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Today, 27 years ago, she came into my life and lighten my world. She gave me a new identity - an identity of a MOTHER. She gave me a purpose, and a reason to keep going And she still does. Happy Birthday, my Baby Boo! I love you with all my heart! <3 <3 <3 happybirthdaybaby mydaughter mydaughterismyworld lovemydaughter makemoments birthday🎂 birthdays instyle stylishkids millenials fashionistas modernliving lifestylephotography yogisofinstagram yogini familylife lovemykids mylifestory myeverydaymagic witchesofinstagram lovemylife beautifulgirl onceuponatime mylifestyle lifestyleblog

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Escucha una nueva propuesta podcástica OnceUponATime Música de todos los tiempos! (Todos)

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Sister Sister The HAMEEDAH and KHAIRAH outfits for our not so little heiress in the UK! Thanks mama choosing and trusting us!❤ The HAMEEDAH Jumpsuit with detachable tulle skirt for our 11 year old heiress in the UK ! Thanks mama for choosing us!❤ heiress littleheiress sisters heiresskiddies black jumpauit classy luxuryforkids luxuryliving madeinnigeria customjumpsuit customdesign customorder couture hautecouture onceuponatime onceuponadress daretodream growinginclass stylemeetsclass

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I am back with a new edit! I am sorry for being inactive but I was on holiday and I didn’t have any time to make an edit or post one so here we go. I made this edit because I really like strong queens and I really like Cinderella as a kid so I added her. If anyone has any edit requests feel free to comment down below. Hope you all have/had a nice day • • QOTD: what’s your favorite movie? • Coloring: queenmarysfilters • Tags: thetudors snowwhiteandthehuntsman lenaheadey angelinajolie maleficent camelot2011 morganlefay evagreen charlizetheron maryandbothwell onceuponatime lanaparilla reginamills eravitoriana photoedit royalty natalieportman evilqueen jameshepburn idinamenzel anneneville reignedits unstoppable sia gameoftrones isabeldecastilla queenravenna kosemsultan royalcouples lordbothwell

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Everything the light touches is mine. 🦁 tot

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📍Magic Kingdom - Flórida ⠀ Quem vai a Disney pela primeira vez tem que conhecer esse parque. É um lugar mágico onde você encontrará seus personagens favoritos. É dividido em seis áreas fantásticas: Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland. 😍 ⠀ A primeira área é a Main Street U.S.A., que simula a rua de uma cidade do interior do século XX. Aqui você encontra o famoso Castelo da Cinderella e também a estátua de Roy Disney, irmão de Walt, com a Minnie Mouse. 🏰 ⠀ É nessa área que acontece os desfiles diurnos, como a "Disney Festival of Fantasy", e os shows noturnos de encerramento. O “Happily Ever After” - show de fogos de artifício e projeções acontece todas as noites e alguns minutos após acontece o “Once Upon a Time” - show noturno com projeções de cenas e personagens da Disney que traz vida ao Castelo da Cinderela. Vejo que muitas pessoas desconhecem a existência desse último e terminam indo embora. 🎆🎇 ⠀ Os horários de funcionamento, dos desfiles e dos shows podem variar. A informação estará disponível nos folhetos entregues na entrada do parque ou no app Disney Experience. ⠀ Nos próximos posts falaremos das outras áreas do Magic Kingdom e sua principais atrações. Acompanhem a gente nessa aventura. 🔜 ⠀ Qual sua atração favorita no Magic Kingdom? ☺ ⠀ Siga: proveieaprovei.viagens ⠀ ⠀ 📸 1 e 2: disneyista 📸 3: disney_nuts 📸 4: christopher_fong

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So, I've been working on this article for a few days. I tend to draft, share, then do a lot of edits in public because OnceUponATime or like several I was hacked and lost everything I kept " private." Anyway, it is in writing, sharing and then editing that I have come to the "A-Ha" moments. A couple insights to drive my work based on this writing. 1) Unless we are Indigenous to the land on which we live, we are all living on StolenLand. Critiquing stolen land due to colonial violence and its everyday existence isn't the same thing as having practical strategies and business curriculum for how to transition to the SacredCommons. Really, that's where I need to now focus. 2. In this article, I didn't speak to one of the biggest and most yucky aspects of private property, which is legalese. Having now editing several contracts that are written in Spanish and English language legalese and seeing the glaring gaps between them, I need to focus on how that issue affects people everywhere, not just in Borikén, which colonizers renamed PuertoRico. 3. I need to share how I'm actually teaching DecolonalBiznessWorld as it relates to decolonization and earth-based strategies for healing and reparations given ClimateChange. More edits and posts to come. This is just AI food. PS ExtinctionRebellion for life!

