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Pt.1 of raynertammy and mine clean up of the mildenhall suffolk stretch of the riverlark After paddling along the riversidewalk section Thursday night surrounded by beautiful ukwildlife we couldn't help but be saddened by the amount of discarded rubbish in along the banks and waters edge With yesterday being worldwaterday we decided something needed doing moonshine.eyewear donned, back onto the trusty fatstickboards it was. Armed with nothing more than a bucket and black rubbish sacks we headed out on a plastic_patrol style rivercleanup We knew there were bottles and cans and some abandoned fishing floats as we collected some Thursday, but what we got was a great deal more some potentially more harmful to the wildlife than others Really does go to show you don't need to wait for an event to be organised or an opportunity to get a mention on a social media account or some special bit of equipment to do something small to improve the area you live in. You just need to getoutanddoit fatsticksup fatstick fatstickfamily moonshineeyewear plasticpatrol standuppaddleuk riversup paddleboarding paddleboardlife

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Starting mid-april Saturday paddleboard yoga classes will be back on the schedule on Saturdays. We are also adding many paddleboard adventures in New Smyrna Beach and also at the springs around the state of Florida. We have a team this year! ice_locs So, there will be many more times and days available for adventures. evolve_boards 📸 rongossard evolveboards evolvepaddleboards omsunshineyoga paddleboardyoga nsb lovensb nsbinlet getoutside optout optoutside floridasprings travel live laugh love lovefl springsstate newsmrynabeach yoga evolve paddleboarding getoutside mermaid ambassador standuppaddleboard standuppaddle supyoga dolphin sup manatee

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SOP KONRO Ala hanhanny Bahan : 1 kg iga sapi 1700 ml air 1/2 butir kelapa parut kemudian disangrai hingga kering lalu dihaluskan 1 lembar daun salam 2 lembar daun jeruk 2 cm kayu manis Daun bawang dan Daun Seledri secukupnya Minyak secukupnya untuk menumis. Gula pasir,garam,kaldu sapi bubuk secukupnya Bumbu Halus : . 10 siung bawang merah 6 siung bawang putih 4 butir kemiri 1 buah kluwak 5 batang sereh Serimpang lengkuas 2 cm kunyit 1/2 sdt merica bubuk 1 sdt jinten bubuk 1 sdt ketumbar bubuk 1/4 pala bubuk . Pelengkap : Nasi putih atau buras Bawang goreng. Sambel & jeruk nipis CARA MEMBUAT : . 1.presto iga sapi hingga empuk dengan air secukupnya,saring ambil kaldunya 1 liter. 2.pindahkan kepanci biasa,masukan iga dan kaldunya lalu tambah air biasa 700 ml atau secukupnya. 3.tumis bumbu halus dengan minyak secukupnya hingga wangi,lalu masukan kedalam panci iga,masukan juga daun salam,daun jeruk,kayu manis dan kelapa sangrai yang dihaluskan,aduk rata,beri gula garam dan kaldu sapi bubuk,didihkan cek rasa. 4.masukan potongan daun seledri dan daun bawang secukupnya didihkan sebentar matikan api. 5.sajikan dimangkok saji lalu taburi bawang goreng sup suplife paddleboarding supsurfing standuppaddle standuppaddleboarding standuppaddling stand_up_paddle supsurf downwind paddlesurf paddlelife standuppaddleboard l4l follow likelike like4follow f4f

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Call today to arrange a demo of what is possibly the greatest iSUP money can buy for only £499 for the full package . Double fused skin . Latest top quality drop stitch . 20 psi . Super rigid with minimal flex . New two piece foldable fin box for easy storage 💥💥💥THE FULL PACKAGE INCLUDES💥💥💥 . top-quality Bravo two-stage pump . lightweight 3-piece aluminium paddle with strengthened blade (this thing does NOT twist or slide once adjusted) . ankle surf leash with safety breaker . valve repair kit lightweight, hardwearing WHEELIE rucksack with room to pack everything with your board, together with some spare towels etc etc 3 YEAR WARRANTY Plus, you can call us anytime if you'd like us to talk you through setting up the board 💥💥OUR SHOP WEBSITE IS IN THE BIO💥💥 . iSUP InflatableSUP Inflatable BravoPump AdjustablePaddle SUP Paddleboard PaddleBoarding StandUpPaddleboard Stand_Up_PaddleBoard StandUpPaddleBoarding SUPLife GetOnTheWater Adventure Outdoors GBSUP UKSUP Ultimate Surf_SUP_Watersports Watersports FitFam Fitspo PostOfTheDay . Surfs_SUP_Watersports . surfs_sup_watersports

