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“You’re always in my pictures” 😂😂😂

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I’ll just leave this here 🙄😂

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Memorization. Do you have a process? You better. I think most people approach it wrong. In my experience, memorization is a by product of good work good HARD work. Work smart though I came across an interview with William H. Macy where he was discussing how technically demanding acting is, particularly on camera He said this on memorization: “People say, ‘Oh that’s the easy part.’ It’s not the easy part. It’s a burden. It’s a trial. It’s the worst part. The cold hard fact is that nobody knows the lines well enough at the beginning of a play or film.” learnyourlines workingactor actorslife setlife actor hollywood actingclass actorsinstinct williamhmacy oscarnominee shameless showtime actingteacher actingcoach memorization

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Special guest filmmaker Bing Liu sharing some of the storyboarding and editing sequences that went into his award-winning documentary MINDING THE GAP.

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[TRIVIA:] Tuesday Trivia- this picture was taken after a Justin Bieber concert lmao Q:Margot did a “Suicide Squad” promo in the form of a mock therapy session with this famous NFL player. Name the NFL player. A:Comment your answer below and I’ll like the ones that are correct 💟 - - - ••• margotrobbie ••• margotrobbie margot fanaccount margoteliserobbie margotupdates margotupdate margotrobbieedit harleyquinn focus thebigshort goodbyechristopherrobin itonya oscarnominee terminal maryqueenofscots dreamland peterrabit suicidesquad wolfofwallstreet legendoftarzan zforzachariah panam whiskeytangofoxtrot suitefrancaise abouttime neighbours margotrobbers

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One of the things I most admire about Terry Moore is that at the tender age of 90 she keeps going no matter what, mentally and physically. She’s been doing my boot camp 3 times a week for the past 14 years, plus yoga twice a week and The Actors Studio every Fri. She’s constantly working on her body and mind by exercising, reading, and working on her craft. That’s her secret to staying - she doesn’t stop for anything. The moment we stop is when our body and mind start to wither away. No matter what age you are or how busy you may be, you have to always keep your body and mind going terrymoore oscarnominee

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Did you know: Sue Lyon's outstanding performance as "Lolita" earned her the "Most Promising Female Newcomer" award at the 1963 Golden Globes Join us as Heeere’s Kubrick concludes on Wednesday with 👙LOLITA! mgm_studios lolitamovie lolitafilm kubrick stanleykubrick april wednesday wednesdaymotivation wednesdayvibes wednesdaymood forbiddenlove crime drama romance jamesmason shelleywinters suelyon petersellers 1962films goldenglobe goldenglobes oscars oscarnominee plano planotx frisco friscotx theshopsatlegacy angelikaplano

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Jack Nicholson HAPPY BIRTHDAY legend ❤️❤️❤️ and thanks to mary.lastar for the birthday alert 🚨 ••••••••••••••••••••••••• jacknicholson nicholson movie movies moviejunkie followmee jack hollywoodstar hollywoodstars filmbuff nowwatching followmeee akteur shining hollywoodstar bollywood kollywood oscarnominee cinematographer cinematime moviestar moviestars fangirling fangirl fans actionmovie bello actionmovies filmdaction

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Imagine: You’re dating with Timothée Chalamet and both of you were in the shopping. You decide to take a selfie but he came too close, so it’s only him in the picture 😭♥️

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Your beautiful at sometime in your life but on the long run Beauty dies with you .Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart are the only people who have been nominated for playing the same role, from the same film, in the same year. Both actresses played the role of Rose, at ages 17 and 100, in 1997’s Titanic. oscars academyawards oscarnominee filmhistory titanic titanic1997 katewinslet gloriastuart bestactress bestsupportingactress jamescameron rosedewittbukater rosedawson drawmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls

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"I want to make a complaint against my parents. I'd want adults to listen to me. I want adults who can't raise not to have any. What will I remember? Violence, insults or beatings, hit with chains, pipes, or a belt? The kindest words I heard were get out son of a whore! Bug off, piece of garbage! Life is a pile of shit. Not worth more than my shoe. I live in hell here. I burn like rotting meat. Life is a bitch.I thought we'd become good people, loved by all. But God doesn't want that for us. He'd rather we be washrags for others. The you're carrying will be like I am" Zain in the film called Capernaum (2018) written and directed by Nadine Labaki

