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3 hours ago

This Wednesday at undertone.cdf I have the pleasure of hitting the skins for bradhuntermusic in the headline spot no less. Come on down because it's gonna be a big one, with new songs to be played such as this gem right here. Tickets on the door yo. drums drumming drumset bradhunter bradhuntermusic tigerbay undertone indierock riffs groove backbeat gigalert cardiffmusicians cardiff onewayticket newmusic pearl_drums pearldrumseurope pearlmidtown staggmusic evansdrumheads vicfirth behringer reaper bedroomstudio hesgonnagetthegoofballs imabuffbabywhocandancelikeaman

8 hours ago

Today was no ordinary day! I had a visit from drnadiaazar who does studies of the performances of drummers! I’m so looking forward to see the numbers of calories burned and other interesting stats. Today was a “short” set of 45 minutes and we’ll meet again in the fall on the headline tour for a longer set too! amonamarth pearldrums pearldrumseurope pearldrumsscandinavia sabian sabiancymbals_official sabiancymbalsscandinavia evansdrumheads daddario vicfirth imwithvic vratim rolandfamily rolandus_artistrelations

13 hours ago

Here’s a solo teaser clip from the track titled Lucky Ferris. This originally featured on my EP ‘The Grand Design’ released in 2015 with my brother Atma Anur It’s been quite the journey into the world of classical, flamenco and jazz fusion. Now revisited and reworked for our new CD. Enjoy! pearldrumseurope sabiancymbals tofydrums vicfirth drummer atmaanur flamencoguitar gitane abrahamwechter orangeacousticpre lrbaggs fishman gretsch dimarzio roymarchbank guitar guitaristsofinstagram

2 days ago

I’ve played in some older venues but this one certainly takes the cake. Built in the first century 2000 years old, the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Really looking forward to tonight and tomorrow’s shows and seeing how the dvd turns out :) theancienttheater plovdiv bulgaria accept symphonicterror pearldrums pearldrumseurope thebestreasontoplaydrums paiste evansdrumheads aheaddrumsticks footblaster humesandberg monocreators anthologygearwear porteranddavies westoneaudio cactusmountaindesigns puresound klickteeshop massdestructionclothing

3 days ago

What's better than a polished studio EP ? A beautiful, one take live session from your favourite Cardiff-based musician bradhuntermusic . Now available for FREE download on Bandcamp on Brad's profile, featuring benpbarber on bass, mixing by henry_jamessimm and drums by some ugly boy. drums drumset drumming bassline bassguitar bass guitar acoustic acousticguitar livesession atrium bandcamp bradhunter unplugged studiotime studiosession ep indie cardiffmusicians cardiff pearl_drums pearldrumseurope staggmusic evansdrumheads vicfirth getdownloading donteatthefish

3 days ago

LOVING the qualities and versatility of my gear tonight at an open air Blakey’s Boys jazz concert at the Pantiles in Royal Tunnbridge Wells in england. pearl_drums pearldrumseurope pearl.unitedkingdom pearlreferencepure (18” 10” 14” 14x6.5” Phosphor Bronze Snare) 21” kcustom Special Dry Ride 21” K Sweet Ride 14” K Hybrid Special Edition Hi-Hats 16” K Sweet Crash remopercussion Ambassadors + P3, vicfirth gabsticks all the way cympad skygel_damperpads hardcase_drum_cases gabordornyei drums drummer indtagroove gabbeyroad studio london londonsessiondrummer harrowdrumschool pearldrumseurope

5 days ago

Here is the next short teaser clip from our upcoming CD with my brother Roy Marchbank (and me on bass). This track is Lucky Ferris Revisited, (a version of this was released on an earlier CD that Roy and I did) and what you will hear is just a moment from the end solo of the third movement of this piece More coming, enjoy! pearldrumseurope sabiancymbals tofydrums vicfirth drummer atmaanur flamencoguitar gitane abrahamwechter orangeacousticpre lrbaggs fishman gretsch dimarzio roymarchbank amplebassupright drummerlife drumlife theworldofdrums pearldrums_ official sabiancymbals_official cubase jazz fusion music studio