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Its Finally Here Happening TODAY is the much anticipated "OD CONFERENCE" All Speakers and Facilitators are super ready to give You the "OD Edge" Your Business needs. If You haven't registered yet, Its never too late to Do so now Read more on our website 👇🏻 Or Call 0247926429 for more info odedge ccod odconference19 community development organization religious academia education corporate institution international practical facilitation conference tamale uds campus business ghana africa

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Beautiful pantry organisation. Labels are key! Makes going into the pantry and choosing a food item, so much more pleasurable.😊 ———————————————— tidyingup minimalism organise minimalist tidyingupwithmariekondo mariekondo decluttering motivationalquotes motivation quotes lifestyle blogging vegan veganismo simplicity relax meditation yoga organization cleaning cleaninghacks empowerment empoweringwomen feminist supportsmallbusiness business brisbane logo

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On this account I’m transforming it into my personal journal and art. It will mostly be algebra notes, but will also have little doodles mixed in. I am at a much better mind set so bare with me 💕 - just a basic tombow brush marker color chart for today! cute notes tombow jouranl aestheticnotes bulletjournal urban organization

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Anyone else feel like they're constantly moving things from one place to another? 🙋🏻 . At the end of my decluttering project everything will have a place and this will become second nature. That's the aim 🙌🏻 . Everything in it's place. Less cleaning. Less tidying. Doesn't that sound amazing? 😜😁 decluttering declutter declutterproject debtfreeclutterfree organised organisation everythinginitsplace cleaninghacks savetime organization getorganised organisedlife

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Layaknya sebuah Pesta, tidak ada pesta yang tidak berakhir. Pemilu Serentak Pileg & Pilpres 2019, memang belum sempurna dan perlu dievaluasi. Namun, kesempurnaan itu hanyalah milik Allah SWT sang Khalik. Hasil telah ditetapkan secara konstitusional oleh KPU. Kalaupun ada perselisihan silakan ajukan ke lembaga yang konstitusional. Parlemen Jalanan / Ekstra Parlemen, bukan satu2nya mekanisme protes dalam sistem demokrasi. Dia hanya menjadi alat bagi ketidakpuasan. Dan KPU atau BAWASLU bukanlah alat Pemuas anda 😉 Sebagai Ormas, kami menyadari hal ini. Ketika kita semua menyepakati Demokrasi Elektoral & Demokrasi Prosedural, jalur Konstitusionallah jawabannya. Mari kembali fokus kepada apa yg kita kerjakan untuk bangsa & negara. Karena negara tidak pernah bertanya, apa yg anda telah berikan kepada negara. Tetapi apa yg anda bisa berikan kepada negara. Bangun terus Silaturahmi. Perkokoh Persatuan & Kesatuan Bangsa nogolput pestademokrasi pileg2019 pilpres2019 indonesiamaju indonesiaadilmakmur indonesiabermartabat bangunperadabanbangsa bangunperadabanindonesia bersatudalamperbedaan organization ormas pemudapancasila mpwppdki pancasilaabadi sekalilayarterkembangsurutkitaberpantang bhinekatunggalika

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Beautiful setup! We have a few more shelves and racks for our crafts & coding tools, wires, and parts. 😊 Wish we could give photo credits; thank you to the person(s) who created & posted this setup. Enjoy the rest of the day, friends! 좋은 하루 되세요!^^ physicalcomputing seoul make steameducation artsandcrafts creative art tinker acrylicpainting organization 놀이 코딩 취미 데일리 일상 미술 창의미술 메이커스페이스 창의융합교육 엄마표 눈높이교육 엄마표놀이 초딩맘 메이커교육 정리 집스타그램 아트코딩 코딩아트 미술융합교육 꿀잼

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Avoiding Burnout 🤯 For many of you Physio/Therapy business owners & entrepreneurs you will have had a time of incredible stress. This can be the times you just want to quit. But it soon passes & you continue. Until it happens again. Finding the balance to look after yourself, whether that be physically with exercises, mentally with meditation or combo of both. Finding a strategy to allow you to unwind, de stress, separate yourself from your business can be essential for success. In my opinion, staying in survival mode can be overwhelming. Trust me I have been there. Avoiding that, will avoid burnout. Therefore, take some time to relook at your business & see what you can delegate or delete from your task lists! There is an article below talking about how the best avoid it. Although, please reach out if you are feeling like this & lets see what we can do to help. elevateyourclinic elevateyourself organization elevateyourmindset succeednotsurvive entrepreneurship physio sportstherapist sportsrehabilitation privatepractice physicaltherapy physicaltherapist timemanagement businessorganistion

