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Today was dedicated to land training so some of the paddlesistas got together to train at the amazing flyhighfitness.dxb with the fantastic PT hendo_tommy. What a great workout. We focused on all the core muscles that we need to be better and stronger paddlers. landtraining gymtraining deadlifts shoulders core personaltrainer greatgym dragonboatteam dragonboatwomen womensteam womenshealth womensfitness womenssports paddlesports paddlelove paddlelife paddlelifestyle dubaiteam trainhard

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AND Another 🤙 Is that a new paddle you see? 😉

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Super Hole sessions 🤘🏼

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The morning fog rolling out down in prospect.

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Půjčovna paddleboardů 2wsportscz nabízí půjčení paddleboardů na den, víkend nebo dovolenou s předáním v Českých Budějovicích. Dále výlety na řece Vltavě z půjčovny v Českém Krumlově u parkoviště P3. 👍🏄‍♂️ Naše nafukovací 2W paddleboardy o nosnosti až 120kg jsou vhodné pro začátečníky i pokročilé. Z ničeho nemusíte mít strach, my Vám vše vysvětlíme.😉☀️ Paddleboardy jsou skladné do bagu na záda. vidimesespadlemvruce paddleboard paddlelife paddleboards paddleboarding paddle sup suppaddle suppaddles suppaddleboard suppaddling ceskykrumlov krumlov historical jiznicechy jihoceskykraj pujcovna rent rentpaddleboards trip ceskebudejovice topsezona chameleon czech likeforlikes zazitky relax sports watersport

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LAKE NO. 3: WEISSENSEE IN AUSTRIA 🇦🇹🌳 10lakesin10dayschallenge (advertisement) Here we go! Check out our video of this beautiful mountain lake! 🤩 It’s almost 12 kilometers / over 7 miles long. The water has drinking water quality and it is so clear that you can see about 6 meters / almost 20 feet far. 😃🙌🏻 We could see a lot of fish from our boards while we were cruising into the sunset. 🐟🌅 The beautiful campground is right at the lakefront, so we could comeback to our MarcoPolo camper van after paddling, have some hot soup and live the VanLife . 😋 So let us take you with us on the first sunshine tour we had on our road trip. Who of you would love to do a sup trip with a camper van? 🏄🏻‍♀️😃🏄🏼‍♀️ MBVans girlsonsups sup standuppaddle standuppaddling standuppaddleboarding paddleboard paddlelife adventurelifestyle roadtrip campervan campinglife mountainlake austria kaernten weissensee surfergirls beachlife lakelife paddle

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Do you cross train? 🤸The benefits include reducing overload on specific muscles and joints that occurs during long periods of high impact activity. It also promotes overall fitness and varying activities keep training and your mind fresh. The key to successful cross training is to compliment your chosen sport and use it to enhance a fitness routine. I could be overdoing it 😂 but I love all my activities equally 😀🚴🏃🐎🏊🏋️🚣 personalfitnesstrainer crossfit eastbournefitness loseweightfeelgreat mtbgirl lovemybike running paddlelife fitnesslife lovesport tattontraining staystrong outdoorlife likeforlike personaltrainer summer

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🇬🇧 2019 Maps 🗺 are here! Check 📝 On-Spot Registrations will be available on Friday and Saturday in the Marina Offices! 🔍 ••• 🇬🇷 Οι Χάρτες Διαδρομών 🗺 είναι εδώ 📝 Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής θα ειναι διαθέσιμες επι-τόπου στα γραφεία της Μαρίνας Αγίου Νικολάου την Παρασκευή & το Σάββατο.🔍 ••• AgiosOnSup2019 AgiosOnSup AgiosNikolaosCrete eurotour hssa suppers supingreece supgreece visitgreece Crete sup lovesup eurotour2019 eurotour suprace supracer standuppaddle paddleboarding paddle paddleboard paddlelife paddleboards paddler

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Not naming names but some people really don’t know how to play hide and seek

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Fun day getting ready to paddle ✌️ • • • 📷 from standupjournal • • • ❗️NEW ARRIVAL❗️ Goosehill SUP Boards are featured with Super Contruction Enhancement Technology - $20 off New users ONLY . Discount Code: GH20 URL: •active in my profile bio link • ‼️ $399 with free shipping‼️

