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There are so many injustices and horrible things that happen in Thailand, mostly these crimes were state crimes against the people. This song is called Rap Against Dictatorship. truth thirdeyeawakening (If you don't know what's up in this country, Let us tell you.) The country in which the black panther was slain by riffles, The country in which morals are preached but the crime rates are higher than the Eiffel tower, The country whose law can not stand up against the Dharma or the Bible, The country in which good people aren't commemorated as idols, The country in which weekend houses for judges are built in national parks, The country whose capital's heart was turned into a killing field, The country in which taxes are candy for the prime minister, This is my country, this is my country. The country free of corruption which doesn't even investigate on it, The country whose prime minister's watch is made of corpses The country whose parliament is the playground of its soldiers, The country in which a constitution is written so that its army's paws can trample all over it, The country in which artists are put on airs as rebels, The country in which (actual) rebels have no power and have to be shrink with fear, The country in which rebels are made to obey like ants, This is my country, this is my country. The country in which people in suits lie about what they do, The country in which the poor have to die because they can't afford 30-baht 1healthcare, The country which is so powerful that it eats panters like sushi, The country in which nobody is guilty because nobody is held accountable, The country in which murder is no problem if you have the money, The country whose law is more elastic than the arms of Luffy The country in which people keep pretending that they are doing good, This is my country, this is my country. The country in which a gun is pointed at your throat, The country in which you are told that you are free, even though you are deprived of your right to vote, The country in which you can't swear even though swears are attached to your gum, The country in which whatever you do will be intruded by the leader, The country whose sovereignity

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A match made in phantom thief heaven 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 Akira for me is the lynchpin of my p5 shipping hell! Akirann? Cute. Shukita? Love it. Akeshu? God, yes. I just love him and love him loving (almost) everyone. What’s your fave p5 ship? 💕 at least I know for sure I ship me and my beloved midnightcrawl ❤️ we’ve got lots of fun cosplays planned coming up so we are hyped [ persona5 persona5cosplay cosplayer cosplay mycosplay animegirl cosplaygirl jokercosplay p5 p5cosplay anntakamaki anntakamakicosplay ann costest cosplayphotography photography akirakurusu cosplaycouple cosplayersofinstagram panther colossalcon katsucon katsucon2019 uniqso colossalcon ]

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Finally found a bit of a balance between paint and stain. Having so much fun with this colored stitching and just in general messing around making stuff. When you are making just to make something it becomes so dull. It’s been great getting to play and explore. There have been a lot of not so great things that have come out of it, but that is all just part of the process. It’s been really amazing having everyone’s support. As makers and artists we are our own worst enemies and will always find the flaws in our work. Your kind words are much appreciated. 💓🐆🐅. leather leathergoods leatherwork leathercraft leathertooling tooledleather handtooled handmade handpainted handstitched animals wildlife nature cats catsofinstagram bigcats puma mountainlion panther scream shopsmall shophandmade

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I'm a panther.

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Happy toungeouttuesday my furiends! Please excuse my blanket😹 , my humom puts it over the couch ,to protect it because I shed sooo much! Sorry not sorry 😐 Feliz tounge out Tuesday amigos! Disculpen mi cobija , mi humama lo coloca sobre el sillón ,para que este protegido porque boto bastante pelo 😹 cats blackcat panther catsofinstagram rescuecat gato kitty topcatphoto mascotas animal topcatphoto mascota rescatados cats_of_instagram gatonegro cats_of_world blackcatsrule cat catstagram felinos petsofinstagram blackpanther bombaycat bombay petsofig cuteanimals instacats gatosdeinstagram blackcatsofinstagram

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Learn to sit back and observe. Not everything needs a reaction.