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People dwell too much on their numerous failures forgetting that all failures preceded the success. Instead of focusing on the failures, shift your focus on the result the failures were meant to produce - your success Our failures are the staircases that lead to our final destination and we must learn to climb them gracefully till we reach the top We must learn to go from one failure to another till we reach the success that made us start the journey We must do all we can, try what we are doing in different ways, till we get the exact way that works the best and the result we desire We must keep trying till we gain mastery of all the obstacles that limit us from achieving the success we desire We must never give up, never get discouraged, never loose steam, because all the trials and errors are only leading us to one great outcome - the successful accomplishment of our true dreams, goals and desires We are a Miracle success successmindset overcomingobstacles overcoming overcomingfear mindsetofgreatness greatness schoolofgreatness achievegreatness striveforgreatness greatnesswithin greatnessisaprocess chasinggreatness destinedforgreatness dreamscometrue manifestation allthingsarepossible noholdingback positivevibes positivmind goaldriven lagosnigeria nigerianmen nigerianwomen nigerianews nigerianstudents nigerianmovies nollywoodmovies

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Greater is He that is in you than that obstacle rearing it’s head against you. Know this ; the road will be narrow ,it will be rough, it may be winding , it may be steep But the Lord will engrace you to walk swiftly, surely and cause you to leap upon your high places. Be strong and courageous courage overcoming Godsgotyou victorious

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It was so great to finally be able to squeeze in a f45 session this morning! I’m still working on a new “routine” that works without pushing my boundaries too much ( am an expert in that one😂) on a daily basis but so far, so good 😊👍 I’m amazed how much my arms have changed since July 2018, that triceps muscle 😳🤩 💪 FYI - I could not even hold/ lift a plate ( actually anything) with my right arm/ hand 5 years ago because MS affected that entire side and now - BOOM 🔥💥⚡️And now doing vinyasa yoga, push ups, hand stands, climbing mountains 🏔 - you name it. As Deepak Chopra says, „believe the diagnosis, NOT the prognosis“. Don‘t give up hope 🤞, ANYTHING is possible if WE change a little bit every day and move away from the mindbodysoul version that made us sick ✨💫 neverlosehope

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- Personal Growth We often get to know ourselves during challenging situations. We come across characteristics of ourselves whose existence we did not know Personal growth requires of us many things that at first may seem contradictory. It asks that we love ourselves just as we are, while continually striving to evolve that we find contentment, while envisioning a better future And it also shows that while nobody can make the journey for us, it’s so much easier when we have friends to walk the path with sgl0212 flowingathlete ♥️🌟 . alex_elle deepakchopraquotes personalgrowthjourney personalgrowth friends companion journey overcoming abundance aboveallelselove ♥️

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when you just burned 551 kcal for breakfast, are a sweaty mess and loving life to the max - you finish with a heart opener ❤️🌈💫✨That prana is UP ladies and gents! Wohooo! grateful

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Step into your greatness 👏🙌

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Am I the only one who really resonates with this? Losing someone has completely changed my outlook on the ordinary moments of my life. There is pure magic in the littlest moments with those we love 💗 don’t let them slip without noticing and taking them in. Life is made up of the ordinary 💗✨

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For those of you that don't know, this is my dad (we call him Papa) and my bonus mom (Diane). This August will mark a huge anniversary for these 2 and something that changed my life forever! Many years ago my dad found out that he was having some medical issues. He lived with it for many year taking medication after medication; and doing one clinical trial after the other to help him fight off his illness. BUT Nothing was working😥😥 I remember him telling us that he needed a LIVER TRANSPLANT!😯 My heart sank!💔 He was not high enough on the transplant list and would have to find a donor. He had a long road ahead of him It's heartbreaking to see someone you love so much go through something so horrible It causes you to think about what your doing for your own health. Was I doing all I could to prevent myself from being in a similar situation my dad was in? Was I being proactive with my own health? . Thankfully my Dad's story is not over😊. My step mom ended up being a perfect donor match for my dad. She put her life on the line and underwent one of the biggest surgeries to keep my dad alive! I know GOD saved my dad by giving her to him! I could not be more bless to still have these 2 in my life after such a long journey of ups and downs It took me 4 years after their surgery to start being proactive about my own health but I'm happy that I started when I did! It's never too late to start being proactive about your own health. If you have no idea what proactive health looks like and need a little guidance drop an emoji in the comments. I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can be proactive with their health, so they can live long fulfilling lives! ❤❤The picture above is my Dad and Diane after their successful transplant surgery! ❤❤ prevention proactivehealth proactive thrivingnotsurviving livertransplantsurvivor liver survivor god miracles theirjourney mydad mypapa puttingmyhealthfirst healthyliving stepmom donor transplantsurvivor perfectmatch overcoming fatherdaughter transplant lifechanging makesyouthink myfamily strongertogether lifeisgood sothankful stillliving dreambig