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Wondering what to do with all those scarves? Buy a lightweight plastic dresser to put into your walk-in. This way they are contained and easy to find⚡️

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THANK YOU GUESS WHAT!? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We've just hit 5000 followers right here on Insta! That’s a lot of awesome peeps. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Did you know I love pizza so much that I can hardly eat a slice without doing a little happy dance. Well guys, I love you about a thousand times more than a slice of margherita. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So here’s to you, my faithful followers. Thank you for your encouragement, for caring enough to comment, and for keeping my dream alive with your support of Life Sorted. I’m happy dancing in my office today. Jo x ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We’re looking forward to welcoming the next 5000 followers! We'll see you at 10k :P To keep us on our toes, what other content would you like to see on our feed and stories? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Leave a suggestion below :)

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I loved getting this closet Summer ready for my client! If you have the space, set your closet up so the outfit staples are close together. The bright, fun summer tops are above the shorts and white jeans. And all the summer flip flops are below. Now it is easy find the perfect summer outfit in no time! Not to mention a cute hat nearby too! If space is an issue try slim hangers and file folding shorts and jeans. They can be folded into baskets, in dresser drawers, and on shelves. It makes them streamlined and easy to access. What is your main summer wardrobe staple? Mine is a tossup between white ankle length jeans (short girl probs😉) and silky, lightweight, colorful maxi dresses. Oh and big Jackie O sunglasses! 😎 Wishing all my Oklahoma friends a safe, good night’s sleep! ❤️ thegetittogethergal letmegetittogetherforyou closetorganization closet summer summertime summervibes organization organizedhome

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There’s no point in having wall hooks if you can’t see what’s on them🤷🏻‍♀️. Here, we took out the bags that our client did not use often and stored them in a nice bin above the dresser. Then we hung up the purses she wears daily. Being able to shop in her own closet is a game changer👌🏻💥

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He did that🤭 Follow us for more Rocket League Content!

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Needing some of my talented DIY friends or beauty peeps to share some organization inspiration! My OCD is killing me. I do the same 5-10 minute look everyday because the clutter chips my khakis and don’t like sitting here. Lol. I also have drawers below and like idk 30 inch black ottoman (I call Junk Trunk lol) of stuff I don’t have up because I need more shelving and/or organization diy suggestions accepted as I can’t find very many white, pink, rose gold items I like beauty makeup skincare makeupideas organization eyemakeup cosmetics lipstick makeupbrushes pallet ocd diy makeuporganization motd organize clinique mac benefit morphe toofaced tarte ulta sephora younique itcosmetics mariobadescu anastasiabeverlyhills becca white

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Ken jij deze matrix al? Pas hem toe en je krijgt jouw kostbare tijd terug. De taken die je wil delegeren, doen we met veel plezier voor jou Wat doe jij met je herwonnen tijd? Vertel het ons! 📩

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"Peradi Turut Bertanggung Jawab dalam Penegakan Hukum Lingkungan untuk Kesejahteraan Rakyat" . in Rapat Kerja Nasional Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia 2018 Client: Dewan Pimpinan Nasional PERADI photo/video/cinema [archive] in association with 98photograph creativeagency creative agency art photo video cinema advocate associations organization advokat peradi perhimpunanadvokatindonesia jwmarriott jwmarriotthotelmedan graphicdesign digitalcontent promotion advertising media branding webdevelopment printing publishing medan northsumatera indonesia

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Feeling super inspired over here! Organized my pantry to a thing of beauty, we ain't done though but I'm pretty happy ❤ Check out the "before" how did we even live? I'm sorry that's just disgusting sis! Clean ya act up! 😂 PantryGoals Organization PantryPorn CleanAndTidy KitchenGoals MarieKondo EverythingSparksJoy TisketATasketIBroughtAllTheFuknBaskets 😂 Containers ClickClack DecorAu TheWarehouse Kmart StorageBox Briscoes ImABigFan ContainerLife StorageSolutions Storage Inspiration Pinterest

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Beth says it best and does it best 👇the dread of going through boys closets and seeing the mess and then figuring out what fits and what doesn’t! It is something I can pass on to Beth McGrath and serenespacesnashville Nothing worse than sorting through clothes every 6 months because they won’t stop growing. A little organizing, a little straightening a lot of purging. purgingclutter organization kidsclothes closetgoals

