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There is a divine design hemmed into a seed, an identity known by its Creator before one sign of life breaks forth. Intricate details lay beneath the surface, unknown qualities that science has yet to unwrap the whole of. A minuscule promise of magnificent life, a story to tell Is this not how our Creator fashioned us also, right out of the dirt and brimming with promise? He formed each of us, complete with magnificent details beyond our understanding and with a story to tell. No particle of our soul or body was overlooked. He did well to give us life, full of grace and full of beauty, unfolding now into what He’s created us to be “You are Mine and I adore you Nothing else moves My heart like you do You’re not here by chance, you are my design I did well to give you life” — "Wonderfully Made", Hidden In My Heart, Volume II (listen in Instagram stories 🎶♥️) fearfullyandwonderfullymade psalm139 psalm13914 psalm139v14 psalm23 genesis1 psalms psalm bible Godsword madeinHisimage trustGod trustGodsplan dailyscripture identity inChrist Ihaveapurpose promise Godspromise Godspromises Godcares morningdevotion listeningnow peacefulmusic

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Sometimes my improvisation playing takes the form of reworking a familiar tune into something new. The chords in this improv piece are fairly common, both to my music and pop music. But it’s the ordering and arrangement of the chords that make the song unique. We can each see the same piece of art or set of notes, but interpret and make them our own. That makes us each unique. Let's enjoy our uniqueness. newmusic pianomusic relaxingpiano calmingpiano peacefulpiano relaxingmusic calmingmusic peacefulmusic musicforsleep pianosolo soothingpiano soothingmusic musicforanxiety musicforstress musicforfamilies piano improv pianist music musician musiciansofinstagram pianistsofinstagram unique cfle

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This is my new cover song from a Kesari movie Please like,share,comment and subscribe my YouTube channel if you really liked my effort and my voice.I tried to do justice with the song 😊❤️🙏🏻To watch complete video of this song please visit my YouTube channel Link is in the bio and share my song with your loved ones.😊❤️ Thank you for your love,support and time. It matters a lot and I really mean it❤️ lifepurpose dreambig peacefulmusic livingmydreams musicismagic positivevibes believeinyourdreams lovemusic thankyoueveryone begrateful sing singingcover pianocovers vocals punjabi kesari parineetichopra akshaykumar harharmahadevॐ omnamahshivaya omshanti

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Current Scripture Reading/Prayer Music. I’m mostly into instrumental music when I do my quiet time with God because if there’s lyrics, I’ll get off track and start singing! This album as well as Vol. 1 is extremely peaceful. My favorites are “Cathedral” and “The Fourth Season” I hope you’ll check it out! somniscape Calm calmvol2

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Trying a new style(mood) music i.e. Chill/Sunday morning music The full beat will be uploaded on my YouTube channel soon Go click on the link in my bio to stay connected on my YouTube Song info. : Coffee - prod. By dj_spreet . Like, comment, share & follow if you like my beats Tags 👇(ignore) chillsongs sunday coffee chill chillmusic studymusic studyingmusic music smooth peace peaceful peacefulmusic peaceofmind slowsongs chillnation bemorechillmusical chilloutmusic sundaymorningvibes lofi sundaymorning happy djspreet lofimusic lofibeat lofibeats childishgambino lildicky jonasblue

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I posted this beautiful tune once before, but then I somehow forgot about it. When I rediscovered it recently, I decided to relearn and also rethink it. This new version has more 7th chords and I like it better. Interestingly, it’s also easier! Maybe there’s a message there somewhere riffwarsacoustic acousticmusic acousticguitar sologuitar wonderfulworld whatawonderfulworld louisarmstrong classicalguitar classicalguitarist classicalguitarlife classicalguitarmagazine peacefulmusic calmmusic fingerstyleguitar guitararrangement guitararranger classicalguitarmusic musicandphotography photographyandmusic riffwars solosection larrybeekmanmusic musicwithamessage