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We often take on traits of the people around us subconsciously and we never notice it normally. This is just something we all do and it's part of what makes us who we are, it is because of this, you become who you are surrounded by. That's why it's important to keep the right company, surround yourself with like minded individuals, people that have similar goals, a similar mindset and people willing to push you to be a better you. Never allow people that only want you to stay where you are, to affect your growth, people that think you can't amount to the greatness you see for yourself shouldn't be allowed to alter your mindset personality surround better growth success overcoming overcomingquotes risk motivationalquotes determination resolve inspirationalquotes inspired positivequotes peace love fulfillment focus selflove selfcare instagood instamood positivity positivevibes   positivethinking motivate inspoquote inspirational passion lostinthought

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This is what it’s all about ❤️ these are the moments when I know I am doing what I was meant to do. These messages remind me why I started coaching and are my motivation to continue. I am so very proud of you (you know who you are 😉). It’s not just workouts and shakes. It’s about becoming the best version of yourselfit’s just as much a mental journey as it is a physical one. It’s about building relationships based on trust and support. And about reaching your goals, whatever they may be. I’m here for you. I’m going to support you. All you need to do is tell me you’re ready ❤️ transformationtuesday changeisgood changeispossible youcandohardthings motivation proudofyou nutritioncoach overcoming

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SWIPE! ➡➡➡ Proyecto M2+K finalmente terminado ✌verdaderamente no fue solamente un par de dibujos sino un enorme trabajo que me hizo dar cuenta de que a pesar de mi inseguridad sí puedo. Estos hombres son una enorme fuente de inspiración también. Inspiración para seguir un sueño, dándolo todo y no solo una parte. Espero yo también a través de mis obras poder gloficar a Dios a mi manera y bendecir a la gente como ellos lo hacen digitalart digitalartist rap hiphop trap albumcover overcoming sketch illustration comic m2kmodusoperandi

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Focusing your Energy on Alternate Realities can be paralyzing. When we are creating new things or entering new situations, it is scary. However, you can choose to let your imagination run away with nightmare scenarios, or you can choose to walk towards the fear and give it love. See it for what it is, rather than what it could be (and probably never will be) 🧭🚧 . We are designed to have FEAR work for us, not against us 🧭🚧 . When FEAR comes up, notice it and then use it as a compass to get real and curious. There is good in fear. Discover what that is for you and your dreams will be unstoppable 🧭🚧 . overcoming difficulties goals success entrepreneur growthmindset motivation attitude fweekley opportunities persistance staydeterminded keepmovingforward keepyourheadup meaningful mindsetmatters motivational positivemindset determinded goaloriented innerstrength mindsetiseverything stayfocused challenges thestruggleisreal riseabove possibilities keepgoing circumstances bhfyp

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Coming soon. In addition to apparel we will be offering accessories and some home products such as these pillows. These are part of the new spring collection overcoming and will be available in these bold colors as well as more neutral colors. Would you add these to your home decor?

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Eu sinto Deus, onde eu estiver! 🙏🏽💙 Sinto a força divina na raiz que se mantém firme diante da erosão; na frondosa árvore que ergue-se na ponta da falésia; nas pedras que possibilitam o caminho; na paisagem moldada pelo vento; na profundidade do horizonte; e na proximidade entre o céu e o mar. Este contato com a natureza me inspira, me conforta e me reafirma que a superação das circunstâncias é um atributo natural. 🌱✨💞 natureza divinanatureza superação nature divinenature faith overcoming

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monique_pettaway has experienced something most of us cannot even imagine. After less than a year of marriage, her husband was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn't commit. • Tune in to The Brave Files Podcast hear Monique's full story and learn that no one has to do it all alone. • www.vickeryandco.com/53 • broken overcome faith prison murder marriage justicesystem emotions joy ministry motivation coaching threestrikes publicspeaking overcoming peace entrepreneur author courage brave podcast lifecoach VickeryandCo HeatherVickery thebravefiles

