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Yup, STILL working on video editting for the full length video on making my very own original silicon mold for being able to replicate one of a kind pieces. I have really enjoyed this process, and I'm already in the design stage for more molds. I wish there was such a thing as a video editting fairy. Is there such a fairy out there??? resinartwork resinpour pourart epoxyresin liveedgetable liveedgefurniture liveedgewood salvagedwood reclaimedwoodfurniture woodworkingcommunity resinwork femaleartists woodworkinglove woodartist epoxyresin woodandresin woodresin organicdesign organicforms meditativeart organicshapes whatsawdust inmystudio studioartist iowacity fincraft slowart epoxytable resinandwood music from ampletunes

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I really enjoyed making this ring, Big eye🤩 This ring is made with two different types of alloys, shibuichi and fine silver😀 Swipe to see more!

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Fun fact: one of my favorite Sunday morning activities is scrolling through Zillow in all my favorite cities and imagining what kind of renovations I’d make to each house. If I came across this gem by theranchuncommon I’d move right in!

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Teapot made by pinch method, entirely made by hand. He’s my second attempt and fully functional (first one I glazed over the holes at the base of the spout 😬) Day 23| Top tip Day 24| Customers Its the weekend so you get two days worth of MarchMeettheMaker Top tip, ‘keep your fingers (thumb in my case) behind the blade’ Last Sunday I sliced my left thumb quite deeply and a week later it’s still not quite healed. No pottery for a week 👎 Customers, I love them! I can’t make enough at the moment and I’m getting behind with this stupid injury. Sorry to my customers, I’ll catch up. I’m out in my studio, I’ve got a glove on and glazing anything that’s in bisque fired, whilst enjoying a cup of Persian Earl Grey listening to The Potters Cast! Bliss rusticpottery simplethings rustickitchen rustictable coastaldecor organicshapes handmadepottery teapot buyhandmade earlgreytea stonewarepottery relaxandrecharge whiteglaze whiteinterior whiteceramic stoneware pinchpot pinchpotteapot julesceramics lymingtonpotter handcrafted studiopottery smallbatch pottery_lovers keramic potterydesign madeinengland britishstudiopottery newforestcreatives

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I was looking for inspiration when heathertatumcards posted a pic of her garden. She makes the cutest greeting cards, but posts the most wonderful pics of her garden and flowers. Oh, and her decorative tea containers. I hope you don’t mind, Heather, but I found a pic you had posted a while ago and took my colors and theme from one of your lovely shots and did an abstract. Heather’s Garden, 11”x14”, acrylic on paper creativelife Ihavethisthingwithcolor emergingartist fillyourwalls decorateyourhome visualart artforsale calledtocreate doitfortheprocess charlestonartist southcarolinaartist gardenart paintonpaper organicshapes whatdoyousee

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😊 Nie jestem zaprzyjaźniona ze szkliwami wysokotopliwymi. Kilka nieudanych prób i szkliwa wylądowały w szafce poza zasięgiem mojego wzroku. Ostatnio sobie o nich przypomniałam i pomyślałam, że może zrobię jeszcze jedno podejście. I choć nie wszystko wyszło tak jak bym chciała, to te talerze wyjątkowo mi się podobają 😀 Nie ma co się zbyt szybko poddawać. Jak nie teraz, to kiedyś na pewno się uda 😉 ☀️Słonecznej niedzieli 😙 . handbuiltceramics tableware dishes pottery ceramics planetapceramika plate handmadewithlove unique original oneofakind rękodzieło pasja glina talerz serwowanie ceramika kochamceramikę uzależnionaodlepienia ceramicismylife homedecor ceramicart kupujlepszeprezenty 4sale rekodzielo_pl kupujepolskieprodukty blogerkakulinarna organicshapes homewear

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Hey hey Hey people. I am happy to announce you really really good news. My sister and her team have made a company in UNIST StartUp and I'm also part of this fresh new company. In our company we basically will make organic products such as lip balms, feet butters, body butters, hand creams, etc. And all of the ingredients are organic, NO CHEMICALS AT ALL. We order all our products from special sites. So even when the ingredients were grown they had no contact with pesticides. So, don't worry babies, we will make your and our lives better without any chemicals. And yes, I am a designer in our company. Basically I design the logo, packaging and gift sets also I will run our youtube channel(so make sure to subscribe). Oh yes forgot to mention. All our products which you will buy will be personalized (Ex: if you buy lip balm you will have your name on it) and also our products will be sold as a gift package. We are just starting so please SUPPORT US and stat TUNED🌸🌸🌸Thank you for reading☀️ P.S. these are our first trials (feet butter and lip balm)

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Illusion table, one of John Brauer's functional art pieces, a timeless statement of beauty, simplicity and functionality. It's story told by designer himself : John Brauer : "One day I was passing a Café in Copenhagen. There were round tables with white tablecloths. Each cloth was square and almost touched the floor. I stopped and took couple photos. I then went to a plastic workshop, showed them the image and asked if it was possible to make such an object in plastic. The answer was no. But I continued my quest and after a few months some samples were ready. The result was Illusion, a stunning example of Symbolic Functionalism that has received an extremely enthusiastic reception from both the press and consumers. All Illusion tables are hand made and all are unique." Follow me for more Inspo johnbrauer johnbrauerillusiontable contemporarydesigner contemporaryinterior moderndesigns architecture danishdesigner danishdesignicon functionalart fluiddesign beautyredefined contemporaryliving everydayproduct productdesigner productdesign designaddict redefinedinteriors productdesign greatdesigners makinglifebeautiful contemporaryhomestyle contemporaryhomes dynamicshapes avantgarde harmonystyle organicshapes functionalism symbolicart handmadefurniture handmadeingermany

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C R A C K A N E G G —————————————————————— shopSALT

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The Bullring Shopping Centre

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Чернильные будни. День 11. Сегодняшний поиск объема органических форм начался с хлопкообразных объектов (я зову их помпошками). Поначалу набрасывала общие формы карандашом, но в середине процесса от него отказалась. Нужно давать руке больше свободы. Даже с таким недружелюбным инструментом, как мой. А все почему, потому что я не могу выбрать нормальную перьевую ручку. Почему их так много. 😶 inkweekdays inkartist inking artpractice drawingskills art_we_inspire чернила рейсфедер organicshapes

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Healthy Living Centre 3D printed and spray painted 1:50 seating for the healthy living centre in scale to the building model everything slowly coming together 🍀 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3dprinting 3dprintingmodel model modelmaking scale scalemodel interiordesign interiordesigner student meterials designstudent woodeffect seating arrey ideatoreality printing love shapes organicshapes final project finalproject onestepcloser designing productdesign

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Ich bin seit Jahren am Herumprobieren eine kugelige Tassenform hinzukriegen, die nicht an der Drehscheibe entstanden ist und trotzdem relativ gleichmäßig und eben erscheint. Das ist mein jetziges Resultat und ich bin echt zufrieden 🤗 ~ ~ kunsthandwerk handgemacht handbuiltpottery modernpottery hyggelig interiordesigners germanpottery madeinberlin berlinceramics handcrafts studiopottery ceramicstudio greenware womenwhomake handsandhustle peoplescreate searchwandercollect kilnfolk germanmade thatsdarlingmovement nestandthrive allhandmade keramika ceramicart artoftheweek potterslife ceramicdesign ceramicsculpture organicshapes wobbly