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If you were unable to see blueplanetlive yesterday, do try and catch up. We have oceans of beautiful creatures that really do need protecting. Some are so misunderstood, like the shark who has a bad reputation and is killed for shark fin soup 😭 seriously, humans can survive without that They can't. No more plastic should enter their home as it destroys them and really hurts them. We really do need to take responsibility and respect their home After all isn't thst5egst6we expect in our own homes? Thank you for reading 🦈 🐠 🐢 🌊 💦 💙 earthborn_designs_uk oceans, saveouroceans nomoreplastic blueplanetlive sharks turtles, fish david_attenborough

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OCEANS May Issue💃💃🔥 5月号オーシャンズ。たっぷり三企画登場してます! トルソー呉山 オーシャンズ oceans 大人ファッション フリーダムに遊ぶ大人のファッション 37.5歳からの男のファッション kenjikureyama fashionmagazine oceans_magazine gucci saintlaurent easygoing fashionphotography mensfashion mensstyle styleoftheday dandy lifestyle malemodel fit fitness fitfam fitbody bodybuilding shredded instagood picoftheday followme goodvibesonly 自由にカッコよく、遊びのある大人の男へ。

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Honoured to be invited by the Forest Department of Goa to celebrate this year's International Day of Forests, observed on the 21st of March. The day began with a small tree planting ceremony, following which, key members of The Forest Department of Goa, along with our Founder, Puja Mitra, held an educational and awareness building session for all the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Assistant Conservator of Forests and the new trainee batch of Forest Guards, in Goa. We thank the Forest Department of Goa, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest - Mr. Subhash Chandra and Chief Wildlife Warden - Mr. Santosh Kumar, for giving us this opportunity to voice concerns of our ocean health and for including the importance of oceans as part of their ceremony. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with the Forest Department of Goa, to address the various challenges in conservation and bring about the necessary changes unitednations sdgoals underwaterlife policy change internationalforestday forest oceans oceanhealth advocatingforchange globalchange conservation BeTerraConscious

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A man has been bitten by a shark today in the Whitsundays, it has been confirmed that he was spearfishing at the time. Spearfishing carries inherent risks, the most common death associated with spearfishing however, is drowning. When considering shark safety, here are some guidelines: 1. Iki your fish asap. While blood will attract a nearby shark, the vibrations of a wounded fish attract them from miles away. 2. Never attach fish to your body. The best way to transport your catch is in a plat (pronounced plaart), a small float boat that keep the fish right out of the water. 3. Look them in the eye at all times. Nothing unnerves a sharks more than eye contact. 4. In high-risk situations such as in blue water or while berleying, dive in groups. 5. Do not shoot sharks; it’s the best way to make them angry. A good prod with your spear should scare them off.' 📷 lucas_handley Information and more spearfishing safety tips can be found via NZ Fishing World, link in bio!

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【INFORMATION】 本日発売の「OCEANS」に “JIM RICKEY”の広告が掲載されています。 ・ ・ 【JIM RICKEY】 2006年スウェーデンのストックホルムでスタートした【JIM RICKEY(ジムリッキー)】。 洗練された北欧デザインでその世界観を広め、シューズ、時計、革小物、サングラスなど北欧初のトータルブランドとして全世界20か国以上で販売されているブランドです。日本では(株)パッゾが正規輸入代理業者として卸売、販売を行っています。 ・ oceans magazine fashion mensfashion instafashion jimrickey kicks sneakers selectshop transition pazzo customculture 291295homme fashion mensfashion stockholm sweden shoes ファッション メンズファッション メンズブランド スニーカー セレクトショップ ジムリッキー スウェーデン ストックホルム オーシャンズ 雑誌 トランジション

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😳The glory hole of Lake Berryessa. The 72-feet-wife and 245-feet-long hole is the Lake Berryessa spillway, a sort of oversized drain for the Monticello Dam in Napa Valley, California. The water drains out into the Putah Creek below. Follow oceanicfetish for more! 📷: drones_are_cool ocean beach sea nature oceanside oceanview travel oceanbeach oceandrive oceans oceano oceania oceana oceanman photography waves oceanfront oceancity love water oceanos instagood miami beautiful photooftheday oceanarium oceanomare oceane oceanlife oceanic

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Day 2 from LetsLoveMotherEarth . I live at borneo island, and i am a native tribe from this island They called our island is " Emerald Equator " or " the heart of world " the mysterious rainforest the habitat of Orang utans (pongo pygmaeus ), Bekantan (nasalis larvatus ) , Hornbill birds (bucheros rhinocheros) , black orcid , and lots more endemic flora fauna hopefully this place forever like this Green and wonderful Human consciousness is increasingly open to more love this earth and its contents in order to maintain life balance Poses : 2. Tree pose / Vriksasana 🔆 pledge to plant more trees and flowers 🌲🌳🌸🌷 Your Hosts: Carmensyoga Livingprettygreen Mama.staye Shaynarooney Anchalyoga Muselaura mars.ppta  _nadineyoga Our Sponsors : yoga_essentialoils Fairyboxteam Daddydaughterjewelry Livingprettygreen with nakiddesin  glassticbottle  uniqueyogawear (my pants ) karmakarma_yoga  sogehtgluecklichsein sacredgoddessnyc vayumudra (my Top) thesamadhiinitiative with a 50$ gift code for the purchase of a personalized cork yoga mat