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“I’m very lucky. I could have pretty easily been driving a forklift.” A singer, actor, producer and movie star, Jeremy Renner (1971-) is equally at home in an indie drama or the biggest movies of all time. A Californian, studying criminology, psychology and computer science, drama was as an elective in college. After a role-play as a domestic disturbance perpetrator as part of a police-training exercise for $50 he dropped out and decided to pursue acting seriously studying in San Francisco. On stage, directing, in commercials, making his film debut in “National Lampoon’s Senior Trip” and then television, playing serial killer Jeffrey “Dahmer” brought him great acclaim. Six years later after some small roles in big productions and more indie fare he was remembered by Kathryn Bigelow and cast in his Oscar nominated turn as a bomb disposal expert in “The Hurt Locker.” Affleck’s much praised “The Town” brought another Oscar nomination a year later. Within another year he joined three major franchises. As Hawkeye in Marvel’s “Thor” as an introduction to “The Avengers”, Cruise’s much welcomes return to “Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol” and replacing Damon in “The Bourne Legacy” as Aaron Cross with credibility. Internationally “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” was a solid hit. In between three more Marvel blockbusters, more of stretch were the fine “American Hustle”, the superb “Arrival” with Adams and the fine indie “Wind River.” Playing often flawed and complicated characters in big and smaller projects, he would make even driving a forklift a deeper, more meaningful and most likely a scene stealing moment.

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Took me a while to do this, but I’ve finally completed my favourite movies of 2018. 10. The Sisters Brothers 9. Sweet Country 8. Widows 7. The Favourite 6. You Were Never Really Here 5. Blackkklansman 4. Avengers: Infinity War 3. Mandy 2. Mission Impossible Fallout 1. Annihilation 2018 movies topten missionimpossible infinitywar thefavourite youwereneverreallyhere annihilation thesistersbrothers mandy oliviacolman oscarnominee blackkklansman spikelee marvel emmastone natalieportman tomcruise

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why does timothée always sit like he wants you to sit with him

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Creed (2015) Here we go again 13 February 2017 One more in the line of great "Rocky" movies. After the original one, the idea of making a franchise that will last for decades may sound pretty ridiculous. I mean, what's there to continue? What can you possibly put in those sequels that won't be copying and repeating the same story with slight variations Maybe they do copy, maybe they repeat more or less the same story over and over again, maybe they catch us on pathetic emotional tricks and nostalgia, but those tricks obviously accomplish their purpose extremely well. Emotional scenes bring tears to our eyes, fights keep us on the edge of the seats, Stallone acts better and better in every new sequel, production becomes better every time. Maybe it is not original, maybe it uses old tricks to get to us, but it is still great, I mean really great movie. 8/10 creed drama boxing ryancoogler oscarnominee michaelbjordan sylvesterstallone tessathompson phyliciarashad gym fights training underdog rockybalboa rocky

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The Favourite review history blackcomedy Director: Yorgos Lanthimos Starring: Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone I finally got to see The Favourite two days ago. As someone who could not be more pessimistic with the Oscars, this was actually pretty entertaining and gets strangely better the more I think about it. The Favourite centres on an ailing Queen Anne of England, and her two advisors, Rachel Weisz’ experienced yet uptight manipulator and Emma Stone’s ambitious youngster. It’s a look into political dominance over the ruler, power mismanagement and who plays the game the best. Off the bat, this movie’s main trio are this generation’s The Good The Bad and The Ugly! These these actresses are amazing together- Olivia Coleman has been a favourite of mine for years, and she plays this role so well. And Weisz and Stone are both brilliant; their rivalry is brought to life so well, their characters are so entertaining and you just enjoy how manipulative they are. There’s a great sense that you don’t really know who to route for, but at it’s done in way that you enjoy seeing who is the most destructive with their authority and how menacing they can be; I just always have a soft spot for movies about powerful folks abusing their power for their own selfish gains. The direction for this movie is also very good. Not only is it written very solidly, the movie also looks great- the sets and costumes are amazing. There are some camera shots that look microscopic that are weird, but very other technical level is solid. And the humour is well timed and disturbing, like an episode of Blackadder. I would say the first 30 minutes are quite slow, but when it kicks in, it’s very entertaining. I recommend it to you guys. thefavourite 2018 oscarnominee oliviacolman rachelweisz emmastone yorgoslanthimos nicholashoult queens english historicalfashion political comedy

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Behind the scenes 🎬

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New/old Timothée! Via tchalamet.cn , peachesincrema , Timothée Chalamet Network Hair by jamie_grooming and ensemble by h.a Carry on.