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It’s moving day ✨ We’ve been MIA for a while, not just on Instagram but in life in general 😂 Apologies to my friends who probably think I’ve abandoned them. This moving gig is bloody hard and stressful but we are nearly at the end! 5 more sleeps till settlement day 🙌🏼🏠

13 minutes ago

Spending some QT with my family this weekend as we are getting out of town and heading to the Sunshine Coast! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend 😘⭐️💕

14 minutes ago

Sandy toes. Sun-kissed nose.

30 minutes ago

Planning a vacation with a baby? Here are some of the things you might want to figure out before you plan a trip, keeping in mind the convenience of your baby 🏜What will be the climate of the place? . 🏞Are the sightseeing places baby-friendly? . ⛵️Will you be required to travel by boat, will their be infant life jackets? . 🏥What are the nearest hospitals in case of emergency? . 🏪Where can you find super-markets or stores to buy diapers, baby food etc.? . ✈️ Are bassinet seats available in your flight? . 🚖Whether to hire a car or commute via taxis? You can never have enough information, and the more you research, the better prepared you are Share your travel tips with us in the comments below. Tag and use bawlersncrawlers for feature babiesofinstagram momsofinstagram newmom momtobe thatsdarling motherhoodthroughinstagram motherhoodunited parenthood momlifestyle momblogger ig_motherhood momlife joyfulmamas motherhoodthroughig motherhoodalive motherhoodunplugged dailyparenting igfamily oureverydaymoments oureverydaylife ourlifeinpictures pictureoftheday indianblogger childhoodunplugged travelgram vacay traveltips travelblogger lifestyleblogger

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This adorable bright blue jacket is my favorite purchase from patpatshopping. It has stars in the sleeves. The color contrast between the orange zippers and bright blue is so cute. Pat Pat has so many cute and affordable clothes for . I know I'll be back to buy more clothes for Jayce. I'm sharing this promo code : "Doreen10" for extra 10% off your order.

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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go! What book are you reading? Curious since I am about to finish my current book. 📚 everly drseuss ootd family reading lifestyle celebratelife momlife love happy embracereality mommybloggers prettylittlething theeverygirl familylife thehappynow thehappyhome motherhood oureverydaymoments flashesofdelight livethelittlethings itshappyhere lovelysquares motherhoodrising mytinymoments

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Hoping your weekend is full of laughter, joy, and some time with family or friends. I’ll be catching up on some work from being out sick this week and getting snuggles from my babes in between. Happy Friday everyone! 💕 anrpfamilies Film: richardphotolab filmsupplyclub contax645

1 hour ago

• 7 M O N T H S • This girl is going to crawl before she sits. I’m convinced. She’s already scooching her bum up in the air with her knees. But if you pop her up, criss cross, apple sauce, she is a leaning tower and comes crashing down😂. smallbutmighty misssislajane

1 hour ago

I’ve been told by these two that I’m “the best Mom ever” at least three times in the last 24 hours and I’ll take it. I woke up early after my night shift to go tubing in the mountains with some of our favorite adventure friends. That mountain air is therapeutic and this spring weather is reviving my soul that died sometime last month when it was -30c. I love them. I love them. I love them. It was such a good day! Here’s to embracing all the stages of life!

1 hour ago

I have so many pendings on my list to be a good mom what shall I start with? selfcarefirst

1 hour ago

This Texas weather has been up and down lately, causing the sniffles and coughs! Hoping for a bit of consistency. 🌺

1 hour ago

Another cost saving one pot weeknight dinner—Theo’s favorite homemade vegetarian chili with flaky buttermilk biscuits (my favorite recipe is by turshen). sogood savingmoney

1 hour ago

I just can’t deal. I love the newborn stage so much. Trying to soak it all in while she’s still so tiny and squishy.

