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Wohoo, made the paper 😁

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New post over at my official illustration page maximoose.draws go check it out and give it a follow and share with your friends :) . Line art for a fish warrior man. I imagined him as a vigilante kind of anti hero who hunts evil doers on the docks at night, hooking them off the jetties with his modified whale hook and drowning them in the dark waters below, luring them like an angler fish with his eerie blue lantern lineart illustration illustrator fishman antihero cd characterdesign anglerfish fish hook weapon capetown inks drawing pendrawing

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My pick! Yellow!

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At the hospital to see my consultant for pre-op assessment He went through the operation, we discussed pain meds for after. What to expect for a hysterectomy, and sign consent form He went through the details of the diagnostic lap I had in march, and what that means for the operation. He agreed with MRI scan that I have adenomyosis. I have rectrovaginal endo, and endo on ovaries, kidney tubes and bladder. And multiple adhesions in pelvic area. He is going to try and remove all of this. He is also going to do a cystoscopy as he thinks I might have endo in my bladder too I have some special soap to wash with, an anti-clotting injection to do the night before. Blood tests to have next week I'm now feeling more nervous. But glad I'm taking control and taking the steps I need to get some quality of life back hysterectomyrecovery hysterectomy hystersisters hystersister spoonie spoonies endometriosisuk endometriosis endometriosisawareness endometriosisawarenessmonth endopain endometriosiswarrior myendostory chronicillness chronicpain endosister endosister adenomyosis adenomyosisawareness urticaria chronicspontaneousurticaria spontaneousurticaria cmt pendrawing penart pencildrawing pencilart art drawing

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s͜͡ a͜͡ n͜͡ r͜͡ i͜͡ o͜͡ ♥︎

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Really happy to support genderhealthorg at their silent auction on Tuesday. "CHANGE advocates for a foreign policy that is woman-centered, human rights-based,integrated, and above all, proven to positively impact the basic human rights and wellbeing of women and girls worldwide." . These original pieces have found permanent homes! If you're interested in any artwork, please DM or email me art artist drawing blackandwhite blackart dopeart dope woman womanartist portrait pendrawing madeindc

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드로잉을 하고 또 드로잉을 하고 또 드로잉을 합니다 🖊 🖊 다다다 오피스 드로잉 클래스를 모집합니다 •연필 , 펜 등을 이용한 드로잉 수업을 진행합니다 •장소 : 포항시 북구 중앙로 298번길 10 2층 •카카오톡 : ic7788 •인스타그램 : dadada_office 포항시내 양덕 취미미술 포항취미미술 포항드로잉클래스 드로잉클래스 드로잉 그림 일러스트 illust drawing doodle pencil pencildrawing pendrawing 포항수채화 포항취미 포항취미생활 포항수채화원데이 꿈틀로 여행드로잉 포항여행드로잉 포항여행 포항데이트 포항취미생활 포항대학생 한동대 포항펜드로잉클래스 포항어반스케치 포항펜드로잉수업

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