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Meet the crew of the ship that will set sail to the StudyStartWeek of 2019! Hola everyone! My name is Donna and I am 20 years old. I study Leisure & Events Management International at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden and I am the creative director within the team. I am responsible for the storyline during the StudyStartWeek and making sure the creative parts of the events will fit within the theme. I want to give everyone the same experience as I had during the StudyStartWeek last year. I am looking forward to see you all in the StudyStartWeek where you will experience an amazing week that start a new chapter in your life! SSW2019 NHLStenden StudyStartWeek studentcompany likeforlike followme photooftheday captain smile girl sonyalpha introduction team happy mik ikozosseg iamnhlstenden Stenden Netherlands Leeuwarden 2019 student organization LeisureLab

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SMILE SCOREで嬉しいサービスがスタート!「今日のあなたの気分」を1日1投稿で1マイル貯まります。100マイル貯まるとSMILE SCOREから嬉しいプレゼント!  各会社でも、 福利厚生 としてSmile(エスマイル)をカスタマイズして活用しています!  因みにSMILE SCOREは、スタバのプレゼントです!!  fukuoka smilescore software startup website organization business businessmodel company IT innovation hr starbucks Smile エスマイル スマイルスコア  経営者 人事 ハッピーカラー  ベンチャー  スタートアップ 福岡 福岡から世界へ SaaS  ビジネス  スタートアップ  ビジネスモデル  スターバックス

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Tokyo Films is a independent film organization company that is based in the state of st. Louis Missouri which has different sponsors resources that have been branched out throughout the city of St Louis Missiour , Chicago Illinois , Los Angeles California, NewYork City Memphis Tennessee , and many more which also has distribution music companies throughout record labels far as Grind by any means record label , ACO music Group Productions And BMO - boss moves only All or Nothing record label distribution through 1000 countries Tokyo films is a blackowned business which includes different clothing ' fashion shows is on cologne. he will also be signing his first artist to his label by the name of Selah Love that is also distributed and connected through Tokyo films and plays a big part of the community which includes rebuilding BlackWallStreet in the state of st. Louis Missouri. And Los Angeles California Also in the Fall of 2020 Tokyo films organization will have his own talent Agency company to help out local artists around the US and UK This message has been sponsored by Tokyo films organization affiliated with B.M.O

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Whenever you are doing a remodel you will always run in to a crossroads where you have to make a sudden change and decision. This has been an extremely difficult challenge for my personality because I am super type A and having a plan suddenly change is not an easy thing for me to accept. But this process has taught me to make peace with things I can not control and challenged me to be a little more flexible This house had a classic 70’s step down living room, which meant that you stepped up to the hallway and stepped up to the kitchen. The original plan was to raise the living room floor so everything was one level. Well as things often occur in construction, once walls were opened up it was discovered that because of headers (still not sure exactly what that is 😆) - this was not possible, and so the change to drop the kitchen floor became the only option which made the kitchen and living room the same level but left a step up in the hallway. This was so upsetting for me and I may have thrown a little (or big) fit about it 😆 . But once I made peace with it I decided to have fun with the step up and make it a focal point. This sparkly tile is the perfect solution for that 🥰 . (Ps the next project after the exterior is to add a master suite addition, so that temp storage cabinet will one day be replaced with our master bedroom door 🙌) . hallwaydecor modernfarmhouse modernfarmhousestyle farmhousesigns hardwoodfloors tilesteps diyproject diyhomedecor changeishard brightside dreamhomeinthemaking mybuildingjourney homeinspiration homesweethome whitefarmhouse fixerupper fixerupperstyle rustic rusticmodern sweatequity handyhusband farmhousedecor minamilist organization homeownerbuilder homerenovation blessed livingonedayatatime

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Less is more, I love keeping fashion a little more minimal

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“To think that in such a place I led such a life” : I Can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life and start designing! So blessed for my family and friends who have helped me along the way, couldn’t have done it without them ❤️ miamiuniversity

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Always be mindful of your thoughtsthe universe doesn’t respond to I want, I wishit responds to I am and I havelive the life you want in the present, and reality will soon follow. lawofattraction

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Aesthetically pleasing

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Choices, choices + more choices!

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Spring hues

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When your inner world is vibrating at its highest frequency, the universe has no choice but to adjust your outer world to match the vibration. It’s the law of a attraction.