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Visite de EXPO-SCÈNE 2019 👀 Le plus important événement au Canada voué aux professionnels de l'industrie de la scène et des technologies multimédia.🎙💡📽 De belles rencontres et de nombreuses découvertes des nouvelles technologies, très inspirantes pour les prochains shows et projets multimédias EXPOSCENE2019 EXPOSCENE originaldesign originalconcept artdirection multimedia multimediashow multimediaexperience spectaclemultimedia staging largescaleprojection projection mapping newtechnology

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Hey guys! Portal is back! Portal was another victim of the “Ravage” process (explained with COTW Ravage). The head of the department, Doctor Valentine, had an affair with Doctor Gordon (Hellfire scientist). So they worked very closely together. Portal was treated very highly by her scientist and had a lot of time in a little yard in the back of the labs. Spar would sneak out to this yard to find a way out, and in doing so met Portal. They fell in love with another and had three pups, Kenji (blue), Ujark (red), and Iris (Green). Iris ended up dying due to the parasite on her coat eating her alive. Luckily, Portal learned from this problem and taught Kenji and Ujark how to control theirs. Spar and Portal broke up after awhile, since Portal started acting protective of her pups (and a little mean). She will be in the next Black Moon part! Did you miss the OG Portal? Are you hyped? Let me know in the comments 😁

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"After commanding the team the past few weeks from headquarters. I guess you could say I'm a little peckish for some action" 📸: captaineddiemullis an excellent cosplay! 📸: dtjaaaam with the excellent photo dccomics dc dcrebirth dcuniverse nightwing dickgrayson batman batfam batfamily youngjustice justiceleague titans teentitans robin cosplay cosplays cosplayer cosplayers cosplaylife cosplayworld cosplayersofinstagram cosplayersofig armorcosplay originaldesign originalconcept cape hood cloak

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"Dilemma" . 33" × 20" . Graphite on paper There always comes a situation in life where u have to make difficult choices with no alternatives. Fear, sadness, anger, happiness a mix of all emotions burst within u. And then nothing is quite what it seems to be Do lemme knw what u think about this piece.thanku fr the support Always🙏♥️ faizanowshin originalconcept creativeart sketch_daily graphitesketch conceptualart drawingartist sketchart sketchartist within9781 art_dailydose wildlifesketch deerdrawing animalart artdaily makearteveryday illustration sketchbooks artofdrawing pencilwork pencilart drawingaday dailydose artlovers creativemind drawingoftheday artphotography

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“It’s not easy, Amber. Love potions are forbidden not just because they violate human rights but - yes I do know how to make them, I just - I - okay okay I’ll make it, but you mustn’t tell anyone!”

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Check Out This Amazing Cosplay Be sure to follow, and show some page love for captaineddiemullis - "After commanding the team the past few weeks from headquarters. I guess you could say I'm a little peckish for some action" 📸: dtjaaaam with the excellent photo! Thank you dccomics dc dcrebirth dcuniverse nightwing dickgrayson batman batfam batfamily youngjustice justiceleague titans teentitans robin cosplay cosplays cosplayer cosplayers cosplaylife cosplayworld cosplayersofinstagram cosplayersofig armorcosplay originaldesign originalconcept cape hood cloak Also Follow and Support Our Feature Pages Family extraordinary_men_of_cosplay creative_cosplay_creations and musesofcosplay

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‘Colonia’ 'An original Restless Feet Artwork by 'Artenique' Original Image taken in ‘Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay 🇺🇾 printed on a non-colour calibrated printer onto enviro canvas, scratched with pure alcohol, framed in reclaimed elements, chalk painted, aged, finished in beeswax 🐝 and platted coconut 🥥 husks 👌 Available thecollectivebeat_gerringong 107 Fern St, Gerringong NSW artenique restlessfeet originalconcept rusticart printart photoart canon reclaimed chalkpaint madebypainthome localartist jervisbaynsw gerringong rusticdecor colonia uruguay

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Fighting BANG🌾 BANG 🌾BANG BINGGRAE BINGGRAE BINGGRE BANG🌾 BANG 🌾BANG BINGGRAE BINGGRAE BINGGRE Felling in the army while waiting for Oppa Idol na discharge 😄 Sa gitna ng init ng labanan Barilin mo ng Biggrae Icecream ang kalaban 😅👍 originalconcept BingmetoKorea triptoKorea contestph army

