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“Greatness isn’t going to come from dredging it up out of some impossible ‘again’.” PeteButtigieg

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Look what I got through the mail today, I believe in mayor pete.buttigieg if your folks want real changes for better pls follow mayor Pete pete2020 petebuttigieg

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Elizabeth Warren has turned heads yet again by declaring her intention to stay off Fox News' airwaves. The conservative news outlet has been hosting Democratic candidate town halls for several months, featuring high-profile candidates like Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. In a Twitter thread, Warren called the network a "hate-for-profit racket" and said it was using Democratic candidates to secure funding. Some candidates retorted that Fox is an important avenue to reach voters who don't usually swing Democratic. What do you think? foxnews foxnation townhall foxtownhall foxnewstownhall conservatives tomilahren tuckercarlson donaldtrump trump realdonaldtrump petebuttigieg mayorpete petebuttigieg2020 pete2020 berniesanders bernie2020 elizabethwarren warren2020 fakenews mainstreammedia msm election2020 2020election

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Pete doesn’t care about Trump’s tweets, and and reminds us that we can “change the channel.” Personally, I’ve admittedly fallen into the trap that Trump sets for us by engaging in the divisive ways of communicating that he wants us to engage in, as many of us have. Mayor Pete lifts our vision higher, and includes every American regardless of party or anything else that might be able to divide us. buttigang 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 • • • 2020election pete2020 reproductiverights peteforpresident chastenbuttigieg presidentpete petebuttigieg buttigieg2020 liarinchief presidentbonespurs 10000liesandcounting tweeterinchief trumptwitter donaldtrump fuckdonaldtrump fucktrump resist resisttrump foxnews foxnewssucks

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We're getting our PDX ground game on for Pete. Join today at so we can keep in touch and let you know how you can help Pete Buttigieg WinAnEra PDXforPete Pete2020 📸 Des Moines Register

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still cant believe i got to meet Pete Buttigieg yesterday Finally a canidate to instill hope in so many americans, lgbt or not · · · petebuttigieg election2020 pete2020

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Pete, I think you meant “Shortest Way to My Heart ❤️” Lol Generational change is definitely something this country, and perhaps all counties, desperately need and deserve. Pete keeps reminding people that many of our existing problems will be ours to deal with for decades to come. The old saying “Someone else will fix it” no longer holds up. We are the “someone else.” It’s time to let go of the past and embrace an honest, intelligent, positive, forward-thinking, and unified future. pete.buttigieg PeteButtigieg mayorpete petebuttigieg2020 pete2020 mayorpeteforpresident Buttigieg2020 shortestwayhome patriot freedom democrat bluewave2020 election2020 america book bookstagram liberal pride democracy gay veteran mayor presidentpete inspiring lgbt peteforamerica bookstafeatures