1 hour ago

When life gives you lemons, make lemonadeonly 4% is what the government allocates of cancer research funds to childhood cancer! Help us turn lemons into lemonade and raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) & childhood cancer research! Please go to kristie_j_welte and click on her link. Every dollar matters to help a ! If you’re in Houston come check out iced.cupcakery tomorrow to help contribute! thetractons3

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Hanging onto the summer vibes but secretly I can't wait for the cooler weather 🙊

1 hour ago

Friday "Day Date" with this dude! 😊 Hubby took the day off and whisked me away to a matinee (10 am showtime) of the horror movie "Us" (and yes he splurged for a small popcorn 😁), a nice lunch and then a Starbucks treat to wrap up our date just in time to be home before the girls get out of school. Cheers to carving out alone time when you've been married with for 10 years and have a busy life! 🥂 fridayvibes 10yearsmarried marriedlife momlife momlifeisthebestlife  momoftwo girlmom mommyhood momsofinstagram motherhoodunplugged honestmotherhood motherhoodthroughinstagram motherhoodunited everydaymoments momblog momswhoblog joyfulmamas dailyparenting parenthood instamom oureverydaymoments

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Tonight we had family movie night. We watched Mary Poppins Returns while snuggled up on the couch together. We are reading the book and he kept getting excited when he recognized things from the story. I watched him- the joy on his face, the twinkle in his eyes at the sight of all that magic and fun. I watched him watch the movie and cried at the beauty that is my , the beauty that is his childhood, the magic that exists in both childhoodmagic familytrails gowithnugget childhoodunplugged candidchildhood ourcandidlife oureverydaymoments trekarooing runwildmychild shotoniphone adventureisoutthere findyouradventure exploreeverything neverstopexploring getoutside theamericancollective wildandfreechildren

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Were you present today? 👉 I had my moments. More so after lunch. Sometimes as Mom's we can become mechanical. I do this when it just seems to become to much. | I am remembering more and more to stop and hold presence. I need it more then I may think I do.

2 hours ago

Excited for My Saturday Walk! 🤗 bxacxsummer

2 hours ago

Archie was lucky enough to be gifted this Bulldozer Assembly toy to review (see full review in my stories) Archie was thrilled to be able to review this toy- he built it himself and decided exactly what he wanted to say. From a mummy’s point of view, I found this toy to be extremely good value for money because there’s so much to it! The bulldozer can be dismantled into 24 parts and then built from scratch using the provided drill. This toy is aimed at 3 + year olds. I was a bit worried that Archie (5) wouldn’t be able to manage to build it himself but he really enjoyed working out how all the parts fit together and using the drill to attach the parts. This made him feel that he had built his own toy and kept him busy and held his attention. Archie has to work out how all the shapes fitted together and was great for developing hand eye co/ordination. He really had to think about it carefully and use problem solving skills. It was great to hear him using reasoning skills to work our where each part went and how they were attached. His favourite part was using the drill and seeing the end product, which he had a genuine feeling of pride for as he had done it himself. Once built, the bulldozer moves and makes sounds/ plays music. It can then be taken apart and rebuilt. I’d definitely recommend this toy and so would Archie. by claremummyto3 justbaby dailyparenting littlefierceones magicofchildhood photoopportunity dearphotographer toyreviews candidchildhood oureverydaymoments throughachildseyes wildlittleadventurers documentyourdays travelphotography rainbowofadventures runwildmychild family bucketlist disneyland halloween love funny playbasedlearning learning popular mummy daddy

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Too often, I find myself forgetting this, which leads to more self doubt, brings me down and makes it harder to get through the day. It's crazy how our negative self talk can affect everything else in our lives But while I may feel I'm not important, God says I am. He created me for a reason. I am worthy and loved, and that is true about you too. You matter, even when it doesn't feel like it. I hope these words help you remember your truth. 💗

2 hours ago

I smell spring 🌱 & hot waves coming around! My succulent has a little baby sprouting it’s a sign right 🤞🏼?!

2 hours ago

Living his best life ☀️

2 hours ago

Seems like yesterday I took this picture. Now, she’s auditioning for choir solos and trying on every eyeshadow at Sephora. slowdown fbf

2 hours ago

🧡🖤 A wet one to start the 2019 soccer season. 🧡🖤

2 hours ago

Tummy time time!

