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3 weeks ago

Very excited to bring you my second orchestral track "The Rising Sun". It's an uplifting orchestral soundtrack. I hope you like my music and please like, share and comment. Thanks for your time. Cheers! Music Video: https:youtu.be/dpX0zOTPfVM Socials: FB: www.facebook.com/udayanofficial IG: www.instagram.com/iam_udayan/ SC: https:soundcloud.com/udayanmusic Subscribe for more new music: https:www.youtube.com/channel/UCEoEdAJh9opDHRJE1H11YQg?sub_confirmation=1 music musicvideo musicvideos orchestralmusic orchestral soundtrack happymusic uplifting orchestralsoundtrack electronicmusic musicproducer musiccomposer musicproduction

1 month ago

Really enjoyed hearing the music we recorded with guildhallschool for the new beastsoflondon exhibition at museumoflondon today! The music sounds excellent, even if we say so ourselves! 😆 Well done, Guildhall Session Orchestra 💪🏼and the whole team involved for making this such a unique immersive visual experience in the heart of London 🎶 museumoflondon guildhallschool guildhallsessionorchestra orchestralsoundtrack soundtrack sessionmusician musiciansofinstagram musicians london londonexhibition immersiveexhibition

4 months ago

Soundtrack or videoclip? The Ritual is a movie produced by me to illustrate my idea of this musical piece. I like to think they're a little bit of both, because they help each other to 'reach their goals'. The full video can be found at YouTube.com/CaioBarbosa, and I really hope you like it. 🔥🔥🔥 Request MP3, WAV or music sheet at maddoclab gmail.com Excelsior! professionalaudio mixing mastering producerslife musicproducer composer soundtrack videoclip horrorsoundscape soundscape piano orchestra orchestralsoundtrack ritual videomaker rituel film horrorfilm horror instrumental recordingstudio focusrite ableton grandpiano instamusic sonorizate foley protools filmscoring maddoclab

7 months ago

A light and Water show. A stunning showcase of laser effects,dancing fountains,kaleidoscopic wonders and an inspiring orchestral soundtracks. Spectacular view. Marina Bay Sands. dancing-fountains lasereffects orchestralsoundtrack

7 months ago

Recently I got access to NI Komplete 12 Ultimate! Being super excited to try the orchestral sounds of course, I wrote a short epic score and made a mini piano concerto out of it! 😅 I'm loving the quality of these sounds even though NI is not really in competition with other big companies when it comes to orchestral samples. Hope you enjoy the video! 🤗 LINK IN BIO! ======================== composers filmcomposer mediacomposer pianists pianist musicstudiolife logicprox arrangers filmscore soundtrack epicsoundtrack orchestralsoundtrack orchestra protools avidstudios nativeinstruments kompletekontrol komplete12ultimate epicmusic epicchase pianoconcerto pianoandorchestra korg korgkronos keyscape keysuniversity keysuniveristy keystotheuniverse

1 year ago

Records, cassettes, cds add an element of the visual concept for an album, and I'm loving this one in particular. I found out that, during the editing of 2001aspaceodyssey , the orchestral soundtrack was just temporary, and the plan was for AlexNorth to compose the music! Then Kubrick decided the 'classical placeholders' created the majestic soundscape he envisioned. It's amazing how projects can evolve like this and become iconic. albumart 1968scifi stanelykubrick orchestralscifi orchestralsoundtrack thesentinel arthurcclarke changeofplans

1 year ago

I proudly present my last soundtrack for this new amazing short movie “Il commissario Ricciardi” by FABLEMAKERS ( the_pork_chop_express_ and Ivan). https:youtu.be/k_gELIvbVaE I had the pleasure to work with amazing musicians like 2strings_eclectic_duo and enricopasini who have recorded strings and trumpets parts of this music. I composed, recorded, mixed and programmed all orchestra. Mastering session by Davide Bombanella at Bombanella Soundscapes - Studio di Registrazione. Sound design and mix by the Master dgervasoni81 soundtrack music filmmusic epicmusic composer filmcomposer shortmovie commissarioricciardi orchestra orchestralmusic orchestralsoundtrack

1 year ago

NowPlaying Soundtrack for CharlesBGriffith's 1959 underwater adventure, ForbiddenIsland So, as you know, i listen to and post about a ton of horrorscores - that's just part of the picture, however. I like to imagine all genrefiction as imaginarylandscapes, akin to the different 'lands' in DisneyLand or the holiday worlds of TheNightmareBeforeChristmas Would like to introduce the AdventureScores tag into the mix, music for stealing gold, robbing banks, copping identities, shooting up bad guys, and ending it all with a kiss and a happilyeverafter Feel like October is not just a month for horror, but for IMAGINATION, for wild possibilites where the stars are the desintation and not even the sky's the limit np soundtrack ost cinephile lobbycard 1959 scifiscores cinephile movielover moviefan moviestagram orchestralsoundtrack subaquatic harps vibes

2 years ago

I'M FINALLY NOT DOING CLASSICAL MUSIC IM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED OMG HERE HAVE A SNIPPET OF A THING I'M DOING NOW. Like honestly, I don't care that it's not as technically advanced as classical music. I enjoy this stuff more, and I'm glad we switched to a different genre. I mean I still kinda messed up a little though X) schindlerslist music record recording video violin instrument short cover ost solo orchestralsoundtrack movie historical not classical foronce string acoustic sound melody