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A C T I O N TAYO! BANG🌾 BANG 🌾BANG BINGGRAE BINGGRAE BINGGRE BANG🌾 BANG 🌾BANG BINGGRAE BINGGRAE BINGGRE Felling in the army while waiting for Oppa Idol na madischarge 😄 Sa gitna ng init ng labanan Barilin mo ng Biggrae Icecream ang kalaban 😅👍 originalconcept BingmetoKorea triptoKorea contestph army

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aaannd sum doodle of my persona : hyuuka to relieve stress due to upcoming national finals aka cursed unbk 😭 7 layer tried-to-paint experiment ;; i screwed it, but oh well who cares :3. it felt good to be able to draw something after studying and its been 4352772102 years i didn't post anything lol, my bad gonna keep posting some sketches whether it's tradi or digi so y'all better be okay with some messy feeds wwwww /ini menghitung hari sebelom unbk-usbn-us dimulai ;; sport jantung w/ anime manga style painting sketch messy doodle animedrawing mangaart artist artwork artistoninstagram instaart originalstyle practice beginner originalart originalconcept sketchbook originalcharacter persona hyuukayaoc redmelody_hyuuka digital digitalpainting digitalart semirealism working eveningsketch sasucchi_support

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Swipe to see my original concept for Blossom 🌺

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This is my first finished background! Swipe to see the earlier works! Finally finished something. The second one is the base colors I did yesterday and the third one with line art was the early draft I did in December 2018. Inspirations came from Tangled the Series and Star vs the Forces of Evil backgrounds, especially on the floor detail XD background conceptart conceptdesign visualdevelopment visdev linelessart cartoon environment environmentpainting backgroundpainting originaldesign originalconcept originalstyle ownstyle artistsofinstagram artistsonig artists_insta filipino vectorart vectorillustration vector vectorartwork vexelart vexel vexelartwork digital digitalart digitalpainting

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Estudo de cena. Esta em especifico é da nova temporada de Game of thrones. Acabei indo um pouco além e colocando alguns elementos extras. Scene study. This specific is the new season of Game of thrones. I ended up going a little further and putting some extra elements in it. conceptart night digitalpainting travel fantasy fantasyart concept digitalart digital2d gameart indieartists game illustration drawing originalconcept instaartist art artwork artcomunity environment landscape environmentdesign Gameofthrones nightwatch GOT castle fire nightlights Blue nightking

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Subject 0098 Created by Doctor Valentine Reanimation and Dark matter experiment, created originally in the bioengineering war of 2167 to earn the US a victory, the process of creating 0098 is known as the “Ravage” process. Creature is a reanimated female wolf with a Black Hole generator inside its chest. 0098 weighs nothing, because it has no matter or physical form. The Black goop on its face seems to suggest that the black hole generator has created its own slimy matter. Attempts to recreate the Ravage process are far too dangerous. DO NOT ATTEMPT. Doctors Notes: We’re SorrY, but this informAtIoN is UnAVailAble. Please AsK fOr ASsisTance when HanDelin-

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Here’s my submission for the k_the_creator contest! This took a lot longer than I expected, and I didn’t have enough time to finish my OC off. I don’t usually draw people/hoomans but I wanted to challenge myself. That and I just love Bianca! I hope you like it! 😁 k_artcontest

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🌺 Yvelyn Rose (Blossom) 🌺 I’m revamping a bunch of looks from early this year. The second in the sequence will include the original for comparison ☺️

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"Silay ng Diwata" it roughly translates to "The Peering Nymph" in my native language. I did this piece with the intent of making something within 2-3 hours. My dumbass did this in 3 days, around 8 hours. I tried out a different style for this one and I was pretty happy with the result! I had a lot of friends from discord helping me out with the anatomy too ^^ so I'm really proud of this one 😊 Anyway, have a fine Holy Week ya'll 24_wildheart aliakim digital digitalart nymph lake diwata folklore girl illustration originalconcept originalart fantasy magic magicalart

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- Alaria, the rogue - I finished the full profile of my Tiefling rogue, Alaria. It's nothing fancy. Despite coming from a criminal family, Alaria likes to keep her outfit simple so that she can blend in. I was actually inspired by Han Solo's outfit when I was designing it 😊 The pose & physique is a little bit weird but I'll be sure to draw her more to get it right next time 😅 So a brief backstory: Alaria comes from a known criminal family. But she hides that fact because her parents kept getting loans from another and bigger criminal family. When they couldn't pay their depts, they were killed and her younger brother sold into slavery. They kept Alaria and trained her to become a professional thief and assassin. She goes wherever they order her to go, stealing from dungeons or getting an odd job or two. Whenever she sees something extra, she will take it to fund the freedom of her brother. All in all, she's a rogue with a heart of gold deep down artoftheday drawingoftheday dnd dndcharacter tieflingrogue drawing illustration artoninstagram instaart artistsoninstagram oc originalcharacter originalconcept originalart traditionalart mangaart mangastyledrawing mangastyle animestyle copicciao