2 hours ago

”Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own”

2 hours ago

New milestone alert: At three years old Emi got her 2nd stomach of 2019 and despite throwing up four times she managed to do it over the toilet every single time and never on the floor Not the milestone you were expecting? Me neither but, I’ll take it. Especially since despite the throwing up she had a pretty good day I shared about all the ways I supported Emi through her stomach bug and our entire house in my stories today stomachflu stomachbug healthykids milestone candidchildhood cherisheverymoment familyof5 familyoffive honestmothering joyfulmamas letthembelittle momof3 momofthree motherhoodthroughinstagram ohheymama oureverydaylife oureverydaymoments ourlife realmotherhood stopdropandmom thatsdarling thatsdarlingmovement thesearethemoments honestmotherhood momlifebelike momlife realmotherhood

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I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love this girl, so no long captions tonight. I just want you to all end your evenings with the cutest face there ever was! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Happy 5th birthday my sweet, sweet girl. ⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ baltimoreblogger marylandblogger darlingweekend thatsdarling documentyourdays modernmom oureverydaymoments ourwhimsicaldays littlefamiliesofig mommybloggers⁣⁣ thehappynow momlife mommyblogger momswithcameras childhoodunplugged motherhoodinspired candidchildhood flashesofdelight nothingisordinary⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣⁣⁣⁣ mommygoals thatsdarling stunningbabies dailyparenting honestmommin motherhoodunplugged mamaguide lifestylephotography misscharlottejune mileatonephotophraphy birthdaygirl fifthbirthday

3 hours ago

We went on a long walk today together and enjoyed the gorgeous spring day, I have to say I am back in baby wearing new mama bliss and I couldn’t be more grateful 🌻 Happy spring

3 hours ago

You know what really grates my carrot?🥕 When people congratulate my husband for being so ‘helpful’ with HIS baby, or look at me in shock and horror, ‘wow, you’re so lucky, he’s so eager to help with Hudson’. What the actual?! I often find myself pausing in this instance, before uttering a word. Because, what I would like to say is this 🤷🏼‍♀️ HE isn’t helping, he isn’t a nanny. He’s half the reason we have a son and he’s a parent, just like me. Its not like I got knocked up all by myself?🤰🏼Maybe I’m ‘too modern’ and please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all that he does, he’s a great GREAT dad and I’m exceptionally proud of his evolution to fatherhood, the bond Huddy and him share is so incredible, but please, he’s not a babysitter, he’s a parent and a very good one at that✋🏼 oureverydaymoments childhoodunplugged sharetheeverymom motherhoodunplugged breakstereotypes mytinymoments moderndad modernparenting modernfamily mamalife dadlife dadandson dailyparenting dad parents family parenting newparents dadlife family paternity nontraditionalfamily

3 hours ago

These two 😍 Scout just adores her big brother and Lachlan can be such a sweetheart with her, “it’s ok darling” when she is upset but can also knock her over and steal her toys 🤦🏼‍♀️ siblings brotherandsister siblingrivalry

3 hours ago

Baby Theo giving us so many smiles at just one week old ❤️

3 hours ago

“Do it for yourself. Because it makes you happy”- unknown ✨ Something I am definitely working on at the moment, is what makes me happy. Self reflecting on my parenting skills, where I am headed in my studies and the things that are most important to me ❤️ it feels good to reassess these things and try to clear some of the stress from my life. have a great weekend friends x

3 hours ago

Trying || to think of a few special gifts to get for Ollie for when baby arrives But so far all I can think of is a balance bike (because his Kinderfeets trike broke 😭). Any suggestions? And where can I get a wooden balance bike for a 2.5 year old?

3 hours ago

Guys! Our friends at thefernfolk shop are officially L I V E today! To celebrate we’ve teamed up with a couple lovely shops and mama friends to give one of you $70 worth of shop credits! The winner will receive the following credits: feathered_breaths ($20) bzlittles ($20) thefernfolk ($30) . To enter all you have to do is: 1.LIKE this photo 2.FOLLOW all 5 accounts (we will check): feathered_breaths bzlittles thefernfolk iadoreyanora tinyburton 3.TAG three friends in separate comments below (each additional tag is an extra entry) **for 5 extra entries share this post on your stories and tag iadoreyanora so she can count your extra entries) Giveaway ends 3/24 at 9pm CST. WINNER will be announced on this post next Tuesday. This is not sponsored or associated with Instagram.

