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Türkiye'nin en derin magazin çukuru sok_o_pop için çizdim. ŞOKO🎀GAZİNO gururla sunar! HanDemet Büyük Final 24 Mayıs’ta ön gösterimi ve bakkal partisiyle PSM Studio’da💕 Kan Davası: Demet Akalın vs Hande Yener final bölümü, Şokopop ve berkantakarcan ’nın bakkal house setleri ve lilith.hb ceytengri florencedelight mustkika theonlydenizasiri bugrabuyuksimsek ‘in gönüllere death drop yaptıracak performanslarıyla yazı başlatıyoruz kraliçeler ve kraliçe gibi yaşamaya çalışanlar ✨👑✨ PS: Kan Davası: Demet Akalın vs Hande Yener final bölümüyle ay sonunda YouTube’da🚨 digitalart comics comic pencil photooftheday paper gallery pen graphic illustration sketchbook picture draw sketch artist instagood masterpiece drawing beautiful instaart creative artoftheday artsy graphics art instaartist vsco vscocam magazine

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まだまだ途中ですが、たまには絵の途中経過載せてみようと思います。ちなみにまだまだ完成してません😭この絵は朝の日常生活をテーマにして描いてます。この子は朝からキャンディや飴を食べようとするハードな甘党です。笑笑 水彩色鉛筆使うのこれで3、4回目くらいなんですけど、全然慣れないです。もっと使いこなせるようになりたい!うまく色塗れるようになりたい!まだまだ努力が必要💪あとどれくらい頑張ればいい感じの絵が描けるのだろうか…笑笑 アナログ ペン画 水彩 水彩画 水彩色鉛筆 色鉛筆 女性 女の子 日常 可愛い いいね返し 絵描きさんと繋がりたい analog analogillustration watercolor pencil coloring coloredpencil woman girl dailylife morning l4l f4f followme thankyouforwatching

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Небольшой творческий вечер 🌷

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-MUST READ Luqman was an Ethiopian, slave who was a carpenter. His master said to him,Slaughter this sheep for us,so he slaughtered it His master said, bring two best pieces from it,so He brought out the TONGUE and the HEART. Then time passed,as much as Allah willed,and his master said,Slaughter this sheep for us,so he slaughtered it. His master said,bring the worst two Morsels from it,so He brought out the TONGUE and the HEART. His master said to Him, I told you to bring out the best two pieces and you Brought these,then I told you to bring out the worst two pieces and you Brought these!" Luqman said There is nothing better than these if they are GOOD,and there is nothing worse than these if they are BAD.(tafseer ibn khateer 12/31) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - white standing lineart cartoon drawing illustration human black-and-white sketch art fictionalcharacter gesture style beautiful gallery pencil creative draw masterpiece sketchbook graphics artist instaartist instapic instaart photography abstracto instaabstract artsy artoftheday -

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A throwback to some real swag! Before you find your business you have to find yourself. You don't just get out there and start cracking it You cannot begin a business, be creative or even inspired if you have financial stress. Nuff said morwesir

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A simple sun and moon design 🌙🌞 ($10)

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chosen war das Promptwort für den mittlerweile 23. Tag von mermay2019 und ich habe mich dafür entschieden, eine 🧜🏻‍♀️ (was für eine Überraschung😂) zu zeichnen, die ein passendes Top für ihre (diesmal nicht ganz so langweilige) Flosse aussucht.👙✨

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A quick little lettering therapy ✏️

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In ogni foglio c'è già un'opera al suo interno sta solo all'artista la sapienza di riuscirla estrapolare da esso

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🌍🌎🌏⛰🏞🏝 The theme for this day was "Mothersday" but a beautiful idea was given to me by someone and I decided to go with that. Isntead of painting a mother mermaid and her kid, I decided to paint the mother of us all, Mother Nature 💚💚🍀☘🍃🌲🌱 . I hope you like this one as much as I loved doing her and frankly till now she is my personal favorite lol These amazing prompts were created by the amazing : tombancroft1 art artistic drawing painting illustration portrait digitalart digitalsketch digitalpainting digitalpaint digitalillustration digitaldrawing drawings sketch pencil pencilsketch mermay mermay2019 mermaid fantasy fantasypaitning underwater island nature green flowers

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I’m off work for 3 days ✌🏼

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What my local seven eleven sees

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Me getting complimented

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Me deciding if I want to pay for tinder gold or groceries

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Before the first caffeine hit of the day

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Big mood

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Acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 50cm, 2018

7 months ago

Mixed media on canvas, 25cm x 25cm

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