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There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself, or for someone else. Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever known, or everyone you have ever loved, for the sake of something greater. But sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it is nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk toward a better life. That is the sort of bravery I must have now. Veronica Roth bravery quotes sunday paddleboard paddleboarding loveit loveaustralia qualitytime qualitylife lifestyleblogger mexicana strongwomen equilibrio balance buddhism passion inspirationalquotes motivation river currumbin queensland australia fun happiness great landscape goldcost selflove

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This just in: I’m headed to Costa Rica tomorrow with my family and planning to do lots of THIS! 🏄🏻‍♀️ Also lots of 🏊‍♀️ and 🥾 and 🧘‍♀️ and 📸 and 🍹 and 💤. So stay tuned for a slight change of scenery. springbreak familytravel Photo by yeahkaren.

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My team took 3rd at Redbull privateers earlier this February! 🥉🤗 I also had a great run personaly being one of the farthest distances and being the first female to make it to the finish line among a small handful of guys.🌞 ~ This was an amazing event! I highly recommend doing it and I'll be back next year for sure It was also great to meet so many fellow flying_fish_board_co riders for the first time! 🌈 Hence this sick covershot! freshwaterocean team Florida healthy crossfit findyourglide ripped onfire закат SUP supracing standuppaddleboarding surfsup muscles womenwholift surferchick supyoga surfing savethefishies girlswithmuscles standuppaddle paddleboarding surfersparadise surfergirl beachbody girlpower ocean watersports океан circus

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47 degree water makes me a much better paddle boarder.

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That paddle life. 😃

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It’s officially paddle season 🦆 OaklandCounty

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Monika Holland and I are doing what we do best. Collaborating! We love to join forces to bring nurturing, healthy and soothing balance to our clients, with a touch of adventure and a sense of community. Our Restorative Thai yoga massage with Hot Stone placement retreat at Willow Studio tomorrow is sold out with a waiting list. We can’t wait to pamper all of you and share our tasty and nutritious natural treats, brought all the way home from southern Mexico! 💕 Don’t despair my friends if you missed this offering. We have another booked Mother’s Day weekend, May 11 11am. Two full hours of soothing Thai massage with hots stones, followed by healthy snacks and tea. It’s filling up already! Book now to save your spaceOr maybe round up a few friends for an exhilarating, fun and relaxing day retreat now that spring has sprung and warmer weather is on the way. Or book a bachelorette party! We offer: - SUP yoga - catered vegan lunch - twist, dance & energize - restorative Thai massage with hot stones - champagne toastif it’s not listed, message me and we’ll do our best to accommodate! Come play, move, restore, meditate, heal, focus and experience the beauty of nature with us. Monika Holland Yoga IG: YogAdventuresup monikahollandyoga - - - thaiyogamassage restoration paddleboarding supyoga friendship nurturingbodyandmind healthyfunadventures

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Think about nothing feels good. Just feel the water under your board and feet. Keep it Missed that looong, sunny summer days ☀️🌊 Let’s enjoy it together and meet us on the blue playground 🤙🏻:) . ➡️ lilliwillmeer staywild girlsonboard saltylife wanderlust watergirl saltyvibes makemoves wateraddicted doitwithpassion supgirl suplife outdoorwoman lovewhatyoudo stand_up_paddle activeliving girlswholovetheocean authenticliving goyourownway fanaticsup isupnsurf standuppaddleboarding paddleboarding supsurf alohalifestyle joseasurfwear womenandwaves adventureisoutthere naturelover neverstopexploring fanaticsup josea_surfwear [unbezahlte Werbung, da Namensnennung]