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Just like an old married couple, sweet and loving on each other one minute, the next bickering and annoying each other. ☺️

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As some of you may know, I started a shop at thefernfolk and it officially went L I V E today! To celebrate I’ve teamed up with a couple lovely shops and mama friends to give one of you $70 worth of shop credits! The winner will receive the following credits: feathered_breaths ($20) bzlittles ($20) thefernfolk ($20) . To enter all you have to do is: 1.LIKE this photo 2.FOLLOW all 5 accounts (we will check): feathered_breaths bzlittles thefernfolk iadoreyanora tinyburton 3.TAG three friends in separate comments below (each additional tag is an extra entry) **for 5 extra entries share this post on your stories and tag iadoreyanora so she can count your extra entries) Giveaway ends 3/24 at 9pm CST. WINNER will be announced on this post next Tuesday. This is not sponsored or associated with Instagram.

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It’s 8pm, I’ve had my cozy jams on since 6:45pm. Pizza & wine in hand. Friends, I have a Friday night to myself! 🥳🙌 Well, with Harley I guess but who doesn’t love a little puggle snuggles? 🖤🐾 . Don’t get me wrong, I love getting all dolled up for a night out or a fancy{ish} dinner but nothing beats staying in to re-charge. 🔌🤓 I’m an introvert at heart and a little me time goes a longggg way! ✨I’m beyond grateful for this moment What are your favorite ways to spend a Friday night?!

3 hours ago

This Mum forgot to pack our special hair & body wash for our little getaway. Thank goodness we are back to our beautiful bubble baths/showers with our faves from bubbaorganics . On that not do you bath your kiddies morning or night ? Or both? 🌸✨🌸 babybaths bubblebaths organic

3 hours ago

Amina: “Mmm candy!” Pablo: “I know where we can get some more, but mommy is lookingact cool. Pretend you are watching Paw Patrol.” Amina: “okay” *20 mins later* Pablo: “Okay, so listen up. I know where mommy hides the candy we can sneak and get some more when she is not looking! Don’t tell her!” Amina: “Okay, Shhh” siblings momswithcameras wildchild candidchilhood pawpatrol mixedkids motherhoodslens my_everyday_moments mamasdarlings toddlers toddlersofinstagram momlife momoftwo oureverydaymoments letthembelittle momtogs tdg_letsgetdigital lifewithkids motherhoodblog momblogger yvr vancouvermom childhoodwonders childhoodmagic candidchildhood

8 hours ago

"Give a girl the right sunglasses, and she can conquer the world."

10 hours ago

You will always stay my baby-girl even though you are beginning to act like a toddler 🤗💕 Dressed in zarakids

6 days ago

Happy days with the family 🥰

1 month ago

Yesterday I put my “office pants and pumps” on and worked a 12 hour day. Out of my comfort zone. Learning all kinds of new skills - Then I went home and played with my Tinies and talked to my husband. Dinner. Baths. Then back on my laptop from 9pm-midnight. Back at it from 8-10 this morning. - - This is not to brag. There are women who do it EVERYDAY with less help than me. This is to say, I’m grateful to be able to work. And I’m grateful to be able to be home. There was a time when I thought you had to choose. And it turns out, you don’t. - - If you get really creative If you aren’t scared of hard work If you’re willing to learn new things. - If you aren’t worried about what others think If you believe in yourself. - If you decide now and take action - You can create a life you love. LOVE. IN all aspects—work, home, physical, spiritual, emotional. All of it. - - Now, it would be silly for anyone to believe life is perfect. Nope. I’m a normal mom with 2 . I have struggles and issues and STUFF. But overall, this life I’m creating is MY BEST LIFE - Cheers to long days and big dreams Find a friend and share your goals. And if you don’t have one, tell them to me Dreams should be so big they scare you. And I’ll be your biggest encourager. 🙌- - - - - - intentionalliving modernmom goaldigger liveyourbestlife mindsetiseverything mlmsuccess multiplestreamsofincome laptoplifestyle