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Now that Spring Break is on, I figured I’d take the time to revise some old character designs. Meet Amelia, a time traveler. For context, her job is to travel around various points in time to make sure events happen according to a history book. I haven’t gotten far in planning out the scope of the world but I did have this character sort of fleshed out. As you can see, I’ve messed around with a few styles, and by few I mean two, and I’ve also included some conceptual pieces that I did. art drawing illustration originalart originalconcept digitalart digitaldrawing characterdesign characterdesigner characterart

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I decided to try drawing cars and that's what happened. Also if you like this picture do not forget to rate, leave a comment and subscribe. Further moreя решил попробовать рисовать машины и вот что получилось. И ещё, если тебе понравился этот рисунок то не забудь оценить , оставить комментарий и подписатся. дальше – больше ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) art ukraineart artandmusic originalart originaldesign originalconcept original originals concept conceptart drawing drawingpencils pencils color colorpencils sketch sketchbook illustrator illustration art🎨 artist create creative creator colorfull design designartwork car cars carsdesign

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The Body Collectors vs Nightingales would make an amazing original house idea in the future. These two horror entities battle it out to claim dibs on the human race and we are stuck right in the middle of it as the victims. That would be scary as helland amazing! Who would win? hhn hhn29 bodycollectors nightingales hauntedhouse horror horrornights hauntedmaze scareactor originalconcept halloween halloweenhorrornights horrornights themepark instahorror universalstudiosorlando orlando horrorfilm victim haunt hauntfam creepy vs banshee creature spfx specialeffectsmakeup haunted instapic

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Black Moon part 1 With our key characters introduced, our story can begin. Sirius is a female wolf who wakes in a glass containment pod. After years of sleep and suppressed dreams, she starts to remember a scandal with Lily, a wolf she must have met in her previous life. Zoria is a male wolf who was subject to mental experimentation. He tries to escape his cell to no avail. He’ll need help to get his leg out the door. Toxic is a female wolf with an older brother named Spar. Spar is a ruthless wolf who raised Toxic when their parents killed one another. Their bond is unbreakable, for better or for worse. Part 2 is coming soon! Who’s your favorite character thus far? Let me know in the comments!

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Wine Cab déborde d'ambition & de projets pour continuer à faire valoir le patrimoine et les paysages du vignoble bordelais, au travers de Wine tours toujours plus originaux. Mais pour cela, pour développer ce concept unique dans le bordelais, j'ai besoin de vous, de votre soutien ! J'ai donc décidé de me lancer dans la grande aventure du Crowdfunding, via la plateforme tudigo ! Vous pouvez avoir accès à la page de mon projet et au détail des contreparties offertes via le lien dans la bio. Au travers de ce financement participatif, vous pouvez soutenir & devenir les ambassadeurs d'un concept authentique ! Toutes les participations sont essentielles, quel que soit le montant, puisque c'est tous ensemble que nous pourrons faire de cette campagne un succès Si vous souhaitez participer, rien de plus simple : - Rendez-vous sur la page de la campagne (lien dans la bio) - Choisissez le montant à hauteur duquel vous souhaitez contribuer - Créez votre compte (c'est très rapide, ça ne vous prendra pas plus d'une minute c'est promis !) - Payez par CB ou virement (tous les paiements sont 100% sécurisés, c'est promis aussi !) - ET VOILA ! Vous êtes officiellement un ange gardien de Wine Cab 😇 - Je vous contacterai ensuite pour vous offrir votre contrepartie 🍷🍷 . Un grand merci à tous & à très vite pour une jolie balade sur les routes des vins en taxi londonien ! 🚖 crowdfundingplatforms crowdfundingglobe🎯 crowdfundingsuccess crowdfunding crowdfundingplatform crowdfundingproject bordeauxwinetasting bordeauxmaville bordeauxculture girondetourisme visitfrenchwine winetourism winetouring winetours likeandshare likeforlikeback instawine instawines soutenir originalconcept greatideas beautifulproject solidarite blackcab crowdfundingcampaigns crowdfundingcampaign picoftheday photooftheday