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Dando los últimos retoques a este bonito chalet Carpintería teñida y velada con lacado super mate , herrería color antracita y tono de pared s.2005y de la carta ncs q siempre es muy acertado Ni claro ni oscuro le da un ambiente muy acogedor no hace falta muchas combinaciones para dar un buen resultado 😉👌 woodworkers decoracioninteriores decorustica decor decoracio woodhouse woodworking ilovemywork deco house housedesign lacado paint paintwork roble madera hierroymadera puigcerda lacerdanya badiapintors

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Как Вам? Нарисовала брата. Знаю, скажите ,,фон другой"- только мне не хотелось его рисовать. Брату приподнесла такой подарок на 23 февраля. Рисунок понравился, сказал круто, а мне наоборот кажется что-то тут ни так, а Вам как? paint guache brotherpaint

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INSPIRATION - ‘Talking Italian’ 🇮🇹 ❤️💚 X Topping my list of fantasy interiors this week is this corner of vamuseum What a fabulous way to show the influence of Italy on early 18th century taste in England 🇮🇹 🇬🇧 ‼️ X At its height, from (around 1660–1820) the Grand Tour was considered the smartest way to complete a gentleman’s eduction. It could potentially prepare him to furnish his house, manage his estate and also converse in polite society 🇮🇹🇬🇧‼️ X The central Allegorical Tomb of Jon Somers Lord Chancellor of England (around 1726) was ordered by The Duke of Richmond whilst in Venice on the Grand Tour. The romantic ruins which dominate the picture were painted in Italy by the Canaletto. 🖼 🖼 X The SIDE TABLE, originally from Longford castle Wiltshire c1740 is crammed with PALLADIAN motifs, check out the central mask, leafy swags and acanthus scrolls. What make it unusual however are the fox supports, in place of the usual classical eagles or lions 🦊 🦁 🦅 X The flanking BUSTS were commisioned (as part of a set of ten) by Viscount Cobham for his Temple of Friendship at Stowe, and they they clearly show the sitters in Roman dress👌🏼⭐️💫 X But did the Grand Tour turn them into GENTLEMAN ? Potentiallybut sometimes a taste for VICE also got in the way 👀‼️ X history antiques london oldisgold frame frames gallery paintings artdealer portrait painting sculpture arthistory research artdealer instaart instaartist catalogue painting paintings oilpainting oil followforfollow follow4follow oiloncanvas artoftheday inspiration paint instaart creative artwork art artsy interiordesign

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⚔ Here is a throwback to my "Fighting Your Demons" series I made from some of my favorite frames in Bleach. I loved these paintings so much! ⚔

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Курсы рисунка Идет набор в художественную студию Сейталиев, Всех приглашаем окунуться в мир творчества! 🌄🌅🎨🏆 Наш адрес: 🚗🚕 3 мкр, дом 29🌆 График работы:📆 Пн-Сб с 9:00🕘-До 19:30🕢 Телефон: 📲 0505002232 ☎ 881153 📲 0555002232! 😉🌟💫👍 Мы ждем Вас!)))) 😉🌟💫👍 СтудияСейталиев рисуемвместе художественнаяшкола художественнаястудия художественнаястудиядлявсех нашиуспехи творчество рисуюкаждыйдень рисуемвместе художники paint painter drawing art canvas craft picture artist

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It is believed that we come from energy and turn back into energy at the end of our incarnation. Life can be so damn difficult at times, but in reality, we are only matter for a short time, so ensure that you matter whilst you are matter! I love the way this theory is voiced by Anita Mootjani “In truth, I am not my body, my race, my religion, or other beliefs, and neither is anyone. The real self is infinite and more powerfula complete and whole entity that isn’t broken down or damaged in anyway. The infinite me already contains all the resources I need to navigate through life, because I’m one with the universal energy. In fact, I am universal energy.” Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and ensure you feel like you matter 💕 one universe universal spiritualawakening space time matter spirit spirituality spiritual art paint painting watercolor watercolour uniposca source artist hayhouseuk hayhouseinc hayhouse spiritjunkie energy life live love pure meditate meditation artistofinstagram believe belief

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“boy-less” acrylic, canvas 65x75”

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От души душевно в душу🔥 Любимое дело под любимые треки Юли🤤 Отмечайте в комментариях _zivert , знаю многие тают под ее песни🔥 А ещё, если ввести zivert в поиске сториз, найдёте gif с Юлей🤩