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“Você não vai conseguir “ Essa frase eu escutei a vida toda. Mas estavam enganados. Eu consegui, fui Campeão Mundial de Parajiujitsu em Abu Dhabi. Novamente tenho a chance de repetir esse feito, mas preciso muito da sua ajuda. Fiz uma Vakinha para custear as despesas da viagem, qualquer quantia faz a diferença. Conto com a sua ajuda. Link da Vakinha http:vaka.me/465286 jiujitsu artesuave parajiujitsu adwpjjc19 uaejj uaejjf fbjj fbjjp paralympic paralimpico jiujitsumag nevergiveup impossibleisnothing overcoming superação resiliencia disciplina determinação sejaomilagre sejaexemplo sejaluz mudeoimpossivel thankgod

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"I am ready to love again", my heart said. My soul asked, "How do you know"? "Because I have done the work to heal my broken heart. I have put a mile of ink in my journal. I am on a first name basis with my inner . And my judge, Judgey McJudgeypants doesn’t even shout at me anymore. I have more loving in me than I ever thought possible. " My soul asked again, "How do you know"? "Because I realized I couldn’t welcome real love unless I sat through the pain of anger, the heartache, the flood of tears, the exact moment of doneness - letting go of the old, the fearing of the new and changing at the same time", my heart replied. For a third time, my soul asked, " Yes, while all of that is true, how do you know that now you are ready to be deeply in love again"? "Because," my heart answered, "I'm open to being broken again". Talking about - Is your heart open? How do you know? beheartwise talkaboutittuesday Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

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-John, it has taken me many years to learn that it is not the material things of life that make one happy- Simeon said as if he were telling a universal truth And if not, look around you. The greatest pleasures of life are absolutely free. "Do you really believe it, Simeon? "So in the beginning, John, think of love; marriage; the friends; ; the grandsons; the sunsets; the dawns; the starry nights; the babies; the gift of touch, of taste, of smell, of hearing, of sight; health; flowers; the lakes; clouds; the sex the ability to choose; even life itself. Everything is free, John. A line of monks was beginning to enter the chapel and I realized that we had almost run out of time. -I'm supposed to learn something from you in this week Simeon. I'm not sure what, but I'm looking forward to finding out. I know perfectly well that I have to rebuild my life if I do not want to run out of work, and even without family. But if I have to be honest, I will tell you that not only do I not feel better here, but in fact I feel worse. The more I listen to you, the more I realize how misguided I was. I think I've never had the courage so low. "It's the perfect starting point," said Simeon. respirar sentir perdon agradecimiento amor mividaencinco breath feelings feel forgive gratitude love mylifeinfive community pdvmylifeinfive goodvibes overcoming mindfulness personaldevelopment habits wellness relationshipgoals goals lifestyle humanity gratitude comunidad buenavibra superacionpersonal desarrollopersonal habitossaludables

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-John, me ha llevado muchos años aprender que no son las cosas materiales de la vida las que le hacen a uno feliz- dijo Simeón como si estuviera diciendo una verdad universal Y si no, mira a tu alrededor. Los mayores placeres de la vida son absolutamente gratis. -¿De veras lo crees, Simeón? -Así de entrada, John, piensa en el amor; el matrimonio; los amigos; los hijos; los nietos; las puestas de sol; los amaneceres; las noches estrelladas; los bebés; el don del tacto, del gusto, del olfato, del oído, de la vista; la salud; las flores; los lagos; las nubes; el sexo; la capacidad para elegir; incluso la propia vida. Todo es gratis, John. Empezaba a entrar en la capilla una fila de monjes y me di cuenta que casi se nos había acabado el tiempo. -Se supone que tengo que aprender algo de ti en esta semana Simeón. No sé muy bien qué, pero estoy deseando averiguarlo. Sé perfectamente que tengo que recomponer mi vida si no quiero quedarme sin trabajo, e incluso sin familia. Pero si he de serte sincero, te diré que aquí no sólo no me encuentro mejor, sino que de hecho me encuentro peor. Cuanto más te escucho, más me doy cuenta de lo mal encaminado que iba. Creo que nunca he tenido el ánimo tan por los suelos. -Se el punto de partida perfecto- replicó Simeón. respirar sentir perdon agradecimiento amor mividaencinco breath feelings feel forgive gratitude love mylifeinfive community pdvmylifeinfive goodvibes overcoming mindfulness personaldevelopment habits wellness relationshipgoals goals lifestyle humanity gratitude comunidad buenavibra superacionpersonal desarrollopersonal habitossaludables

