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2 days ago

June 17th, 2041: Eutera’s new challenger, Praetor 107 ( garyu_rakh), has become my ally in recent times. Our collaboration thus far has led to the start of the resistance faction aggrauxkouture , which has become hellbent on preparation for the spreading of the prophecy of true love. As part of this prep, I have been using the immense energy of this full moon to keep myself charged as I build the first major refinery, soon to be the armory and forge for the equipment necessary to sustain us and our allies against the omnipresent foe. I’ve always felt her energy, heard her voicebut lately I’ve been feeling her celestial gaze rather intensely. It’s almost as if she’s patiently, yet eagerly waiting for me to make my movesly smirk, signing out. aggressiveculture aggrauxkouture refinery fullmoonlight artistheresistance oozaru Eutera thetimeisnigh strawberrymoon2041 strawberrymoonlight undercore

2 days ago

Working on oozaru vegetasorry for The late Post but i got a Major Argument with my Parents about my Artworks and that they Would be a useless wastement of Money.It really fucked with my Mind and confidence but i try my best to come Back on Track drawing idrew dbz dragonball db dragonballz oozaru sayjanwarrior vegeta sayajjn sayjan vegetadrawing akiratoriyama ripakiratoriyama semifinished semifinishedart copicchiaomarkers copics copicsinuse proudwarrior princeofallsaiyans proudprince over9000 saiyanpride oozaru oozaruvegetaart

2 days ago

Quando non hai piu spazio e inizi a sparpagliare la collezione di statue e figure di dragonball per la casa! Quando não tens mais espaço e começas a espalhar a colecção de estátuas e figures de dragonball pela casa! NO MORE SPACE IN MY NERD ROOM FIGURE actionfigures figurescollection resinstatue dragonball songoku goku nomorespace dragonballsuper vegeta oozaru doraemon 🤓 usajitsukino sailormoon flyingnimbus budokaitenkaichi tenkaichitournament supersaiyan3 majinbuu kidbuu 😂🤣

3 days ago

Just waiting to transform either to a werewolf or an oozaru

3 days ago

RJ really earned this piece this weekend. We got this whole thigh done in a single shot. Wouldn’t happen without such commitment. Thanks for the trust. See you next year. Thanks to all my clients the came out, bought merch and got tattooed. Thanks to animeink_con for having us. See you next year! otakutattoo otakuworld akiratoriyama blackandgreytattoo anime manga otaku otakutattoo goku oozaru dragonball dragonballz dragonballgt dragonballsuper tattoo tattoos tattooer tattooed tattooing tattooart

5 days ago

Salut tout le monde! C'est William Stark! Avant de continuer la chronologie de Dragon Ball, je te propose une petite tier list! Un classement totalement subjectif de mes transformations de Saiyans préférées! https:youtu.be/QSppS5I3L8U dragonball dragonballz dragonballgt dragonballsuper akiratoriyama kaioken supersaiyan supersaiyan2 supersaiyan3 supersaiyan4 supersaiyangod supersaiyanblue migattenogokui supersaiyanikari supersaiyanlegendaire oozaru saiyajin saiyan transformation tiermaker tierlist youtube