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2 weeks ago

I don't have a true throwback photo, but tbt to those DK days. In filter Ludwig, because duh. onlyrealonesknow

2 weeks ago

Life is a highway, man.

3 weeks ago

One of the reasons I'm single now. nvr had a nigga hurt a bitches feelings behind me, but how many times some nigga approach me and I let them know I'm not available and dont need no friends or just kept walking like I didn't hear shit. hardtofind onlyrealonesunderstand onlyrealonesknow maybeoneday

1 month ago

TGIThursday because greysanatomy is bizzzack tonight! I also just finished amillionlittlethings and looking forward to that as well. A super shoutout to my biggie tchuuch_ for getting me this sweat shirt. OnlyRealOnesKnow Sidebar: The names on my sweatshirt are the surgeons from Grey’s. This show made me realized that I too, would have been a surgeon in another life. Any other greysanatomy fans? 😊

1 month ago

🖤 new mix out, link in bio⚡️

1 month ago

Any Christmas spent out of Montana is a good Christmas onlyrealonesknow

2 months ago

Change can’t be good if you don’t try to change 🤷🏼‍♀️

2 months ago

2 months ago

are you from waikiki? cause i gotta ask you, why kiki? onlyrealonesknow

3 months ago

Lmao people who think/thought I lost so many friends because of my relationship wit this one 😒 like no bitch 😝 I lost them because they fake 😂🖕🏾smh 🤦‍♀️ onlyrealonesknow fuckfakefriends youaintshit

3 months ago

I’m Zeke the Plumber, I’ve come to collect your head in my bucket 💀 onlyrealonesknow

4 months ago

Hey. I wanna win free toys and superplastic swag so here is my spookyjanky I dozed off for a second in the car as I was on my way to NYC. “Fashion Sewer Slaying the Scene!” Everything I dreamed for myself was coming true. No more waiting tables, no more dreaded Mondays, no more taking minutes. My old life was in the rear view mirror. Until the car started shaking and the interior started shredding like pieces of confetti. “We’re here,” I heard him say. I woke to the most horrifying sight imaginable Hunt Middle School. “We’re here,” he said again. It was 6pm on the second Tuesday of the month and that could only mean one thing

1 year ago

Thinking about all the selfies on this page that no one will ever see again. onlyrealonesknow