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Who are your top 5️⃣ players right now? (If not pictured feel free to name)

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Kyrie speaks out on his new Brooklyn team😳are kyrie and KD the worst duo in the NBA?

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Swipe right for the details! 👉🏻 — Before we get into my top three tiers of NBA players, I wanted to give y’all a bit of an insight regarding how I go about evaluating players/ranking players/placing players into tiers. 🔥 — Thoughts? Questions? Comment below! 🗣 — OffSeasonTNA😴

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REPORT: Team USA considering D’Angelo Russell as World Cup replacement🇺🇸 - Follow dloadingrussell for more!

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If Chris Paul gets traded from okc we will buy everyone a free nba Jersey of your choice if you follow nofouls , nicelobs and winshares and comment done down below! We will be checking!👇 - - - kyrieirving kyrie4 stephencurry jamesharden klaythompson paulgeorge kylekuzma bball durant russellwestbrook and1 nbanews anthonydavis ko8e24 johnwall basketball🏀 damianlillard filayyyy devinbooker kobebryant oklahomacitythunder freestylebasketball vincecarter derrickrose LeBronJames LeBron James kevindurant overtime kawhileonard

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Do u think Rj Barrett odds for rookie of the year should be higher or is just right? - - - - - Follow barrettnation_9 for more

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When KyleKorver signed with the Bucks people around the league said his veteran presence would elevate the younger players. Giannis is here practicing his jumper with Korver one of the greatest shooters we have seen. Will we an even Freakier Greek next season?

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PSO Rankings: The Top Duos in the NBA

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Montrezl Harrell just returned to agent RichPaul part of KlutchSports. RichPaul is notorious for convincing his free agents to sign with teams that will not be a challenge to LeBron’s teams (Lakers). For example, the Clippers offered Marcus Morris $40M which (rumors) he was going to accept until Rich Paul brought him to the Knicks because of the Lakers. These are rumors which have of course been denied but nevertheless it shouldn’t put a smile on your face that Trezz, who is going to be an unrestricted free agent in the 2020-21 summer, has returned to him.

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My man Jimmy hit me with the “I’ll lock you up” in the DM so I had him come through to the court today. This is the game. Santi came through too so we also ran some King of the Court I’ll post the highlights of that later 🤙

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Next up in my Grading the Offseason series we have the Brooklyn Nets The Nets came out of the offseason as the big winners bringing in two of the top free agents in this class. First up they brought in Kevin Durant a top 5 player in the NBA arguably the best in the NBA. While Durant will be out for a season he’s still and incredible signing and the Nets front office deserves a lot of credit for landing him Next they brought in Kyrie Irving a top 5 PG in the NBA. Kyrie has experience on championship teams and while I don’t think he can lead a team he’s the perfect second option Finally they brought in Deandre Jordan who will fit well as the center on this team and can be the perfect mentor for Jarret Allen They did lose DeAngelo Russell but that’s a small price for what they gained. And with these superstars added to there core the Nets could be championship contenders for years to come Final Grade: A How do u think the Nets did this offseason? • • • basketball nba sports lebron lebronjames kyrieirving stephcurry jamesharden kawhileonard anthonydavis kevindurant kd klaythompson kembawalker joelembiid bensimmons lukadoncic damianlilliard nikolajokic traeyoung russellwestbrook paulgeorge dangelorussell zionwilliamson jimmybutler demarderozan boogiecousins demarcuscousins paulgeorge chrispaul cp3

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*Finishing 2nd. 🔵🔴💪

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At 9 is the Clippers, exceeded expectations while managing to snatch 2 games against Golden State, proving the first one wasn’t a fluke. The Clippers have managed to become a lot of fans favorites to win the title next year. They should be much higher next year if the team plays up to their hype houndsfinalpr2018

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110% taking Tre for 3. Markus and Cassius are nice but that's TRE Jones for 3 Years. everythingcollegehoops

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Team USA is in need of a hero right now😂 • ➡️Follow hoopdisplay for more

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Nugget Fans Wya ? 👋 chipbound Can the nuggets win a championship this year?

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When did you become a fan of Paul George? 🔥💯 ygtrece ~ Follow me pg13buckets for more!

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Kobe gave Steph respect 🤝🏽🎯. - - Follow wardellgram for more.

