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Coral reef is like a forest but under the water. It create a big part of the oxygen we breathe. There’s a lot of things that are damaging it so we have to be aware of what we do. Plastic is killing life in our oceans, in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish if we continue doing things we’re doing today. Sunscreen contains chemicals that kills coral. There’s a lot of things we can do to prevent all those bad things, but only a few knows about it. Share this message to your friends to try making a difference. 100% is made by a lot of 1% and 1% is made by a lot of 0.01% One man or one woman cannot make a big difference, but all together we can change the world. savetheturtles savetheearth savetheplanet savethereef life hearth oceans sea plasticfree zerowaste

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photo credit centerforwhaleresearch : Time is running out for the dwindling southernresidentkillerwhales. Their numbers are at an all time low, with only 75 left. These whales only eat fish, which the salmon that they eat, their numbers have been struggling as well. "If we don't put fish into the mouths of these whales this year, then I'm afraid were going to have to wait 10 years and go, ‘Oh, we failed, that's to bad. None of us want to do that." - Joe Gaydos : seadocsociety. "If we loose the Southern Residents, it will be the first extinction where ever individual's name was known." - Alexandra Morton. These are two powerful quotes that talk about these whales. We don't want this to be the end for them. There are some ways you can help like going to the orcamonth, orcamonth.com, and sign up to take action to save them! They are considered criticaly endangered and one of the most endangered marine species, so let's not wait to save them. LEARN, SPREAD THE WORD, EDUCATE OTHERS, CONTRIBUTE, TAKE ACTION to help. Also its nationalrefillday, so instead of using those terrible single use plastic water bottles, get and use a reusable one instead - FOLLOW 4 MORE 👉 : our_only_ocean - ocean oceans dive marinelife marinebiology oceanography saynotosingleuseplastics saynotocaptivity breakfreefromplastic savewhatyoulove oceanlove emptythetanks wearetheorca banthebag savetheocean savetheplanet oceanconservation oceanadvovate ouronlyocean doitfortheocean cleanuptheoceans createabetterfutue nextsteptoabetterfuture animalsarefriends aninalsarepeopletoo orca southernresidentkillerwhale killerwhales

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Some beach photos + That one strangely realistic doll in the Pizza Hut crane machine my sister wouldn’t stop laughing at 😅 *** We visited Rockport yesterday, and it was an enjoyable trip! Brought back a lot of nostalgia too (*´ω`*) *** beach beaches photography photos photo travel travelphotography rockport rockporttx rockporttexas pier travelling aesthetic aestheticphotography beachaesthetic ocean oceans sand trip tripphotos tripphotography vacation vacationphotos vacationphotography travelling hotel

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Nurse Sharks wait at the docks for a chance to get some of the fish guts that the fishermen were throwing in the water. My first time ever seeing a shark!

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Take care of your planet. Take care of your ocean. God created Earth for us to enjoy AND to nurture. We haven’t been doing a really good job at the nurturing part 😣 The best way to show your appreciation to ANYONE is to show them through your actions. Let’s show God that we adore this planet by taking care of what He gave us Also, I miss Cali 💙🌊💚 I’ll be back in Oct 😍

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🌟 Congratulations markshark808 🌟 . 🏺 Our "Featured Artist" of the Day 🎨 Please take time to visit the gallery of this exceptional photographer 🐳 Capture chosen by: Jenn bostonjenn . ➰ To be eligible for a feature, please keep tagging underthesea_perfection . Follow underthesea_perfection Tag underthesea_perfection . 🏷 underthesea underwater worldoceansday waterphotography uwphotography sealife oceans underwatershots underwaterpictures underwater_world_ wildlife sealife oceangram water_of_our_world macro natgeo ig_masterpiece ig_exquisite instagram superhubs splendid_shotz world_shotz ourplanetdaily discoverocean discoverearth ig_today perfection_family sea_per_markshark808

