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On account of Trump ordering him to defy a subpoena, former WH lawyer will not be showing up in front of judiciary committee. This is not normal What sniveling cowards all of these people are. Note that much of the MuellerReport is based on McGahn’s testimony. This is just the Trump administration trampling over all norms and laws; he’s making a total joke out of a system that has worked for over 200 years in America Per normornstein: “McGahn is a private citizen. It is time for the House to step up and defend its own integrity. Send the Sergeant at Arms to arrest this miscreant and hold him until he complies with the subpoena. Or at minimum, if he doesn’t show, fine him $10,000 a day.” I agree. donmcgahn

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As I watched Pete Buttigieg’s Town Hall last night, the world started to feel centered again. I knew I wasn’t being flattered, or bullied. I knew I was listening to a brilliant and kind man who truly loves our country and has a plan for a better future. A feeling of hope came over me that I haven’t felt in over two years. It couldn’t be more welcome. ❤️🇺🇸 petebuttigieg petebuttigieg2020 petebuttigiegforpresident

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Ayer tuve la oportunidad de conocer al pre-candidato a la presidencia de los EstadosUnidos y alcalde de southbend indiana pete.buttigieg. -Este respetable veterano de guerra, graduado de Harvard, aparte de ser impresionantemente inteligente es un gran ser humano. Dentro de las cosas que pude hablarle al pre-candidato más joven de la historia, mejor conocido como MayorPete fue el tema de PuertoRico, todos sabemos que después del paso del huracánMaría por la isla, la infraestructura y servicios esenciales quedaron muy endebles, la isla necesita un plan de acción, infraestructura y desarrollo a largo plazo, aparte que, necesitamos un pareo de fondos y una comunicación más estrecha entre Casa Blanca y Puerto Rico a lo que el pre-candidato se mostró verdaderamente genuino y comprometido con la IslaDelEncanto petebuttigieg chastenbuttigieg en Español pete.buttigieg chasten.buttigieg sisepuede

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Well, isn’t this interesting. Ain’t this just sweet. 🤣 merrickgarland . Repost mercurial_era ・・・ President Donald Trump’s attorneys have vowed to appeal Monday’s decision in favor of a House committee seeking his financial records, but people on Twitter were thrilled about where the case will end up. “We will be filing a timely notice of appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow told Politico.  The current chief judge there is Merrick Garland, who President Barack Obama nominated to the Supreme Court in 2016 after Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died. Senate Republicans stalled the nomination, refusing to vote or even hold a hearing until after the presidential election. Trump won and appointed Neil Gorsuch instead, which meant Garland remained on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where he could now play a role in the looming showdown between the president and House Democrats.  Cases are heard by panels of three judges randomly assigned, so Garland is not necessarily going to hear the appeal (unless the decision is reviewed by the full court). But, the irony of the situation was not lost on Twitter users.

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My new love affair is Elizabeth Warren (P) and Mayor Pete (VP) 🌈 This is very smart marketing ElizabethWarren Pride petebuttigieg

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LISTEN TO THIS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY JeffDaniels is one of my favorite actors on the planet. Did you all watch Newsroom on HBO? Daniels played Will McAvoy and it was later I realized why he played that role so well — because McAvoy IS him and he is McAvoy. He was on deadlinewhitehouse yesterday and in 57 seconds, he summed up what is happening in America right now. truth democracy

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OK. Who wants to tell this idiot what “LEGISLATURE” means? The judicial branch is not the body that “changes laws.” Then again, what’s normal these days? . IMPEACH THIS BUFFOON speakerpelosi WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR—a nuclear war? . congress democracy

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The One About Abortion and Pete Buttigieg Yes, that’s right. Today we’re going to tackle the very polarizing issue of abortion . It’s especially difficult to discuss in libertarian circles because there are those who hold very principled views on both sides of the issue. I also take you through the last 60 seconds of the Fox News Town Hall with presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. Let me just say this guy is a contender. And when you hear my breakdown, you’ll know why. Listen to the podcast via the LinkInBio PeteButtigieg politics

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I love that I’ve mostly stopped caring about the stupid shit Donald Trump tweets! Many people said that dotard would never be president - and we saw how THAT worked out. And I love even more than Mayor Pete.Buttigieg has “The Apprentice” alum so scared

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“Greatness isn’t going to come from dredging it up out of some impossible ‘again’.” PeteButtigieg

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend, Indiana 🎉 petebuttigieg

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Whatever you do, don't send any wire coat hangers to governor Mike Parson at PO Box 720, Jefferson City, MO 65102. He won't appreciate that, he's busy trying to deprive people with uteruses of their basic human rights. Taking some to the post office tomorrow. Check back for a cartoon update oldwhiteguysbeingassholes. 👴🏻 👴🏻 👴🏻 protectourrights plannedparenthood roevwade elizabethwarren petebuttigieg kamalaharris elizabethwarren berniesanders coathangers prochoice reproductiverights march callyourreps riseup together resist foldinghamster webcomic

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We just attended our first rally of the 2020 presidential season, and I must say, petebuttigieg strikes me as sensible, charismatic, compassionate, and articulate (not only does he speak in complete, coherent sentences, but even knows how to use the subjunctive!) political politics lockhimup politician wynwood

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Make your own pixel art Trump cartoon? Hella yeah you can! Go to and you’re a few clicks away from making 8-bit Trump say whatever the hell you want. It’s super easy and fun! Trumpfun Resist ImpeachTheMF