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1 week ago

this memes dedicated to all the honeys in their 30s who used to wash down a hot-n-ready pizza with one of these bad bois.

3 weeks ago

You only want me for my stacks 😔💔

3 weeks ago

This one really touched me, only the older gamer generation will understand once watching this videoi remember being so hooked on black ops 1, how fun and amazing it was to play a shooting game based on the Vietnam warstill till this day I say black ops 1 is still the best COD hand downI stop playing COD after black ops 2 when I realized how the title slowly became a cash grabber but still grateful to experience such a game. cod codblackops1 blackops blackops1 gamer onlyrealonesknow touching heartache amazing bestgameever flashback ripcod xbox360 remaster nuketown whattown bombcity quickdeath nazi nazizombies classic classicman thebest

1 month ago

Blessings upon blessings. Thankful to celebrate another year. 🎂🎂🎂 OnlyRealOnesKnow

1 month ago

pretty girls make graves

1 month ago

In October 2018, EF Education First announced they would be racing “non-traditional” events in 2019, including fixed gear crits. They have yet to register for missioncrit6 we think we’ve figured out why.

1 month ago

Unpopular Opinion: AMC theaters is better than Perkins🤷🏾‍♀️ nocap captainmarvel

1 month ago

So I get off stage right, drop the mic, Walk up to these hot chicks and I’m all like “Sup ladies, my names slim shady, I’m the lead singer of D12, baby” onlyrealonesknow d12 oldschool ootd

2 months ago

I don't have a true throwback photo, but tbt to those DK days. In filter Ludwig, because duh. onlyrealonesknow

2 months ago

Life is a highway, man.

2 months ago

One of the reasons I'm single now. nvr had a nigga hurt a bitches feelings behind me, but how many times some nigga approach me and I let them know I'm not available and dont need no friends or just kept walking like I didn't hear shit. hardtofind onlyrealonesunderstand onlyrealonesknow maybeoneday

3 months ago

TGIThursday because greysanatomy is bizzzack tonight! I also just finished amillionlittlethings and looking forward to that as well. A super shoutout to my biggie tchuuch_ for getting me this sweat shirt. OnlyRealOnesKnow Sidebar: The names on my sweatshirt are the surgeons from Grey’s. This show made me realized that I too, would have been a surgeon in another life. Any other greysanatomy fans? 😊