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Pessoal, é o seguinte: essas são imagens divulgadas em uma das palestras que tive a oportunidade de assistir no último Congresso que participei, o “WORLD CONGRESS OF CHAMBERs”, com Associações de Comércio do MUNDO INTEIRO. Ali, tive a oportunidade de dimensionar o quão grave é a questão ambiental na qual nos encontramos nesse momento. A questão: PLÁSTICOS É URGENTE! Vejam uma ilha no Pacífico que antes era um Santuário das Aves e hoje é um cemitério de pássaros, intoxicados pela ingestão dessa praga ambiental. Temos que nos conscientizar e conscientizar nossos filhos. Mudança de hábitos é algo imperativo Eu estou mudando. Minha família está sendo orientada a mudar. E você, vai mudar também? luta pelo bem comum das proximas geracoes lets make difference no more plastics damage birds death environment keep the oceans clean parley.tv

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Sabes cuando se demoran algunas cosas en biodegradarse? “The plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever.” El plástico que usas una vez tortura el océano para siempre. Hoy es el día del Océano y sería demasiado hipócrita de mi parte desearle un feliz día cuando esto es lo que estamos haciendo al NO CREAR CONCIENCIA del inconmensurable daño que día a día generamos DiaDelOceano Oceans LivingPlasticFree NoMasPlastico SociedadAutosustentable SalvemosElPlaneta CuidemosElPlaneta LaTierraEsNuestroHogar SalvemosElPlaneta Reciclaje NoMasAerosol CuidemosLaCapaDeOzono PlanetaTierra OurWorl SafeThePlanet Wallmapu NukeMapu SoloUnChasquidoParaElFinDelMundo FechaLimite ElTiempoSeAcaba

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This smile. This is Lisa Collins, the other half of Fitzgerald Travel. Did you know she's the resident ocean cruise group planning phenom? Shes all things ocean cruise. Fun fact: we went to the same travel school in the early 90s, that dates us! Lisa's Intagram is cruisingwithcollins, drop by and say hello to herbetter yet, ask her any ocean question and shell know the answer!

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Posted withrepostseashepherdsscs Six of the seven sea 🐢 species are classified as threatened or endangered due to human actions. The biggest threats include: Entanglement in fishing gear, and the illegal trade of turtle eggs, meat, and shells. 😢 Please join us in making a difference by donating to our Matching Gift Challenge. Thanks to the generosity of a few of our amazing supporters, your donation will be matched up to $150,000. Each donation will be used to help with fueling our ships, feeding our crew, and defending marine wildlife like our precious sea turtles. With your help, we can continue to fight for our oceans. ssla fortheocrans sscs Please visit the link in our bio to donate TODAY! 🌊❤️

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Ahhh, Coron dreaming

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On June 19th, 1865 Union troops arrived in Texas, declaring the war as over, effectively freeing all slaves within the state, 2 years AFTER the Emancipation Proclamation. This became the day in which the last American slaves were freed, now known as Juneteenth. We celebrate the elimination of slavery, but we also recognize the work that has yet to be done in eliminating prejudice, beginning within our own local communities. We must continue in the work for full equality, speaking up for those who are not heard, until a just world for everyone is achieved. • •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ humanrights activist activism woke staywoke equality inclusive diversity sandiego balboapark globalgoals sustainabledevelopment UN UNAUSA humans rights climatechange environment thinkgreen environmentalist earth savetheplanet sustainability sustainabledevelopment cleanenergy oceans sdgs elderabuseawarenessday news picoftheday

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All of creation 🎶 Below are some of the lyrics of So Will I (100 Billion X) by hillsongunited. Go google the song and listen. 💻 I have been thinking a lot about the lyrics of the song lately. Maybe it’s because we’ve been singing the song in church or maybe its because I finding myself marveling at creation and how God creates lately. 🤔 I hope you are encouraged in someway today. Happy Wednesday Everyone! 💛 😃 • 🎶 God of creation There at the start Before the beginning of time ⏰ With no point of reference You spoke to the dark And fleshed out the wonder of light 🎶 • 🎶And as You speak A hundred billion galaxies are born In the vapor of Your breath the planets form If the stars were made to worship so will I I can see Your heart in everything You’ve made Every burning star A signal fire of grace If creation sings Your praises so will I 🎶 • 🎶God of Your promise You don’t speak in vain No syllable empty or void For once You have spoken All nature and science 🔭🏞 Follow the sound of Your voice 🎶 • 🎶And as You speak A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath Evolving in pursuit of what You said If it all reveals Your nature so will I I can see Your heart in everything You say Every painted sky 🌅 A canvas of Your grace If creation still obeys You so will I So will I So will I 🎶 • 🎶 If the stars were made to worship so will I ✨ If the mountains bow in reverence so will I 🏔 If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I 💦 For if everything exists to lift You high so will I If the wind goes where You send it so will I If the rocks cry out in silence so will I If the sum of all our praises still falls shy Then we’ll sing again a hundred billion times 🎶 • lyrics music praiseandworship worship encouragement dailyencouragement perspective oldiepicture throwback green outdoors hillsong hillsongunited praisemusic worshipmusic light ground