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Paul George was the Clippers last hope to land Kawhi Leonard and the Thunder knew that so they demanded to recieve ShaiGilgeousAlexander or the deal would be off. The Clippers were reportedly “heartbroken” but knew its what they had to do. I think we can all relate 😔 Shai we miss you ❤️💙

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An introductory press conference for Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will be held tomorrow at about 12-1 pm. The conference will be held at one of the Clippers’ newly remodeled Community Courts. 👀🔥

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Will Zion be the new GOAT and face of the NBA after LeBron leaves?!🤔 Follow ojknows

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Report: LA Clippers were heartbroken, Okc demanded Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in Paul George trade. LA officials believed SGA had all-star potential (via The Athletic). 🔵🔴💪

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Now that the Thunder are in complete rebuild mode do you think that they would’ve been able to attract better free agents if they were in a larger market like Seattle which was where they originally use to play at?

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RJ Barrett was ALMOST Nudged Out of Bounds😂 but he was able to get the tough shot to fall! 🤯 AndOne - Follow rjnation for more! 🔥

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All of the new OKCThunder jerseys that will be used for the 2019/20 season. Thoughts? 🤔 - “Refreshing our uniform lineup allows us to put a new twist on the classic Thunder image,” said Thunder Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brian Byrnes. “These updates keep us true to our roots, but allow us to modernize and embolden the Thunder Basketball uniform portfolio as we continue to evolve our brand to proudly reflect our state and city.” - Like the blue Icon uniform before it, the team’s white Association uniform will now have “Oklahoma City” across the chest in sunset and Thunder blue, with a state outline of Oklahoma on the belt of the shorts. - On the Thunder blue Icon uniform, the chest now reads “Thunder” on the chest in sunset, with matching neck and arm striping. The blue uniform also features the primary team logo on the front left leg with increased tape striping on the arm and neck. - The team’s 2019-20 Statement Edition brings a fan favorite color scheme back to the Thunder’s uniform lineup with a bold sunset design. It marks the first time Thunder blue and sunset have appeared together on a uniform, with a staggered “OKC” in Thunder blue across the chest and gradient tonal sound waves down the back. - Tag friends 👬: OKC ThunderNation Thunder OklahomaCity MVP RussellWestbrook ThunderGang Brodie Russ LoudCity WhyNot Westbrook PG13 PaulGeorge LoudCity Big3 Sports bball basketball LeBron Bron LeBronJames Curry Steph StephenCurry Warriors Lakers New Uniform

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2k are so disrespectful with Derrick Rose every single year 🤦‍♂️😭. - Follow drose.legacy for more

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This is facts 😂💯

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THEORY: I have read in multiple places that Spencer Dinwiddie was one of the biggest recruiters on the nets for Kyrie Irving. One idea was that Dinwiddie believed that he was better than Russell and was more deserving for the starting spot. What do you guys think of this? Do you think this is true or is one of many made up stories from the media?

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91. Terry Rozier Team: Hornets Terry Rozier is someone that is a bit underrated in my opinion. While Kyrie Irving has been injured, he’s been able to keep the Celtics competitive, especially when they’re in the playoffs(2018 playoffs specifically). Rozier will now prove himself and show the world his capabilities as the number 1 option on the Hornets. nba breakingnews knicks basketball lakers nets warriors thunder clippers lebronjames lebron sports news sport trade freeagency winning mavs rockets spurs kawhileonard paulgeorge pacers kyrieirving kevindurant russellwestbrook jamesharden giannisantetokounmpo raptors stephcurry

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NEWS FROM MJW‼️ James Harden spoke on all the talk about him and CP3 having beef. Harden said that all the beef never happened and the media makes something small turn huge. (VIA- mjwsports )

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Paul George in Clipper gear👀 ————— Join the fam, give us a follow🔥 Check out our website, LINK IN BIO💪 SBNetwork

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OKCThunder released their new "City" edition jersey, designed as a partnership with the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. This City uniform aligns with the upcoming 25th anniversary of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. The Thunder and the memorial worked closely with Nike to embody the spirit of resilience and remembrance to pay respect to the lives lost and all those impacted by the bombing. It also captures the memorial’s mission of educating current and future generations about the Oklahoma City community’s response to the tragedy, with a focus on the Oklahoma Standard of service, honor and kindness. 9:01, 9:03. Thoughts? (All new jerseys post soon) - 📸: okcthunder - Tag friends 👬: OKC ThunderNation Thunder OklahomaCity MVP RussellWestbrook ThunderGang Brodie Russ LoudCity WhyNot Westbrook PG13 PaulGeorge LoudCity Big3 Sports bball basketball LeBron Bron LeBronJames Curry Steph StephenCurry Warriors Lakers Nike new

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Houston needs this James harden, bounce is crazy 😳 _nickbriz