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Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them. bobdylan 🎹🎹🎹🎹 My new piano single is available on Spotify, applemusic or your favorite streaming site. Follow link in profile to listen on AppleMusic or Spotify. 🎹🎹🎹🎹 newmusic solopiano chillpiano peacefulmusic instrumentalmusic pianist pianointhebrackground soundtrackofmylife musicforlife musicforthesoul studymusic relaxingmusic newagemusic neoclassical nashville atlanta newyorkcity losangeles seattle

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6 years ago today snoopdogg released his 12th studio album Reincarnated under the name snooplion on Mad Decent / Vice & RCA Records. The album features the tracks as follows, HereComesTheKing , LightersUp (my favorite), NoGunsAllowed & AshtraysAndHeartbreaks . This is a reggae album by the way. Snoop departed from hip hop wanting to do something different with no disrespect intended towards hip hop. And the album was actually amazing 👍🏾 it was nominated Best Reggae Album in 2014 at the 56 Annual Grammy Awards. snoopdogg snooplion reincarnated reincarnatedalbum music hiphop reggae reggaemusic goodmusic weedmusic peacefulmusic todayinhiphop todayinhiphophistory todayinreggae thahiphopblock vicerecords rcarecords maddecent classic

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Happy Earth day all! This was taken from a camping trip on Earth day last year - we used this sound clip for our song War Between the Trees on our new album! This was also the moment when I realized how beautiful Red Winged Black birds calls are. Every time I hear them, it brings me right back to this moment.

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“Stay Calm”🔈 如果你感到一團混亂,不知道如何是好。 試著閉上眼睛,去感受你的呼吸。 並不需要強求擺脫思緒,我們只要活著就不可能沒有想法。 也不需要強求任何「正向思考」。 你可以做的是讓這些想法和情緒自然的出現,不管好或壞。 試著不作任何的評斷,只是靜靜的觀查它們。 你會發現它們就像風一樣來來去去,你不必被它們帶著走。 你會感到平靜和安定。 salmoworks graphicdesign visualdesign illustration illustree art artwork artworks drawing instaart folkart animation animated music calmmusic staycalm meditate meditation peaceful peacefulmusic peace highervibes highervibration zen harmony

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Climbing into launch week like 🏞️ Tomorrow there will be a PRIZE GIVEAWAY right here on IG and the first Hiking Harpist video will be posted on YouTube and the website! Link in bio so go check it out!

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It's a warm, spring-like Easter Sunday here in New England. Feels like the way Easter should feel. The flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are growing their leaves. Tomorrow we celebrate this beautiful planet of ours. Head over to thehikingharpist to check out all things nature and harp as we celebrate Earth Day not just tomorrow, but every day. 🌳 easter earthday hikingharpist motherearth outdoors optoutside naturephotography natuteinspiration wellness springtime peacefulmusic inspiredbynature

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Did you all celebrate yesterday? Knowing you, you did! This is not a photo of Mary Jane by the way, but a plant that somewhat resembles familiar buds Help me sustain my adventure and musical pursuit to re-connect myself and others with that which makes us feel human. Your support through donation breathes life into my sails to push ahead and pursue this journey I’ve set out on. With each other’s help we’ll find freedom, peace of mind, and purpose. Thank you so much 💚 DONATE: Venmo meadowmaker Cash App $meadowmaker naturelovers roadtrip hiking naturephotography hikingphotography westcoast adventure journey nature goodvibes peaceofmind meadowmakermusic instrumentalmusic atmosphericmusic ambientmusic artrock peacefulmusic crowdfund crowdfunding supportme supportthearts pdxhikes 420 happy420 420day bayarea easter

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4월 1일부터 시작한 혼자만의 프로젝트. 온도라는 이름으로 열흘에 한번 곡을 만드는 걸 목표로 시작해서 오늘은 3번째 곡 Airport Sadness 를 업데이트 했어요. 학교 다닐때 이외에는 열흘에 한 곡씩 써낸다는건 감히 상상도 못했지만 할수 있는 만큼 해보려고 합니다. 온도 음악계정 ondo_music 그리고 프로필의 사운드 클라우드 링크에서 많이 들어주세요!