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I've been living through the toughest season of my life for some time now and the words to my favorite song saved my life everyday - Your grace abounds in deepest waters, Your sovereign hand will be my guide 🙏🏽 Oceans hillsongunited Hillsong - 👕💜Thank you Ms. Danielle _danielle10 for my shirt I'll wear it beyond faded!😊 - MoreGrace SeasonsChange Blessings Grace Mercy Live Life Love AndDontForgetToLaugh God Like likelike instaLike instaGood PhotoOfTheDay Beautiful Lyrics

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Seize the day! ——————————————————————————————— LOCATION: Hawaii, USA CAPTURED: DJI Spark w/ PolarPro EDITOR: Lightroom ——————————————————————————————— DJISpark Photography Landscape SunshineCoast PassionPassport Coastline Cannon ExploreMore VisualsOfLife InstantWild Mountains Oceans GoPro Travel TravelAddicted GoldCoast Hawaii Nature IntoTheWild Thesunshinecoast ozshot VSCO LightRoom Adventure thisisqueensland visitbrisbane visitqueensland Saltmag visitsunshinecoast

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Oceans ———— 🎶In oceans deep My faith WILL stand🎶 This song is popular and everyone knows it. It can be a typical go to song. But today I started singing Oceans randomly and I started to repeat this line over and over again. Why this line out of the whole song? We could think it’s simple, God says to stay strong when it gets tough. BUT, it goes beyond that! First we need to take a look at the deep ocean! Under the surface there is deep ocean that takes up about 95% of earths living space. Like that’s crazy! The deepest part of the waters can go to 30,000+ feet below the surface! At 650 feet below light fades rapidly. At 13,000 feet below there is no sunlight, the pressure rises and temperature drops. Below that it becomes freezing, extreme pressure not safe to sustain human and most life. The oxygen levels also decrease as depth increases. And, there is no light this deep below the surface. Why am I sharing this!? Because I believe God showed me something through this and wants you to know too! God wants us to know that no matter how deep below the surface we go He is there with us. That when we are freezing or feel like we don’t know where to go next in life, that when we can’t see the light in a situation or we lose sight of Jesus(the light of the world), that when we feel the pressure or squeezing of society or family or obligations, that when we feel like we can’t live anymore or can’t breath, JESUS gives us the strength to get through it or stand in faith! Where faith is our security and hope in Jesus! Believing in what we can’t see but knowing He is there through it all! I encourage you, as I remind myself, to stand firm in your faith even when your in the deepest parts of the ocean. ———— faith believe hope security darkness light lightoftheworld oceans oceansdeep hilsong hilsongmusic standinfaith yougotthis encouragment confidence christian christiangirl inspiration inspire motivation motivate influencer instagram photography photographer model daytonabeach florida love

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Que o plástico é um dos itens mais encontrados nos oceanos todo mundo sabe. Mas todo esse plástico chegou aos oceanos somente pelo descarte incorreto pelas embarcações e pela população que utiliza a beira da praia? 🔹Um estudo liderado por Laurent Lebreton em 2017, constatou que o lixo plástico entra nos oceanos através de fontes terrestres: todos os anos, aproximadamente 1,5 a 2,41 milhões de toneladas de plástico chegam aos oceanos através de rios. Os 20 principais rios poluidores estão localizados na Ásia, representando 67% do total global. 🔹No mesmo ano, Christian Schmidt e colaboradores, publicaram na Environmental Science & Technology, que 10 rios transportam entre 88% a 95% do plástico para os oceanos, sendo que oito desses rios estão na Ásia: o Yangtze, Indus, Amarelo, Hai He, Ganges, Pérolas, Amur, Mekong e os outros dois na África: o Níger e o Nilo. Para Schmidt e sua equipe, esses rios contribuem com as maiores quantidades de plástico devido à alta densidade populacional que vive no entorno dos rios. O rio Yangzte é o maior transportador de resíduos plásticos e, somente nessa bacia hidrográfica, vivem cerca de 500 milhões de pessoas. 🔹Esses rios são vetores não só de resíduos descartados diretamente neles, mas também pelos resíduos descartados nas ruas e que são carreados para os corpos d’água através das chuvas e redes de esgoto, por exemplo plasticocean plasticpollution plastic marinedebris mareslimpos oceans oceanos plastico debris marinepollution pollutionfree stoppollution pollution microplastics lixomarinho lixo rios ecossistemas planetaouplastico planetorplastics beach cleanup limpezadepraias menos1lixo marsemplastico 5minbeachcleanup

