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Day20: Trusting the lightening rod atop NZ’s only castle ⚡️ 90 staff are involved with maintaining and restoring the castle to it 1871 state. Last 2 pics: Dunedin Chinese Gardens. larnachcastle otagopeninsula chinesegardens dunedin

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You can find peace and solace in your own little corner of paradise. There are always jobs to do but there is delight at every turn, especially with the autumnal light and evening glow. This evening I was followed by a Fantail for over an hour, dancing and flicking her tail with each sweet shrill. It was truly magic. To experience such beauty, to tune with nature, whilst feeling deep sadness is a churning and profound emotion. I felt better though and proud that all New Zealanders of all ethnicities, backgrounds, religions and orientations stand together. They are us. Kia Kaha Aotearoa christchurch kiakahachristchurch beautiful bestnewzealand dunnerstunner dunedinnz goodmorningdunners goodmorningdunedin otagopeninsula gardenphotography gardening gardens evening beautiful walk walking nature naturelovers naturephotography

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イエローアイドペンギンの雛の換羽🐧❤️ ボロボロだろうが、クチバシに羽がくっついてようが、ただ堂々と立ち尽くす。 うわブサイク〜、ではなく、こんな貴重な時期を間近で見られてラッキー🥰と思ったあたりがペンギンマニア! * yelloweyedpenguin イエローアイドペンギン キガシラペンギン キンメペンギン ペンギン 換羽 雛換羽 ボロボロ newzealand dunedin otago otagopeninsula ニュージーランド nz wildpenguin penguins lovepenguins penguincrazy ペンギン研究家 ペンギンマニア 🐧 penguinstagram ペン活

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This Pukekura Blue Penguin adult and its fluffy chick have a safe haven at Taiaroa Head Kaitiaki and Otago Peninsula Trust are offering a great family deal of $40 during the Wild Dunedin festival 22-28 April. The Otago Peninsula Trust is part of the organising committee of Wild Dunedin and we thank them for their support of the festival from when the festival was just an idea. Thank you Hiltrun Ratz for the photo wilddunedin wilddunedinfestival bluepenguinspukekura otagopeninsulatrust nzmustdo nznature naturenz southislandnz wildlifephotography wildlifelover conservationist dunedinnz dunedin nzlife dunnerstunner tourismnz newzealandvacations ig_newzealand earthfocus newzealandguide festival nature penguin bluepenguin otagopeninsula

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Shoes off 👣 Sunnies on ✨

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오늘은 190316 오늘은 홀팍에 조금 일찍 도착했다. 도착해서 뒤로 자리를 옮겨 창문 밖을 보는데 액자가 걸려 있는 느낌이었다. 뉴질랜드 떠나기 10일 전- 조금씩 힘들어 지도라도 더 열심히 길거리 여행자 생활을 즐겨야겠다. _ 예쁘다 _ 뉴질랜드 newzealand portobello 포토벨로 newmarriedcouple 밤밤부부 밤밤_뉴질랜드 밤밤캠퍼밴여행 여행 신혼부부 부부세계여행 신혼 밤밤부부의신혼일기 여행에미치다 유디니 뉴질랜드여행 뉴질랜드캠퍼밴여행 otagopeninsula 오타고페닌슐라 내일은펭귄보러가자

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This morning all seemed as it should be in my part of New Zealand. Calm, serene and simple. It is hard to reconcile this with what happened yesterday in Christchurch. But we are strong, we will get through this, love and help each other, celebrate our diversity and with this enrich our lives. Storms will come but serenity and peace will always win. Kia Kaha Aotearoa💚💚 christchurch kiakahachristchurch bestnewzealand goodmorningdunners goodmorningdunedin otagopeninsula dunedin dunnerstunner

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Après les otaries place aux lions de mer. Comment les reconnaître ? des oreilles toutes petites contrairement aux otaries et ils ont plutôt tendance à vivre sur des plages de sable plutôt que sur les rochers. Bon après leur quotidien est assez similaire ✅on dort et on bronze pendant des heures ✅on a trop chaud ✅on se traine sur le sable ✅on va à l’eau ✅on nage et on fait le spectacle 🔁 et on recommence Interdit de les approcher de trop près, mais ils sont tellement nombreux et dissimulés qu’on a failli leur marcher dessus à plusieurs reprises • • • • Picture by derennec otago otagopeninsula liondemer phoque sealions seal nz newzealand bluewater sealion pvtistes frenchcouple couple whv campervan van globetrotteur nikon nikond5300 landscape animals animallover nature adventuretime

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Coneflowers are my favourite plant of the season for late summer flowers and the interesting autumn-winter seed heads. So easy to grow in a sunny, well drained space in the flower garden. Coneflowers (Echinacea) originate from the prairies in central north America. Echinacea purpurea is used medicinally as all parts of the plant stimulate the immune system. Pictured here is Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit" echinacea herbalplants sunlovingplants flowergarden gardendesign plantinghelp dunedinnz otagopeninsula