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. Airport Sadness - 온도 풀버전은 프로필의 사운드 클라우드 링크에서 감상해주세요. Full version is available on Soundcloud link on profile.

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. Airport Sadness - 온도 3번째 트랙으로는 조금 슬픈 감정을 담아왔어요. 공항에서 떠나가거나, 혹은 누군가를 떠나보내며 느낄 수 있는 감정을 떠올려보아요. 풀버전은 프로필의 사운드 클라우드 링크에서 감상해주세요. Full version is available on Soundcloud link on profile.

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💛 Wishing you all a very happy Easter! 🐣🌼🌸🌼🌸🎶✨ Thank you for all your fantastic amazing support, and delighted to hear you are enjoying Snowscape (remaster) - look out for my video in the next couple of days on YouTube. eastertime familytime💕 natureinspiresmusic musicinspiration flowerlover🌸 newsingle spotify🎧 relaxingmusic peacefulmusic juliathomsen sweetmusic softmusic romanticmusic spotifysingles spotify🎧 spotifyplaylists musicforfilm cinematicmusic zenmusic beautifulnature magicalmusic if you missed listening to Snowscape click above ⬆️ link on life stories. Have a beautiful day 🙏💛🌷🎶✨

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that one of the very few that you’ll remember for a long time and will always come back to it williamfitzsimmons

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MORNING SUNRISE 🌹🌄 BENEFITS OF MORNING 7AM SUNRISE THE BASIC HEALTH BENEFITS OF SUNBATHING ARE LISTED BELOW ⚫ VITAMIN D PRODUCTION Vitamin D is one of the most important functions of sunlight exposure. In fact, it’s vitamin D production in the skin in and of itself that may be responsible for the bulk of sunlight exposure’s overall health benefits 🔴 Promoting calcium absorption 🔴Strengthening bones 🔴Modulating chronic inflammation 🔴Empowering immunity ⚫ REDUCES CHANCES OF CANCER ⭕ Asthma ⭕Diabetes ⭕Multiple sclerosis (MS) ⭕High blood pressure (hypertension) ⭕Heart diseaseInfections (viral or bacterial) ⭕Rheumatoid arthritis (and other autoimmune issues) ⭕Lyme’s disease (symptoms) WHY MORNING SUNLIGHT? “Sunlight releases a[n] opiate (ß-endorphin) when we are exposed to the sun. 💖 sunrise_sunsets healthtipsoftheday fitnessmotivationquotes fitnessstuff morningsunday healthylifestylecoach fitnessmotivationcz motivationaltips healthyskintips welivinglife mindfulnessquotes healthyvibesonly calmnessofmind lovelifetampa healthylifestyletips nothingtoloseeverythingtogain healthissues breastimplantillness mentalbreakdown healthyfacts healthyhormones healthylifestylechanges fitnesstipoftheday stayhealthyandfit staycalmo staycalmandcarryon peacefulmind peacefulmusic peacefullday morningrunsarethebest

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New single “Feel the Same” is out now! For listening check Spotify - iTunes - YouTube and next. 😊 (If you like it save it to your playlist and share it 🙏🏻❤️) Nový singl “Feel the Same” je venku! Pro poslech ho najdeš na Spotify - iTunes - YouTube a další. 😊 new single newsingle deephouse chillhouse marext music newmusic spotify spotifyplaylist itunes applemusic novysingl electronicmusic feelthesame dj musicproducer hudba czechmusic outnow sharemymusic sharemusic listen listenmusic likeitshareit ilovemusic peacefulmusic thankyou

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Look me up on youtube or any music app. More to come as always.