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👉🏼 PRIMERA FOTO: ¿Os acordáis del post de los bastoncillos? Pues ya veis quién se lo queda una vez utilizado 👉🏼 SEGUNDA FOTO: este animal utiliza un mecanismo de filtrado de agua, ya que se alimenta de micro algas, plancton y krill, pero lamentándolo mucho para el plástico no hay filtro que valga, otra vida afectada por responder sí al ¿Va a querer bolsa? 👉🏼 TERCERA FOTO: a una distancia prudente, dudo que cualquiera con miopía sepa diferenciar una bolsa de una medusa ¿Por qué deberían saber hacerlo las tortugas? ❌ ¡ERRADIQUEMOS EL PLÁSTICO DE UN SOLO USO POR DIOS! ❌ savethe savethesealife plastic plasticfree sustainablecity pollution oceans bio eco sea blue ripple savetheplanet gorgeous nature beautiful pollution horizon est oceano onda ola seaside seascape ignaturale seascapes irox_water ic_water noplanetb vivemasquetu

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Many of the dead grey whales that have washed ashore in California and other states show signs of malnourishment. Experts suspect the die-off is caused by declining food sources in the warming waters. ⁣ ⁣ NOAA is looking for waterfront landowners who will allow the whale carcasses to decompose on their properties. Scientists hope the mammal bodies, which weigh up to 40 tons each, can naturally decompose and go back to ecosystem.⁣ ⁣ whale ocean environment climatechange westcoast california greywhale fish animals⁣ whales nature wildlife underwater marinelife marine water earth globalwarming savetheplanet actonclimate climatechangeisreal planet life climate oceans

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(repost) frozen - sabrina claudio

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I have designed these posters to hang around my community in order to raise awareness for protecting our species. Due to my incredibly busy schedule, I have not been able to get around the streets yet, but I plan on starting soon, if not tomorrow. If you are a business (or you just want to support!) and you would like a poster, please feel free to contact me! 🌏🌿

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Captain barbaboat from yesterdays beach cleanup😊 For this seabird its death is uncertain but we know that seabirds appear to be particularly susceptible at mistaking plastic for their natural prey with items such as disposal cigarette lighters, toys and fishing gear. Marine plastics have a social, economic & ecological impact causing welfare and conservation concerns - cleaning up beaches is one way to reduce our footprint of marine litter globally 🐧🌍 Community impacts can really make a difference 🙏

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Hola! Oceanly es una iniciativa que tiene el objetivo de limpiar los océanos del mundo organizando diversas campañas. El plástico y basura acumulada será utilizada para la construcción de casas que ayuden a la comunidad. La idea de esta pagina es para ir compartiendo con ustedes nuestra historia por medio de fotos y videos. 🌊💙. • • • 4ocean oceancleanupplan surfriderfoundationva saveoneourworld savethereef • • • Idid savetheplanet love future planetearth ichooseplanet lovetheearth savetheocean oceanclean smile photography surfing oceans beach planetearth futuregenerations onechance travel life thegoodlife

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One last view of the Grand Canyon as I wrap up my road trip theough southern California and Arizona. I want to express my appriation to each and every NPS employee and volunteer for the amazing work thry do keeping our National Parks amazing! Way to go guys

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In southern Arizona you can see what a frontier fort would have looked like by visiting Fort Bowie. Read more at www.svGuidingLight.com

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Organ Pipe Cactus NM is in southern Arizona and rather remote, but it is so worth a visit to see the desert landscape and the cactus the park is named for. They get thier name because they look like the pipes from a chuch organ. Read more at www.svGuidingLight.com.