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StuartNikolai 💙 percussion Посмотрите какие интересные молоточки. На видео парень молотком "тюк" 😃

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NON MI SCORDERO' DI TE (Per le vittime della ThyssenKrupp) Canzone dedicata a Giuseppe, Rosario, Bruno, Antonio, Rocco, Angelo e Roberto, operai morti ammazzati nella strage avvenuta alla  Thyssenkrupp di  Torino nella notte tra il 5 e il 6 dicembre 2007. Perchè il genocidio di lavoratori che ogni anno avviene nelle nostre fabbriche non sia taciuto e non resti impunito!  Trionfi la giustizia proletaria! comingsoon videoclip newsong bandapopolaredellemilia Banda POPolare dell'Emilia Rossa live banda popolare emilia rossa Modena guitar chitarra violin violino percussion percussionista pianoforte piano voice voce bass  drums keyboard  rebel ribelle Notav Antifa

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آشنایی با کتاب "پژواک دف" مولف: آروین رئوفی "ورق بزنید" صفحه اول: قطعه ۴ ضربی در بخش میزان های ترکیبی همراه با خانم سارا خوشخو صفحه دوم: بخشی از نت قطعه Familiar with the book "Ecco Daf" Author: Arvin Raoufi Please take the sheet Front Page: Performing the piece with Mrs. Sara khoshkhoo Second page: Part of the piece تهران: آموزشگاه موسیقی نیزار با مدیریت: استاد شاهو عندلیبی تماس: 021 77064631 021 77040914 021 22495721 021 22495931 +989193784698 پاوه: خانه موسیقی  پاوه با مدیریت: سیامک رحیمی تماس: 083 46131000 Ecco_Daf Ecco_Daf arvin_raoufi  rhytm hajar_zahawy kurdistan delarammusic2 daf_navazi daf hapa_players hapa_players percussion khaneh_mousighi_paveh  ritm_navazan ritm_navazan پژواک_دف آروین_رئوفی هژار_زهاوی حسین_زهاوی دف دف_نوازی هاپا ریتمیک ریتم موسیقی_دل_آرام خانه_موسیقی_پاوه آموزشگاه_موسیقی_نیزار فروشگاه_موسیقی_دل_آرام نوآوری سبک_نوازندگی

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Make Tuesdays great again with a visit to Drummers Only Leeds🥁 . We’ve got it all! Drums, Cymbals, Sticks, Percussion, Drum Headscoffee ☕️ what more could you ask for?! We’re open from 10am til 6pm, Mon-Sat!🤘🏼 . G: 0141 429 3799 | L: 0113 244 2183 | 📧: info .

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6月16日 定期演奏会 無事に終わりました。 この演奏会を最後に退団。 吹奏楽を通して、沢山の方と出会えたこと。 打楽器を演奏する面白さ、奥深さを味わえたこと。 吹奏楽の楽しさを知れたこと。 全てに感謝です。 辞めてしまっても、これからもずっと、 吹奏楽は大好きです! 最後の演奏会 吹奏楽 いい思い出 お世話になりました 打楽器 パーカッション 音楽 趣味 楽器 ホール 本番 演奏会 合奏 ピアノ 演奏 吹奏楽団 楽団 退団 花束 贈り物 music concert percussion percussionist flowers piano

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::: From Ondée, a piece by Karl Naegelen with many many lentils, created for and premiered by Percussions de Strasbourg. And where lentils are, cousin ocean drum cannot far. ••• ::: Alexandre Esperet | Percussions de Strasbourg ::: Theatre de Hautepierre ::: 2018 ::: ••• ••• ••• percussionsdestrasbourg percussion classicalpercussion livepercussion percussionist classicalmusician classicalmusic classicalmusicconcert contemporarymusic classicalmusicphoto classicalmusicphotography classicalconcertphoto musicphotography musicphotographer musicianphotography concertphotography concertphoto concertphotographer livemusicphotography bestmusicshots musiciansofinstagram zeitgenössischemusik musiquecontemporaine theaterphotography theaterphotographer claudiahansenphotography

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. 一年越しにちゃんと会って話し続くのかなとか思ってたけど話し止まんなくてやっぱりあや最高だなって実感したよ~女子力の無さには驚くばかりだったけどもあやといるとずっと笑える幸せでしたまた会おうね‼︎ percussion 松葉 あや うらら パーカッション 吹部魂

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🧔🏻🤔 ow mininu percussionista vc toca o triângulo nessa parte da música? • 👦🏻😌 claro! deixa cmg que vai dar tudo certo • Ué • percussion 🥁 triangle plim 🎶 music efoi ops caiu 🤷🏻‍♀️😁

