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Digital drawing I call “heaven” image a world of dancing souls, no longer or not yet encumbered by flesh and bone, dancing together in an endless sky, oblivious to such trivial things as time and money, alive in the purest form of energy and ecstasy as they swirl and swarm , blindingly beautiful artistoninstagram art artist artistsoninstagram amateurartist painting paint acrylicpainting acrylicpaintings canvas canvaspainting popart instacool dance oilpainting digitalart spiritual eroticart naiveartist portraitpainting popculture modernart artoftheday abstractpainting abstractartist fantasyart fantasy picoftheday artoftheday abstractart contemporaryart

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Little study of the beach at 5am, Oil and spray paint on panel, 12”x12”

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‘Narcotics’ She bends over Like a proper addict She bends over Her sweet bird head moulded into a bum And her bone marrow emptied for a straw The white brick lines bright the brain Delusional vision of the fun pink box She is breaking into pieces Some are pyramids And some into steps to get you into the pyramids The baby cry mum Sniffff This disgusting pleasurable sound Snifff sniff sniff You ugly lil C*** The Narcotics colourful prison Wakes you up on the hope of recovery The coffee smell Wake up oilonwood oilpainting abstractart londonart artgallary art narcotics eroticart romance

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Another happy client ! Oil on canvas 40x30 with dots only 4 days of hard work was finaly paid off ❤ Oma

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화순 둔동마을의 작은 숲길 작업중. Oil on Canvas, 182×259cm 조금씩 마무리 단계로 가고 있지만 시간이 너무 부족하다. 날씨는 덥고 짜증까지 폭발한다. 이런식으로 작업하기 싫었는데😖 이런 마음도 모르고 그림 앞에서 그저 편히 누워있는 마리🐕 화순둔동마을숲정이 화가안정환 풍경화 자연이야기 사실주의 자연주의 유화 힐링 풍경화가 nature artist realism artgram oilpainting fineart fineartpainting landscapepainting contemporaryartist artwork koreanartist anjunghwan tranquil

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【今日の落書き】オオアリクイづくし オオアリクイの威嚇ポーズの画像が中々見つからないので、やっと見つけたのを描いてみました~(*´∇`*)✨✨全部入らなかった~😇あらら💦 鉛筆画 落書き 木炭画 素描 デッサン クロッキー 油絵 油彩 テンペラ 日本画 水彩画 アクリル画 イラスト 書道 墨絵 エアブラシ アンドン エッチング art artist oilpainting pencilin sketch paint drawing carpaint acrylicpainting romanticism symbolism

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asics ~ via hbx

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자화상 1) 뚜렷한 색채의 옷이여서 조화롭지 못할까 걱정되었지만 전반적으로 색감과 결이 자연스럽게 표현되어서 만족한 작품😊 2) 이목구비가 뚜렷한 연예인들 사진을 모델로 그리고 싶지만 요즘에는 저작권때문에 문제가 생길 수도 있다해서 항상 모델은 내 자신이다😅 또다른 작품 자화상 그림 폭풍업뎃😅 유화 drawing oilpainting me 일상 공유 소통 데일리 평범한 일기장 공간 재밌어서하는인스타 심심해서하는인스타 분당댁 아이폰6 iphone6 ysl f4f instalike instagood daily ordinary dailypic instadaily instagram

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An early step to a commission piece, blocking in colors and laying down patterns and colors. 30x40in, oil and acrylic on canvas. - - I love taking pictures and following the process and really seeing how pieces change! This one has changed a lot since this layer, but I’m still thinking a lot about the fun and bubbly look of this layer. May come back to this idea later - - Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend Can’t wait to get back into the studio soon art arte arts art🎨 artsy artistsoninstagram artist arty artis artes artwork artpop instaart streetart art_spotlight art_we_inspire contemporaryart artofvisuals artistic artcollective artlife artoftheday artdirection color paint painting painter oilpainting paintmixing wip

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Nadie merece más tu amor que tú mismo ;) No one deserves your love more than you do ;)

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Bom dia pessoal! Hoje quero falar um pouco destas 2 obras que eu adoro. Fazem parte da coleção de clássicos que pintei tempos atrás. Elas remetem uma época muito boa de uma infância cheia de imaginação e momentos de muita diversão. Nos anos 90 eu tinha o hábito de assistir muito desenho animado e jogar vídeo game, assistir filmes. Tudo me fazia a imaginar milhões de possibilidades, aventuras, cores, histórias, personagens Eu vivi nesta atmosfera por toda a infância e adolescência e com certeza todos os clássicos influenciaram na adulta que me tornei. Amando todo este universo! Hoje estou me despedindo destas 2 obras que contém significados maravilhosos daquelas épocas. Elas partem, levando com elas um pouco da minha infância e com certeza elas conseguiram despertar deste cliente que as adquiriu, uma nostalgia muito boa também! Obrigada a todos que acompanham minhas obras, que enviam suas mensagens inspiradoras. O mais gratificante de me despedir de todas as obras que se vão para seus novos lares no decorrer das minhas produções é saber que elas realmente tem importancia nesta conexão. Obrigada! 🙏😉🎨 Obras a caminho, São Paulo às aguarda. jessicabarrios oilpainting pinturaaoleo

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Maurizio Ciccani artist painter

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Maurizio Ciccani artist painter

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"Jumb or climb- just do it" New in the studio , painting on canvas - based on the drawing one posting earlier - oil,sand, concrete, metal - size 180x90cm - mixed media art artwork artgallery painting sculpture kunst mixedmedia exhibition contemporary contemporaryart inspiration life collection drawing artcollector inspired modernart beautiful figurativeart fineart oilpainting austrianart austrianartist creative abstractart mixedmediaart artoftheday artist fassel gerhardfassel

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"Загадки Землі". Полотно, олія, розмір: 180х200см.  model: krykliaa

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SAMPLE SUNDAY 🤗 My cup of tea this morning has my own unique blend that I call "The Rise Up". A combination of herbs making my cup full of energy and vitamin C. 🍵 It is great for sluggish conditions, strengthening and toning of the body and great for low energy. 😣 This tea is perfect for the ever changing weather this season and can be taken any time of the day. ⏱ Who wants a SAMPLE? I'll pick 2 random people that comment at the end of the day. ❤️ • Follow tearapeutic for lifestyle tips, teas and herbal remedies 💚 • • • • • • • • stilllife still_life_gallery stilllifephotos stilllifegallery liveforthemoment todays_simplicity onthetableproject tv_stilllife stilllifephotography tv_colors tablesituation loves_vscolifestyle seekthesimplicity tv_retro lifeandthyme iphonegraph webstagrammers iphonegood tv_community tv_living tv_typography transfer_visions_bnw softtones tv_allwindows heavenly_shotz vzco transfer_visions_nm2 tv_foggy oilpainting screaming_shots