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What's it like to stand-up paddleboard on a Mirage Eclipse Dura? It's as easy as riding a bike, but on water! It's stable and easy to control. You'll glide across the water in no time thanks to its MirageDrive® pedal system. This is the perfect ride for the resort lifestyle and way perfect for your summer trip! Get it here at https:rayomarine.com/products/mirage-eclipse-dura/ or send us an inquiry! sail sailing sailingbasics sailaway sailinglife sailinglifestyle sailingboat sailingtrip sailingyacht sailingworld sailingstagram sailingpassion sailingadventure boat boating boatinglife boatinglifestyle travel traveling adventure sea ocean oceans yacht yachts yachting yachtlife yachtinglife yachtlifestyle

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Flamingo's squad acrion beach time🌞🌹🌺 travel.escape ・・・ Marching flamingos❤😍 Are you planning to see these exotic creatures in your next vacation? 🎥 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌟 Turn On Post Notifications 📷 Content Creator: nexttripblog 🙏

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Tag your scuba photos😎 . bestvacations ・・ Tag who you'd dive with! Cancun, Mexico by kickthegrind ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tag your photos ➡️ BestVacations for your chance to be featured ✨🌟

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🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳КИТАЙ🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 🍲Китайская лапша с куриными фрикадельками ↪Ингредиенты: лапша - 100 г куриный фарш - 100 г помидоры - 2 шт. чеснок - 2 зубчика перец чили зеленый - 1 шт. соевый соус - 2 ст. л. сахар коричневый крупнокристаллический - 1 ч. л. соль - 2 щепотки лаймовый сок - 2 ст. л. кунжут - 1 ч. л. петрушка зелень - 2 веточки тмин - 2 ч. л. паприка красная - 1 ч. л. оливковое масло - 1 ст. л. лук маринованный - 8 шт. ↪Приготовление: ШАГ 1 Беру китайскую лапшу. У меня стеклянная, можно взять яичную или любую другую. Вынимаю из пакета, развязываю все ниточки (иногда они незаметны, смотрите внимательно). ШАГ 2 Заливаю холодной водой на 10–15 минут. ШАГ 3 Тем временем готовлю фрикадельки. В филейный куриный фарш добавляю паприку, тмин, соль, хорошо вымешиваю. ШАГ 4 Нагреваю сковородку, жарю фрикадельки на оливковом масле 3–4 минуты. ШАГ 5 Как только перевернули, жарим 1 минуту. ШАГ 6 Добавляю помидоры, соль, соевый соус, сахар. Тушим 2 минуты. ШАГ 7 Далее кладу лук, нарезаю чеснок и перец. ШАГ 8 Выкладываю в сковородку лапшу, тушу 5–7 минут. Добавляю сок лайма. ШАГ 9 По готовности кладу на тарелку, добавляю петрушку и кунжут. Приятного аппетита ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛ kitcenworld kitchens likefood food travel world peace loo photos  video coffee caramels continents oceans foodlove tea smile music book sun lovefood country apple art popfood8

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And bam 💥 God takes you through trembling waters 🌊 For full video of my unfinished beautiful journey check out IGTV 👆🏻 The tides of life that bring you to bended knees before God 🙏 comfort takes you to a place where you don’t want to be and getting to the place of being uncomfortable is where God wants you to be🙌🏻 hopeful blessed tonewbeginnings faith bam endlesssummer hispeace trialsandtribulations journey unfinishedbusiness trust godisgood oceans hillsong growth confidence believe

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Floating in the crystal clear air?? 💧

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THE WORLDS LARGEST BEACH CLEAN-UP In 2015, one man started an initiative for a better environment. Afroz Shah, a lawyer from Mumbai decided to clean-up one of the filthiest beaches in the city. What started as a one-man initiative, turned into the world's largest beach clean-up involving around 1,000 volunteers. EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE! We need to stop blaming governments for the litter we are creating. We have to change this mentality of expecting others to clean after us. Our daily lifestyles and overconsumption are responsible for the situation we are in! LET'S WORK TOGETHER FOR A HEALTHY AND SAFE FUTURE! The trash in our environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and killing millions of marine animals every year! What you can do? > Stop single-use plastic! Bring your own shopping bags or trolleys to do your groceries. > Stop littering! > Encourage your , neighbours, friends, colleagues to do the same. > Get rid of disposable tableware! Install water-filters in your house and offices and even save money! > Initiate clean-up campaigns as part of your CSR activities. WHAT IS YOUR INITIATIVE FOR OUR PLANET?

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Wow take me there now to explore it Repost bestvacations ( get_repost) ・・・ Tag who you'd dive with! Photo via 🌟🌟 TravelAwesome🌟🌟 Check them out for epic adventures Shipwreck in the Red Sea by ©Scuba Paul

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💋Желание-это не то, что ты видишь,а то,что ты себе воображаешь🎶🎶🎵 Пауло Коэльо.