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Happy Birthday UP! The University of the Philippines was founded on June 18, 1908 through Act No. 1870 of the Philippine Assembly. UP was the result of the Secretary of Public Instruction, William Morgan Shuster’s recommendation to the Philippine Commission, the upper house of the Philippine Assembly. The Act authorized the Governor General to establish the University of the Philippines in the “city of Manila, or at any point he may deem most convenient.” The UP was to give “advanced instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, and to give professional and technical training” to every qualified student regardless of “age, sex, nationality, religious belief and political affiliation.” HappyBirthdayUP UPFoundationDay HonorandExcellence orchestra orchestral orchestralife classical music musiciansofinstagram musician musicians ilovemusic upso universityofthephilippines diliman losbanos manila strings woodwinds brasses percussion instamusic season concert chambermusic rehearsals instrument OrkestraNgBayan

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19 Haziran Çarşamba, değerli dostum Ayhan İnanlı ile eğitmenliğini yaptığımız ve uzun zamandır emek verdiğimiz çocuk öğrencilerimizle sergileyecegimiz Ritim&Vurmalı çalgılar gösterimize bekliyoruz. Siz ve/veya çocuklarınız için keyifli bir konser olacağı inancındayız Etkinliğimiz ücretsiz ve herkese açıktır, çevrenizdekileri de davet edebilirsiniz. Adres ve konum: Göztepe/Kadıköy Özgürlük Parkı içindeki Amfi tiyatro ritim davuldarbukashow davulshow percussion percussionshow kadıköybelediyesi kadıköybelediyesiçocuksanatmerkezi inanliayhan kadikoybelediye serdildaraodabasi serkanpolat özgürlükparkı ozgurlukparki perküsyon nagara vurmalıçalgılar orkestra ritimatölyesi

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Repost jasminkentrodgman ・・・ 📢 🎤 HUH is coming to roundhouseldn SAT 22 JUNE! Music meets spoken word, animation, talking all things identity - we got it ALL 🙌🏽 And by we, I mean the incredible line up that is *deep breath* salena.godden, Errollyn Wallen, ayannawj, sophiathakur, solomon_o.b kieron_rennie (and me 😋) 💛💛💛 with thegrimeviolinist and conductorgeorge leading the musicians! So if you missed it with londonsymphonyorchestra barbicancentre OpenFest and thealbanyse8, then you lucky thing, head on down to see us in fine old Camden Town ☀️🌡️🔥 Last of the Tix on sale NOW - newmusic spokenword poetry thegoodimmigrant shade composer crossarts closingnight strings percussion animation summertime poeta poetsofig collaboration pessimismisforlightweights thegoodimmigrant wetickother . P.S. big thanks to lyrixorganix always 🙏🏼

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One of the most creative drummers out there nowadays! femaledrummers presents: sarahtdrumguru 🥁 DM us for a feature! femaledrummers is promoting drummergirls and female percussionists from all around the world, since 2016. Getting feature here is a great way to get your talent out there and noticed. 🥁 ——————————- FEMALE DRUMMERS femaledrummers femaledrummer drums drumgirl femalemusician drummer drumset drumkit musician girlondrums female drumslife drumstagram drum drumming music drumfam percussion drumsetup woman womenimusic baterista drumwoman percussionist drummergirl drummergirls drumsticks drumlife talentedmusicians

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Studierende der bfsmusik_dinkelsbuehl waren in der letzten Woche erneut beim Rheingau Musik Festival zu Gast! Unter der Leitung unseres Dozenten max_gaertner_percussion nahmen sie an der diesjährigen Performance des rheingaumusiclab teil 🔥 Zur Aufführung kamen Werke, die in einem vorangegangenen Kompositionsworkshop entstanden sind sowie Stücke zeitgenössischer Komponisten aus aller Welt contemporarymusic music chambermusic performance violin cello clarinet flute horn percussion marimba experimental instamusic composition bfsontour bfsmusik bfsmusikdinkelsbühl dinkelsbühl schönstealtstadtdeutschlands dinkilove rheingaumusiclab maxgaertner bezirk_mittelfranken tourismus_dinkelsbuehl

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🎉🌟 Bangin’ beats in Banks boi 🎷🥁

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Zulu music history. Link to full video on my bio 🔥

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I love the percussion. It's a right brain, left brain thing. There are different beats, but cooperating together. It's your whole body doing it, you're doing the snare drum and the high top with your hands and the bass drum with your foot. You're this whole motion machine. "- our rockstar dinobanjara 💯 . follow for more colorful artwork ❤️ . DM for work enquiries percussion percussionist music folk traditional dance dancer dj performance artist art artsy artistoninstagram indianartist jaipur rajasthan digitalart illustration illustrator designer instaartist instagood instamusic instadance instapost

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MANSINI - Astonished Mind

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MANSINI - Dance Of Destruction