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I don’t know about you all but when you’re at grandmas ya just can’t resist the cookies! 😂🙌🏻⁣ ⁣ Even as a little girl one of my memories of grandmas will always be getting at least one piece of homemade chocolate goodies or her cookies You just can’t beat em 🙌🏻❤️⁣ ⁣ If you’re with me on this drop a 🍪 emoji below⁣ ⁣ justhavethedangcookiegirlgrandmashousetreatnotcheat

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An 8-year-old living in a homeless shelter has won the New York State chess championship for his age bracket. “I want to be the youngest grandmaster,” Tanitoluwa Adewumi, a Nigerian refugee who goes by Tani, said in an interview. - Tani placed first in the New York State Scholastic Championships tournament for kindergarten through third grade — a remarkable win for anyone. Majically.com (Link in bio) - chess newyork newyorkstate championship champion homeless homelessness winning nevergiveup youcandoit hardwork chaseyourdreams anythingispossible overcoming perserverance youdidit inspiring motivational goodnews positivity amazingkids nothingisimpossible

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Unlock the hidden potential within.

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My mother began crying as did I. I didn’t want to break my mother’s heart. She loved this man, and I was about to destroy her whole entire world. One shaking hand grabbed hers while the other presented the sexual videotapes. My mother began sobbing uncontrollably. Tim said nothing. He refused to look at the two women who he destroyed. I asked him why? He remain silent. This man felt no remorse for what he did. I could tell by the evil look in his eyes. I wasn’t going to waste anymore time on that piece of crap monster. I looked at my mother and asked her what she wanted to do. This is where my heart was shattered. My own mother asked me to leave, so she could be with the man that sexually videotaped her daughter. I looked at her powerless. I started crying and asked, “Why mom, I need you?” Why?” Paralyzed, my mother quietly said, “Brittian you are just different. You are just different.” I ran out crying not understanding why I was different? And why didn’t my own mother love or want me? Why did Tim win again, even with proof? Because I was different? I never thought I would overcome the pain of loosing my mother. I thought the stab at my heart would continue to slowly bleed out and eventually end my life. The pain was unbearable. And as I look back on this day, I remind myself. I am different. I am strong. I am brave. And I will conquer. And I am beyond happy my mother chose to turn her back on me, I wouldn’t understand the true bliss of happiness. And I realized I deserved more than the lousily love my mother offered. I was worthy of more. So today I want you to remember how amazing you’re no matter your circumstance. And you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. Sometimes the love we think we deserve only ends up torturing us. Remember your worth. ♥️

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Some of you know they were times when I had to pay for Soccer first over groceries and bills . Here is why ? When I first enrolled Adam in sports, it was to just deplete some of his energy so he can go to bed at 9 pm. Here is what happened , this kid is a night owl so that plan didn’t work lol. To my surprise, Soccer was there for both of us during a very messy divorce. During all the financial and emotional struggles that came with it. The heartbreaks and the loses that life threw at us.And during the happy moments of triumphs, it was also there. We got to share it with our Moroccan family when they visited and we got to build our Culver City community. The tired soccer mom in me is always grateful for this divine intervention. Invest in your to find their passion early in life. It helps them brave the storms . Soccerlife Oursoccerstory Passion bravethestorm Soccermom realtorMom overcoming divorcechallenge realestaelife AYSO championship Astarinthemaking Soccerkid

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Fail a lot! Because if you do, you’ll be 1 step closer to teaching your goals. ⁣ ⁣ Failure is simply trying things until you get it right! And that is a very very VERY important way to achieve all of your dreams in life. ⁣ ⁣ If you don’t try something because you are afraid to fail, then you are robbing yourself the opportunities that will have led you there. ⁣ ⁣ Take action. And fail a lot! And I promise you it will be worth it! ⁣ ⁣ If you haven’t had a chance to tune in, you can now listen to the podcast on YouTube. ⁣ YouTube.com/KazmikBeats⁣ ⁣ If you are interested in being a guest on the show, please email KazmikBeats gmail.com⁣ ⁣⁣ All of my beats are on my website KazmikBeats.com⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ With Love - Kazmik⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS⁣⁣⁣ I release content DAILY and would love to have you be part of the Kazmik Family.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ producer musicproducerlife music musicbusiness musicbusiness101 artist artists unsignedartist unsignedrapper unsignedtalent failure failureisnotanoption overcoming fear fearoffailure motivation motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes inspiration happy nevergiveup model nevergiveup💪 dontquit work workhard positivevibes positivequotes positive positiveaffirmations