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3 hours ago

I want to play more music more then ever before. All the ideas brewing in my head for new stuff has been on a wild high lately. In drums, in producing, and in playing guitar, everything has been slowly coming to this weird point. It’s doesn’t matter the genre, I just wanna create.

20 hours ago

24k - brunomars ———————————— Gente de Arequipa ! Grabamos este cover junto con mi amiga chinasaavedram y esta haciendo unos super paquetes de covers en su nuevo estudio takuniproducciones ya lo chequearon? Para mas info directamente con ella por DM femaledomination femaledrummers look pearlmasters femaledrummers pearl_drums zildjiancompany takuniproducciones feminista drums drummer drumsetup drumming drumsticks brunomars brunomarsfans brunomarsfans revergelperu revergelperu

1 day ago

Ah, que saudade que eu estava de você minha pretinha 😂😂😂. popgoesmetal hj no Willi Willie. Bora??! 🤘🏻

1 day ago

Look at those beautiful faces😍 These shows are getting better and better with fd.ferociousdog! Big respect to everyone who came to see us at the exeterphoenix and the cambridgejunction this weekend. Next week we play the legendary rockcitynottingham. See you there✌🏻❤️ ferociousdog punk drums drumlife playdrums drumlads pearldrums pearlmasters ludwigdrums evansdrumheads zildjian zildjiancymbals promark protectionracket thephoenix exeter thejunction cambridge rockcity nottingham

1 day ago

9pm tomorrow night listen to us boys on 1029thebuzz and hear us ramble about why pineapple should/should not be on pizza and maybe the band we play in 🤘 lonelyouthnashville Photo:

3 days ago

Знакомьтесь, моя новая кленовая черная сучка ТАМАра и ее 6.5 дюймовый сутенер Pearl tama superstar hyperdrive pearlmasters

6 days ago

In the studio with the big drums and cymbals 🤩🤩🤩

6 days ago

Pearl Midtown, pacote de ferragem HWP-150S e pedal Eliminator Redline, quando o espaço é pequeno, mas o som precisa ser grande Bumbo 16x14 Tom 10x7 Surdo 13x12 Caixa 13x5.5 . pearlmania pearlbrasil pearldrums drums drum bateria drummer baterista drummerlife pearlexport pearlmasters pearlsession musica music pearlroadshow pearlexport pearlreferencepure pearlreference pearlmidtown pearldecade pearlmarchingband drummergirl drummerboy percussão congaspearl percussãopearl iconracksystem ostamboresnãopodemparar

1 week ago

3 tracks laid down today Now off to Italy and back in 24 hours. pearlmasters

1 week ago

A wise man once said that if the band are enjoying themselves on stage, the crowd will enjoy it tenfold. It was me I am the wise man✌🏻😂 Our sold out show at the Victoria Hall was EPIC last night! Here’s a few clips of “Crime & Punishment” - one of my favourite fd.ferociousdog songs to play live❤️ ferociousdog punk drums drumlife playdrums pearldrums pearlmasters ludwigdrums evansdrumheads zildjian zildjiancymbals promark protectionracket victoriahall settle soldout philosophy