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Главная проблема трэвел-фотографов - толпы людей с фотоаппаратами практически во всех мало-мальски красивых и интересных местах планеты. Хорошо, что только почти. Вот, например, Новая Зеландия. "Это место действительно красивое, - делится своими впечатлениями от посещения этой страны фотограф tan.corp - и мы не можем сказать, что нас беспокоят туристы. Здесь только овцы! ☀️🌊🏞️🐑" Идеально! ⠀ Снято на Lumix GX80 ⠀ Будем друзьями! Наш хэштег lumixrussia Отмечайте нас на своих фотографиях. А мы с удовольствием и гордостью поделимся Вашими снимками на нашей страничке! ⠀ agameoftones lumixphoto landscapes landscapephotography landscapephoto earthoffical getoutside ChangingPhotography fiftyshades_of_nature_ naturalbeauty thepathlesstraveled lumixgx80 changingphotography newzealand nzmustdo travlrnz niftyfew CanterburyNZ newzealandpics newzealandtrip ig_newzealand  dunedin otagopeninsula sandymount sheep moutons happytraveler

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🐦 로얄 알바트로스. 날개를 펴면 총 길이가 3미터 넘을 정도로 큰 새로, 로얄 알바트로스 종은 이 곳 뉴질랜드 오타고 반도에만 서식한다고 한다. 한 번 비상하면 오래는 몇 달간 지상에 내려오지 않는다는데 운이 좋았는지 바람이 많이 불어 정말 많은 알바트로스를 보았다 진심 뷰티풀~하다♡ 로얄알바트로스 오타고반도 더니든 뉴질랜드여행 royalalbartross otagopeninsula

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🇦🇹 Es gibt kaum einen Ort weltweit, wo man Albatrosse beobachten kann. Auf der Otago Peninsula gibt es jedoch eine kleine Kolonie des gefährdeten Nördlichen Königsalbatros (Diomedea epomophora sanfordi) mit über 3 Meter Spannweite. Die Tiere segeln majestätisch über uns und wir fühlen uns ganz klein. • 🇬🇧 There is hardly any place wordwide to observe Albatross. However, on the Otago Peninsula there is a small breeding colongy of this huge bird. The endangered Northern Royal Albatross (Diomedea epomophora sanfordi) reaches a wingspan of more than 3 metres. The birds majestically glide through the air above us and we feel really small. • albatross seabird albatros ornithology vogel bird northernroyalalbatross royalalbatross redlist endangeredspecies diomedeaepomophora diomedea birdwatching vogelbeobachtung birding worldtrip weltreise2019 wildlifelovers weltreise otagopeninsula neuseeland birdingphotography visitnewzealand naturliebhaber reisen reiseblogger travelblog naturetravel weltenbummler

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🇦🇹 An der Sandfly Bay treffen wir auf unser erstes echtes Wildlife. Wir entdecken einen Neuseeländischen Seebären (Kekeno auf Maori, Arctocephalus forsteri), der zwischen den Felsen entspannt. Fast hätten wir ihn übersehen, wären uns nicht seine Zähne beim Gähnen entgegengeblitzt. • 🇬🇧 When hiking along the Sandfly Bay we have our first real wildlife encounter. We discover a New Zealand Fur Seal (Kekeno; Arctocephalus forsteri) relaxing between the rocks. We almost missed it, but once yawning we saw it right away. • sealife seebär arctocephalusforsteri furseal seal wildlifephotography wildtierfotografie weltreise naturfotografie naturephotography weltreise2019 worldtrip müde tired relax naturelovers naturliebhaber otagopeninsula visitnewzealand sandflybay meerestiere marinelife bealpha mammal travelmoments lovingthesemoments tierwelt animalencounter specialmoments

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🇦🇹 Die Otago Peninsula bei Dunedin ist ein wahrer Reiseschatz. Hier erkunden wir wunderschöne einsame Strände und begeben uns wieder auf die Suche nach der einzigartigen Tierwelt Neuseelands. • 🇬🇧 The Otago Peninsula next to the city of Dunedin is a real travel gem. Here we explore beautiful lonesome beaches and keep looking for the unique wildlife of New Zealand. • otagopeninsula newzealand sandflybay nzmustdo beach wildcoast sandstrand sanddunes wildocean beachhike wildnewzealand strand küste traumstrand strandwanderung neuseeland naturfotografie travelphotography einsamerstrand reiseblog reiseschatzerei natur fernweh weltenbummler explore weltreise weltreise2019 worldtrip

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🤣Demanding chick- keep the sound on. It's a wild ride when the parents finally come home and there is food to be had and chicks can be very persistent so the whole thing is a bit chaotic. Not so bad for this chick as its sibling has fledged already, but the parent still runs away crashing through the vegetation lovepenguins penguinsofinstagram penguins BluePenguin littlepenguin littlebluepenguins bluepenguinspukekura Smallest cute dunnerstunner dunedin BucketList NZMustDo wilddunedin wildlifecapitalofnz dunedinnz otagopeninsula nature purenz wildnz nzbirds penguinlife penguinlove birdwatching bird NewZealand ILovePenguins PenguinsOfInstagram WildlifeConservation WildlifePhotography

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Flicka and I have had an amazing trip seeing wildlife on the Otago Peninsula. We saw sea lions, fur seals, had a royal albatross flying right above our heads with a wingspan of 3 meters, and saw both the blue penguin which is the smallest penguin in the world, and the yellow eyed penguin which is the rarest and most endangered penguin. We were so lucky to experience all of these animals in their natural habitat. Our day couldn’t have been better! 🐧☀️💛