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Pizza Patata potatoes, taleggio, mozzarella, rosemary, caramelised onionsWinter flavours are the best 🍕

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Sunday night shop. Yeah sure why not ! Natural hair products that actually work. Growth, thickening, curls, treatment's and for blondes range. Only $5 shipping . Www.pumpelissish.nz

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Coastal project in 2015, providing habitat for one of the most iconic species in Aotearoa, the Hōiho. This reserve is privately owned and funds are generated from guided tours to protect native biodiversity and rehabilitate sick and injured penguins. This is a fantastic initiative started by a visionary sheep farmer Howard McGrouther. The public can witness rare wildlife through a unique trench and hides system, often at close range. Most importantly, the disturbance factor is removed, a win for wildlife and a win for the general public HabitatRestoration PrivateReserve Hoiho YellowEyedPenguin Endemic Endangered PenguinPlace FamilyFarm Diversify SheepFarm OtagoPeninsula SelfFunded ConservationProject EcoTourism GuidedTours

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Afternoon tea in a castle ballroom, are we still in New Zealand? - Whilst exploring Larnach Castle we popped into their onsite cafe which is located in the ballroom and were very excited to find homemade scones with cream and jam and shortbread biscuits. Slightly non-traditionally we went for Chai Lattes instead of English tea and it was so good larnachcastle otagopeninsula dunedin newzealand nzroadtrip afternoontea chailatte sconesandcream foodiefun worldwidewebb rtwtrip backpackerlife travellingtheworld globetrotters instatravels wanderlust beautifuldestinations goexplore mytravelgram lifewelltravelled travelmore coupletravels lovetheoneyoutravelwith takememoriesleavefootprints travelphoto

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Exploring New Zealand’s only castle - Larnach Castle was built by William Larnach in 1874 and based on the stately homes of England - Reading about the history of the castle and the Larnach family was like watching a soap opera with suicide, bankruptcy, and an affair between son and step mum larnachcastle dunedin otagopeninsula newzealand nzroadtrip castlesofinstagram statelyhome soapopera historicbuildings worldwidewebb rtwtrip backpackerlife travellingtheworld globetrotters instatravels wanderlust beautifuldestinations goexplore mytravelgram lifewelltravelled travelmore coupletravels lovetheoneyoutravelwith takememoriesleavefootprints travelphoto

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Jours 133-135 : Otago Peninsula 🇳🇿, mars 2019 . Roadtrip en 🚙 ! Pas de chance avec le temps ces jours-là, mais cela ajoute un charme tout particulier à cette région 🤩📸 . Retrouvez les liens de tous les articles en bio ou rendez-vous sur www.happy-riders.com pour savoir ce qu'il s'est passé depuis happy_riders amazing aroundtheworld adventure awesome backpacking blogvoyage globetrotter instatravel lovetravel nofilter tourdumonde travel traveladdict travelblog travelblogger traveltheworld voyage wanderlust newzealand discovernewzealand otagopeninsula

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Lining up colours for the Evening

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Yesterday I took my very first violin to the luthier in Sydney to get some tlc ❤️ both my brother and I used this violin then we put it in a case to rest for about 20 Years. I can’t wait to see it be played again at otagoviolinschool

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Looking down on the sea carved sandstone cliffs at Tunnel Beach. 🌊 mavicpro ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀

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Royal Albatross observation. 👀 มาเผือกเรื่องนก albatrossnz royalalbatross dunedinnz otagopeninsula wilddunedin 🐦 นกอัลบาทรอสจัดว่าเป็นนกที่บินได้ที่ มีขนาดใหญ่และบินไกลที่สุดในโลก การติดตามโดยใช้ดาวเทียมเผยให้เห็นว่า นกอัลบาทรอสบางตัวใช้เวลาบินรอบโลกไม่ถึง 2 เดือน และสามารถลอยตัวอยู่บนอากาศได้นานถึง 6 วัน โดยไม่ต้องกระพือปีกเลย คือ6ปีแรกนางจะบินแบบไม่หยุดและจากนั้นทุกสองปีนางก็จะกลับมายืนบนบก เฉพาะตอนสืบพันธุ์ (กับสามีคนเดิม)และให้อาหารลูก เท่านั้น

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“Hi there my friend!” . Yellow-eyed Penguin, Otago Peninsula, Dunedin Lucky enough we were able to spot 3 of this little creature on one of the Otago Peninsula beach yesterday before sunset. Despite those penguins so far from our eyes sight, but we were happy The Hoiho, or Yellow-eyed Penguin, it is considered to be one of the world's rarest penguin species, native to New Zealand and only can be found on the south east coast of the South Island Shot with Nikon Z7, Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6 and NiSi HUC C-PL . newzealand mountcook bird birdwatching birdsofnewzealand birdsofinstagram birdsofparadise birdphoto birdphotography animal animalphotography nikon nisifiltersau dunedin followforfollow otagopeninsula likeforlike photography australia sydneyphotographer birding wildlife visitnewzealand beautiful nikon nikonasia nikonz7 nature penguin yelloweyedpenguin

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Boathouse near Portobello on the Otago Harbour. The road used to go around that headland, then they straightened the road leaving that odd little piece with the macrocarpa trees on top that looks like a giant pineapple sticking out of the ground. The boathouse is painted with a kingfisher, common on the peninsula although I haven't yet managed to photograph one. It's on my to do list for the medium term future. dunnerstunner dunedin dunedinnz

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Seaview breakfast at Penguin cafe

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😴 Woke up early hours - switch on social media 📱BOOM 💥 there’s big smiley Joel from kentysbbq - way too much smiley stuff for that time of the morning but then there’s all those photos of deliciousness- slow cooked meat, lovingly prepared sauces and sides 🤤hmmm, it’s 5am and suddenly I’m hungry! THANKS JOEL! 😂🍻👊✅ eatotago craftbeer dunedinstory streetfood foodtruck friends ousanz otago otagopeninsula otagouniversity otagopolytechnic otagouni dunedinstory dunedinnz entrepreneur beer craftbeerporn foodporn craftybuggerz

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LITTLE BLUE PENGUINS 💙 The world’s smallest species of penguins.🐧 The best viewing of the penguins can be found at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony with seating set-up around a little blue penguin colony nesting site. Watch the penguins return from the sea in groups as the sun goes down. Cr: https:www.backpackerguide.nz/5-oamaru-must-do Recommend to reserve ticket in advance cuz it is quite popular. What a nice coincidence that we watched them on World Penguin Day.🐧 littlebluepenguin oamarunz otagopeninsula

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Visited penguin.place to see the Rarest Penguin on Earth the Yellow Eyed Penguin. They are a self funded organisation similar to saprec_mb that assist with injured Penguins , rehabilitating them so they can be returned to the wild . They also rehabilitate the Penguin Nesting areas and control feral pests as well as running a great informative tour of the rehab facility and the nursery . Well worth a visit if you are in Dunedin NZ yelloweyedpenguin penguinplace penguin penguins otagopeninsula dunedin newzealand nz canonwildlifephotography natgeomyshot