? Or like Wonder Woman? Or like Aria? Or like Khalesi (before she burnt the city down)? Why no one says: Be different? Be a leader, change the world, and make it a better place? Why no one says: Please, don’t be a princess; do something with your life? I say it. Check out my latest post, link in bio. Dress by ycyingchu **** W swiecie, w ktorym mozesz byc kazdym, dlaczego chcialabys byc ksiezniczka? Dlaczego nikt nie mówi: Bądź jak Malala? Bądź jak Matka Teresa? Bądź jak Wonder Woman? Bądź jak Aria? Bądź jak Khalesi? (zanim spaliła całe miasto). Dlaczego nikt nie mów: „Bądź inna!”? Bądź liderką, zmieniaj świat i uczyń go lepszym miejscem do życia? Dlaczego nikt nie mówi: „Tylko proszę nie bądź księżniczką! Zrób coś ze swoim życiem!”? Pisze o tym w moim ostatnim poscie na princess beyou bemorehuman nycblog nycblogger nycbloggers writer bekind besomeone nyc newyorkcity progress mondaymotivation besmart read learn study beopen knight changetheworld healer intuitivecoach

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💧 NYCSkinSquad 💄 beautymeetup swag! I was a last minute addition because I was living under a rock and didn't know about this open invite until a few days ago. Luckily a spot opened up day of and I was able to make it after all 😁 Thank u to organizers sharmtoaster v_solid_ iiroshnii and glamonglam who got the invite together, booked a tasty (and REALLY filling) brunch, got the swag bags together, DROVE the swag to the venue, got a tour with SokoHouse and still continue to connect us skinstagrammers, beautygrammers, and the abcommunity together. Truly, if nobody raises their hand to get shit done, it won't GET DONE 👏👏👏👏👏 . In our generous swagbag: . 🥞 paulaschoice Antioxidant Pore Purifier that has salicylic acid and white tea to unclog pores and zap zits before they come in. I love this tube packaging and already used it on my chin area where I normally get pimples from stress. It's not sticky and applies easily. I love the tube packaging! This is part of their DEFENSE line 🥞 paulaschoice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Also another product with salicylic acid. This one seems to stronger in salicylic acid than the Pore Purifier as u are supposed to use only once or twice a week where the other one u can use daily. I only use salicylic acid in TARGETED areas where I have known pimples (chin and nose) otherwise it can be too drying 🥞 paulaschoice Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Cream w/ broad spectrum SPF50. A 2-in-1 day moisturizer and sunscreen product. It smells like sunscreen and looks opaque white and is a little runny but dries down quickly. Will need to test on face 🥞 thenimetyou Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel. I already use this and it's packed of skin saving ingredients like fermented rice sake, licorice root extract,green tea and tea tree. It's sulfate-free so it won't strip the skin dry and comes in a cooling jelly texture 🥞 bliss Mighty Marshmallow Bright & Radiant Whipped Mask. Ooo the texture is definitely light and fluffy! There's olive oil, olive leaf extract and vitamin E for hydration and lemon oil for brightening. Will be featuring this on Texture Tuesday this week selfcare sunday

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me heading out the door when I hear it’s happy hour🍾☺️

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Sunday reminder 💕 Glossier faves: cloudpaint in haze, haloscope in moonstone, boybrow in brown or clear, and lash slick! All linked vivianewears outfit + phone case also linked! Shop my daily looks by following me on the app liketkit LTKunder100 LTKunder50 LTKbeauty

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It’s the only way to grow! Don’t let Fear prevent you from achieving your Dreams I took a chance, thru a leap of FAITH and it’s the best thing I did this is part of my Brow Artistry Class where I inspire other women that yes you can do it! I’m a Witness browsbydenise Let FEAR BE YOUR MOTIVATOR SundayWisdom broweducator browsnyc

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This darphin Hydraskin collection helps to hydrate & plump your skin for a dewy, healthy looking skin.✨😀 💧Hydraskin light cream 💧Hydraskin Rich cream 💧Hydraskin Eye refresh gel cream 💧Hydraskin hydrating Serum 💧Hydraskin cooling hydrating stick apthorpbeauty teamapthorp apthorplove❤️ productoftheday darphin darphinhydraskinlight darphinhydraskinserum darphinhydraskinrich hydratedskin darphinhydraskincoolinghydrationstick blog blogg blogger bloggers bloggersofinstagram follow followus followusnow followusmore influencers nycbeautyinfluencers nyc nycbloggers upperwestside upperwestsidebeauty

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Style is infinite.

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Life is about balancefor me, there isn’t one cleanser that is my go to. Sometimes I have more dryness so I cleanse with a balm or an oil. And then there are times I need something super quick because let’s face it, we don’t always set aside the in our busy routines. lapcos_usa gives me options with their More Than Cleansing Collection with natural ingredients and all are $20 and under. My personal favorites are the cleansing balm, oil, and water! Shop them via the link in my profile. lapcos

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Bloggers of New York! I am now scheduling a few collabs in August and September. Lifestyles, street styles. DM and let’s shoot! Model: sashahartnyc Location: NoMo Soho

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🌱Botanical Bar🌿🍃🌾 . If you love flora as well as having unorthodox concoctions - check out this place 👉🏻 Mace macebarnyc . 🍹This East Village Bar serves drinks mixed with all sort of plants, extracts, veggies and flowers. Who would know that things like: bee-pollen, Sakura, ants bitters, cardamom and barley can be mixed in the cocktail 💵Average price for a drink - $16, even the ants drink 🐜 😄 . 🌱Plenty of vegan options too! ❓Have you tried this place already ❓ AnnaKnowsNYC 🌱🍃🌾Ботанический Бар . Если вы любите флору и необычные коктейли, тогда вам сюда 👉🏻 Mace . 🍹В этом баре в East Village подают напитки, смешанные со всевозможными растениями, экстрактами, снадобьями, овощами и цветами. Кто бы знал, что в составе коктейля можно встретить такие ингредиенты, как пчелиная пыльца, сакура, муравьиная кислота, кардамон и ячмень 💵Средняя цена напитка - 16$, даже тот, что с муравьями 🐜 😄 . 🌱Много у них и веганских коктейлей! ❓Рискнули бы выпить коктейль с муравьиной кислотой ❓ АннаЗнаетНьюЙорк Манхеттен НьюЙорк блогоньюйорке гидвньюйорке ГидПоБарам бартур русскиевньюйорке русскиевамерике жизньвсша коктейльчик блогерша Manhattan nycnightlife nycbars nycdrinks drinkstagram cocktailbar nycinfluencer nycbloggers nycblog bloggernyc bartour bestbars drinkoftheday mace nycgram eastvillage