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Life is too short to be unhappy. Beautiful place 📍 Sanibel Causeway🌟 - - 📷 365swfl 🤙 - - - - 🔹NEW ARRIVAL!🔹 Goosehill SUP Boards are featured with Super Contruction Enhancement Technology . - - $399 with free shipping - $20 off New users ONLY -Discount Code: GH20 URL: 👉link in the bio 👈

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Marinis Alternative Items ( marinisalternativeitems) is once again a supporter of Agios Nikolaos on SUP 2019 providing his exceptional surfer style alternative jewels 🏆The lucky 3 first of the Technical Category will have a gift to remember. 💦 You can pick your favourite from a various selection here: ••• AgiosOnSup2019 AgiosOnSup AgiosNikolaosCrete eurotour hssa suppers supingreece supgreece visitgreece Crete sup lovesup eurotour2019 eurotour suprace supracer standuppaddle paddleboarding paddle paddleboard paddlelife paddleboards paddler

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Когда твое утро начинается с sup в компании sup4me - значит у тебя все отлично! Значит ты получишь мощный заряд позитива, прекрасного настроения, и твой день станет лучшим😁🎏💦🏆 🏵Групповые походы по маршрутам/ более 20 маршрутов по всей Черногории🏄🏼‍♂️ 🏵индивидуальное обучение 🏵небольшие группы/ от 3 до 5 чел/ 🏵эксклюзивные поездки в самые лучшие и удивительные места Черногории на автомобиле RangRover - для влюбленных в сап 🏵любой праздник на сапе станет событием🎁 Наши опытные инструкторы никого не оставят без внимания: Ирина +38267464216 Михаил +38269300242 Ольга +38269339607 🏵 * * * * sup montenegro isup bokabay paddleboarding paddlelife supeurope suptrip travel adventure adriaticsea paddle supsurf standuppaddleboard supboard crnagora🇲🇪 balkans summer зож каникулы отдыхнаводе лето

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City musings. Though just steps away from a bustling inner city park, feels far removed, if not serene. SUPPressYYC 📸: suppressyyc

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One year has gone, since introducing a new sport in the Cordillera Blanca. Pushing the boundaries and refusing to accept limitations, helping you to know how far you can go. Paddle more, live more. Many & special thanks to aquamarinaglobal ancash_cabin_escape intirumicaraz lospinoslodge hotel.losalamos.caraz apuecolodge pukayaku.lodge tuquilloecolodge mitsubishimotorsperu thelazydoginn antonellatours08 mankiapp consuyfulanito nomada.ema selina_hotels huascarannationalpark casahotelhuaraz sierraandinabrewing automasperu for your support and being a key partner on this project👍🏻 aquamarinaglobal ultimatesup caraz lakeparon lagunaparon paddlelife paddleworld sup girlsonsups paddleworld paddlegirls standuppaddle instagood peru perulindo visitperu peruenunatoma huascarannationalpark hechoencaraz

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🌴Ohh the places your board can take you💛⠀ 〰️⠀ Where are you taking your SUP board this summer? Any cool vacay spots planned??⠀ 〰️⠀ 📸PC: breadstickmedia in a Costa Rica waterfall🙌⠀ • • • ISLEsup isle islesurfandsup paddleboarding paddlelife standuppaddle supboarding suplove paddleboard sup isup stand_up_paddle surfing paddling paddleboardyoga supsurf paddle supboard optoutside exploremore islepaddleboards outdoors adventure sandiego naturelovers girlsonsups outdoorlife travelgram costarica nature

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Repost _du_dan_ • • • • • Обычное утро. Обычный SUP-бординг. Обычные мимопроплывающие сотрудники очистных систем Армянского химзавода и обезумевшие от жары Санта-русалки. Ну, ничего сверхъестественного) . азбх алкозожныйбухлоход азбхрулят sup suplifestyle Crimea supboard shittyfriends сапсерфингвкрыму video summer videos xtreme сап supadventure suplife сапборд supsanta Крым paddleboarding paddlelife paddle