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Hey guys! I’m just going to write some of my inner thoughts here. Lately I’ve felt so uninspired to post. I miss the show so much. It’s not the same without it. Maybe that’s why I’m uninspired 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m not sure. Maybe I just got tired after being so active before. I hate admitting it but the days I don’t post I actually feel relieved. Like there’s less pressure on me. And I always told myself that I would have this account just for me, not to please anyone. I’d post what I want even if people won’t like my opinions or ships. And I did that for a while and it was great. But recently I feel like I lost that and I’m forcing myself to post just to keep up this account. I don’t want to do that because I want this to be fun for me too, not a responsibility of mine to make other people happy. In the bigger picture this doesn’t seem like a big deal but this account has been a big part of my life ever since I started it. It’s not like I’m going multifandom because I don’t have other fandoms and don’t want to post anything other than OUAT here. I guess I’m deciding whether to keep being active here or maybe just be active on my story or just post whenever I want. I feel bad doing that and I know I shouldn’t because I get the feeling that I let people and the show down. But it’s my life and I should do what’s best for me. I just have to decide what that is. Thanks if you’ve read this far 😂 comment any reaction or advice you have if you want 😂👇 • onceuponatime ouat reginamills evilqueen evilregals lanaparrilla

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Esse final de semana teve Pool Party tropical para a linda Gaby 🥰🌸🌊💕 gabinuness1 fernandacassisnunes Assessoria, Cerimonial e Decoração de Eventos Atendemos SOMENTE COM AGENDAMENTO VIA WHATSAPP ♥️ Segundas às quintas-feiras: 09:00 às 18:00hs ⏰ (31) 99612-8362 WhatsApp ☎📲 . festejaremcasa poolparty festanapiscina festatropical tropicalparty festaflamingos festacolorida flamingos decoraçãoflamingos festamenina luxodefesta 15anos fifteen festaexclusiva debutantes sweetfifteen dress meus15anos 15 debutante contosdefadas eraumavez onceuponatime debutante 15anos 15anosfesta vestido15anos decoração15anos maquiagem book15anos cerimonial

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"Pines Enamorados" Llévalos juntos o separados 💗 Los pines o prendedores de Landora están hechos el uno para el otro y son ideales para marcar los morrales de los niños o para ponerlos en una camisita monocolor de mamá Todos los pines de está fotos están disponible y el precio no lo podrás creer 💥 Pide el tuyo YA ConoceLandora LaTienditaDeLandora onceuponatime history histories historytelling store handmade brand musthave dolls toys instakids instalove instalife merida venezuela colombia panama ecuador

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Friends, I ask you for kindness, could you join this group for Jen's Italian convention? We need to reach a high number of participants to make this possible! Thanks and a kiss to all 😘 This is link fb: https:www.facebook.com/groups/165690897702260/ jennifermorrison conventionitaly jmo emmaswan drhouse allisoncameron lanaparrilla reginamills jennifermorrison emmaswan OnceUponAtime Oncers EvilRegals EvilQueen Queen EvilQueenRegina Thevilqueen Abc  Storybrooke Storybrookesquad OuatScreenCaps OuatEdits Followus likeforlike likers swanqueen ouataddicted

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My tags aren't working Swipe over➡️➡️ Hi Y'all! So here's another video edit. I just want to say thank you all so much for the 725 followers and the support. Y'all are the greatest ♥️ 😁 ❤️ Anyways, the song is Control by Halsey. I got the inspiration from wicked_ouat for the song and it's a great choice and for the actual idea I got it from wicked_ouat 😁💕 Like as before, any comments or suggestions please let me know as I'm always up for improvements. Thanks guys ouat ouatedit ouatmemes captainhook onceuponatime onceuponatime🍎 netflix memespeoplewontunderstand captainswan emmaswan belle rumplestiltskin rumpbelle rumplestiltskinedit ouatfandom ouatspoilersouatfans ouatfan leavingstorybrooke storybrooke theenchantedforest killianjonesedit emmaswanedit CS edit ouatvideo ouatvideoedit zelenavideoedit zelenamills zelenamillsedit zelena bexmader wicked_bexicorn edit