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I like drawing big cats atm it seems. wip / thinking about a background for these tigers that's not just green leaves 🤔

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Che poi sto caldo lo odio A me piace restarmene in felpa

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my favorite type of pattern - cold sand - formed by strong north east wind

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Do you have a vision to turn your designs into a top of the market brand ? paulfrancisdesignsllc we provide you the absolute best quality, knowledge, guidance, and expertise for all of your designing needs. Located in the image above we’re precisely cutting a digitized pattern with multiple layers of assorted colored fabrics for a new brand. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact us directly from our email listed in our bio. We’re here to help & guide you through every phase 🧷 Company / Designer - paulfrancisdesignsllc Creative director / media - the.unknownvision design designed designer designing tailored ny nyfw fashion fashionweek fashionweek2019 ss19 fashiondesigner fashiondesign fashionlife cfda pattern productdesign product brand build create vision love luxury fit newyork newyorkcity made madeinamerica

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What's real and what's not? I knew my brain was implodingbut I've never been more excited to just watch lights glow. I had to lay down for a moment to make sure I wasn't falling through space and time. teamlab.planets was truely something to behold.

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3. Паттерн (начало раньше) ⠀ Из проекта про детей и родителей. Парампапапам, фсшшшш)) . ⠀ Модели: beznikovna и ее семья Бодиарт: tinka.90 * * * vsco vscocam vscorussia instagramrussia instagramdeutschland Paderborn Новосибирск canon photography artphotograpy art body тело портрет details portrait мать матьидитя color bodyart bodypaint mother motherandchild паттерн pattern parents family

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Rendering tools make it easy to see how colors and shapes come together to make the ultimate backsplash. How fun is this prattandlarson hex tile backsplash by Neil Kelly design consultant Erika Altenhofen interiormotivespdx ?

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❤️THURSDAY MOTIVATION The stylish men and sounds of Orchestra Baobab❤️ TBT Barbican June 2018 (though this photo is not from that time, an internet borrow!) . These guys put us all on our feet and there was nothing security could do. Cross - cultural sounds from Africa to Cuba. No boundaries, total inclusion. Pure uplifting joy. And those clothes, just made it all perfection. If you don't know them, check them out Beautiful. Especially the song 'Utrus Horas' orchestrabaobab afrocuban africanmusic music sound concert goodvibes happytimes textiles ethnic folklore clothes fashion africanfashion africantextiles textiles pattern stripes thursdaymotivation startup ethicalfashion consciousfashion slowfashion mexico

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Nothing like a splash of glitter to brighten up your day! ☀️ BOOYA

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Свобода превыше. Когда в какие-то моменты, я путаюсь в решении или нахожусь в дилемме, мне смогут подсказать, направить, либо слегка переубедить только те, кто знают цену свободы. Такие люди не кричат "ауе", как эти дикие придурки, которым я голову хочу оторвать от их незнания аббревиатуры🤦🏻‍♀️ Обычное, "живи и наслаждайся", "не трать время на долбаебов" - самое правильное и тонкое park blackandwhite urbanwalls colorful pattern tagsforlikes prilaga sky abstract cityofbones photooftheday urbandecay urbanoutfitters cool gray citylife cityscape skyscrapers bridge archidaily composition skyscraper citylights highrise geometry urban street perspective urbanart geometric

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